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Creative Writing  
  Many dictionaries have different meaning for the word comedy. Most people think of the word comedy
as humorous characters that are very funny and put on a nice performance in the film or play, but
there is more to that. Comedy is referred to as a hysterically funny movie, TV show, drama, and
pay. Comedies began in 1623 by the author Ralph Roister Doister as it was the first comedy in the
English language. Comedy today is seen through the works of Jerry Seinfeld, Ray Romano, Charlie
Sheen, Will Smith, and many more people, as there work is seen on the big screen TV about comedies,
movies, late night shows, and stand up. However in actual history comedy was seen throughout the
works of William Shakespeare, Homer, and etc, as there works come about plays, dramas, theatre,
comedy-thrillers, tragedies, and players. Comedy is a way to express the positive side of peoples
views on life and to make sure to put a smile on peoples faces whom might be going through a tough
time in there life right now.

One of the definitions of comedy is a branch of drama that adopts a humorous or familiar style, and
depicts laughable characters and incidents. That definition was written during the time of Old,
Middle, and New Comedy (the 3 stages of Attic Comedy). This definition was written in the 1820’s
during the artificial comedy period; comedy of manners in which comedy was amusingly presented.
Comedy is also known as humor; humorous invention; the act or quality of being amused. Finally
figuratively comedy talks about action or incidents in real life.

The authors that have experimented or changed this word over time are; Higden Trevista, Elia Lamb,
G. Meredith, and Serpents Topsell. Higden Trevistas definition of the word comedy was that comedy
is an imitation of the common errors of our life. Elia Lambs was comedy of manners, the kind of
comedy in which the modes and manners of society are amusingly presented. G. Meredith’s explanation
of the word comedy was humor, humorous invention; the action or quality of being amusing. Finally
Serpents Topsell’s was a humorous or burlesque composition.

Now a days in the 21st Century most of the usage of the word comedy is used as a reference to
movies, movie clips, and TV shows. For example on October 15, 2007 in the USA Today (Newspaper) the
author Scott Bowles referred to Tyler Perry’s new movie Why did I get Married?, as a comedy. Again
on October 19, 2007 USA Today’s author Jim Cheng wrote about how Joey Bishop a comedian was doing
great by doing stand-up at night clubs, TV and movies. Or how about this one on September 3, 2007
in New Statesman author Shazia Mirza was getting ready to go on her comedy tour of the States. Now
this next one is just plain bazaar, On May 2, 2001 Yvonne Zipp of the Christian Science Monitor
talked about an incline of the amount of movies that deal with disturbing ideas that end up having
to do with comedy.

The word comedy has a very bright future ahead it because it’s very popular in today’s society.
Without comedy America wouldn’t have a opportunity to put on the TV and laugh for a good half hour.
We need comic relief in our lives today to get away form the stress going on in the world. Like the
War in Iraq, or the recent fires in Southern California, school, work, or even some terrible thing
that is happening in your own personal lives. So, we as a society put on the TV and laugh at the
funny TV shows as an out for all the stress that has gone on in our lives. English’s future as a
super language is looking very bright because I believe we are the number one speaking language in
the America’s and soon all over the world because we have all the resources and the brains. Yes
eventually a word in the English language will run out, but the language itself will continue for
all of eternity as the most spoken language in the world.

















Hi, my name is Andrew Hurley and I’ am a peer editor of the Prentice Hall Publishing Company. I’
am trying to explain to the world what is wrong with your story Macbeth. In my opinion young adults
reading this book in the modern era should not be reading this violent book because of all the
deaths and backstabbing that have gone on. To me there should be nicer endings, and also the
speeches in this play could improve because the characters are just jumping form one scene to
another in a short time.

In my opinion there are not enough happy endings in this story. There are just too many deaths and
lies in this story. Why can’t Macbeth just be nice to all of the people? Also, how about Lady
Macbeth killing Lady Macduff and her children because her husband went to England to try to throw
off Macbeth? And how about when Malcom went behind Macbeths back and killed him after they were
close for a while. These were the last words of Macbeth before Malcom killed him, “I will not
yield, To kiss the ground before young Malcom’s feet, And to be boiled with rabbie’s curse Though
Birnam Wood become to Dunnsinance, and thou opposed being for no women born, Yet I will try the
last. Before my body I throw my warlike shield. Lay on Macduff; And damned be him that first cries
“Hold, enough!” (pg’s 386-387) What’s wrong with what he said was that he should have just died
like Julius Caesar and had been a hero for many to come.

The thing that I don’t like about this book is that there is just way too much violence. It just
doesn’t make any sense, why can’t someone just solve something verbally not physically. For
example, when Lady Macbeth has to ask her husband, “Why did you bring me these daggers?” (pg. 324)
You obviously know that she’s going to have to kill someone for her husband’s sake. It just does
not make any sense why there is so much violence.

I do not think that you understand that you can solve all arguments in life, and you do not have
to lay a hand on the other you’re feuding with because talking out is better. Pick your own fights
Shakespeare because I could write Macbeth better with no deaths. Remember when Macbeth blamed the
service for killing the king he said, “Renown and grace is dead, The wine of life is drawn, and the
mere less is left this vault to brag of.” (pg. 325) Now that’s more like it, verbally, but there was
still fighting involved. It doesn’t make sense.

Your version of Macbeth isn’t good because when I come in next year with a new version and a new
book you’ll be forgotten. Mr. Shakespeare your version has no life, too violent, and doesn’t make
sense. This needs to move on because when I write Macbeth it won’t be confusing, but it will be
fluid. Hopefully Macbeth will be gone next year after you’ve read what’s wrong with it, but it will
be too late to fix it.









The origin of the word “bicycling” according to the Canadian Science and Technology Museum, comes
from a walking machine. It was invented in 1817 by Baron von Drais so he could get from one part of
the royal gardens to another in a short, quick time. According to the OED, the bicycling global
origin is a means of transport, in which the rider rides the two wheels in its control. The British
origin of the word bicycling is the national governing for bicycling racing for Great Britain.
According to The London Telegraph, the current level of popularity is so high that over 300 people
are expected to compete in the Fort William World Cup, and some 13,000 people are expected to be
their cheering on the bicyclists. I believe that the development of bicycling reveals a lot about
Britain and British literature because it tells a story that can go on forever.

According to The British Cycling website, special rules for British bicycling are that all members,
riders, and officials must conduct themselves in such a manner as to show off good leadership.
Respect what other people do or say without reacting in a bad manner. If you are at a bicycling
event please don’t disrespect the event or the other people around you.

A professional amateur for British bicycling according to BBC Sport, is Chris Boardman. In 1992, at
the Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Catalonia (Spain) Boardman won Gold for Britain. Then in 1996, at
the Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia (USA), Boardman won Bronze for Britain. He participated in
two Tour de France Races finishing in time trial wins. He is considered now at the age of 39 to be
one of the most successful bicyclists ever in Britain.

Bicycling is in the news now as the Fort William World Cup is going on. It’s a big BMX event that
holds big crows that want to watch more than 300 motor bicyclists ride there dirt bikes in one of
Britain’s most popular bicycling events ever. The Fort William World Cup is a big competition that
involves cyclists competing on teams fro there country. Some of the competitions are Cross Country
and 4-Cross which has to do with velocity, control and strength. The Cup is one of 6 World Cup

Bicycling would not be by the average person the number on topic of choice in a song selection.
However, there are more than 20 great songs about bicycling. One of those bands is Queen who sung a
song called “Bicycle Race.” It starts off, “BI-cycle, BI-cycle!” And then later on it goes, “I
want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike. I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride it where
I like.” The song is written for the likes of there lead singer Freddie Mercury who died of AID’s
in the 90’s.

I believe that the sport of bicycling will never fully come to an end. Simply because you can ride
a bike your whole life, and it’s a great way to exercise. Now matter if you are fat, skinny or just
a little overweight. Riding bikes is good competition, especially in the open land like in the UK
where you can ride your bike for hours. In the later years the population for riding bikes will
continue to grow as gas prices keep going up high all over the world. So people, especially on a
nice day will just ride on two wheels to work everyday. I think the world might be better off that
















Hello President Schef, I Andrew Hurley am here today on behalf of my fellow students to argue that
English 10 should remain British Literature. The reason being is that it has come to my attention
that you feel British Literature is not that important for the students here at CM. I feel that
British Literature is very interesting because it’s part of American history and American culture as
well. English 10 has been apart of the CM community for a long time and it has made the kids like
British Literature. My experiences at English 10 this year have been going good so far. My teacher
Mr. McGonegal has been very fare this year as far as going step by step and chapter by chapter
teaching us about British Literature in a fun way. The abolishment of British Literature as the
subject’s students study in their sophomore year is valid because you’re able to learn a lot about
British Literature. And the fact that you can succeed in a subject that you’re in because is so
interesting, which is huge in this day and age.

A couple of the peer’s in my class including myself have learned a lot from British Literature
and how it has helped them succeed in English 10 hear at CM. According to Hagop Grigorian it has
helped him because when he was writing to the scribe of the poem Beowulf he quoted from the book
appropriately, and closed the poem perfectly. It’s hurt him in a slight way for not writing
everything about Beowulf. Another peer of mine Brian Keeley, has benefited from British Literature
by quoting the Oxford English Dictionary. It’s hurt him for not using the correct punctuation while
writing his papers. An interesting quote that caught my attention was by Daniel Haley, that just
goes to show how powerful the English Language is, “Based on the language’s current success and
power, it sis quite clear that extinction is nowhere near the English’s future.” David Falco also
wrote something very similar saying, “If English continues to diverse and reamains easy to learn, I
do not foresee and end for many millennia.” Andrew Jagelski however was saying how is the word
“word,” “get dropped that means all the other words get dropped because how can you have words
without having a definition for word.” So as you can see everyone loves and cares for the English
Language. And if you love that language than you must love British Literature because that is where
English gets its roots from.

According to the West Roxbury High School website, it just so happens that West Roxbury High teaches
British Literature but only to juniors in the 11th grade. They think very highly of it because of
the fact that most if not all of the kids their don’t even know any of the authors except for
Shakespeare. So, it’s great to be able to open up their minds and learn about the other people that
helped this great language become fun to read. At Xaverian Brothers High School in Westwood,
Massachusetts they are supposed to take four years of English and for if you’re a senior and you’re
the advanced placement classes you have to take British Literature (Honors). They say,”The
curriculum is adapted to the levels as the teacher works with the students. Expectations are always
kept high for all levels though adjustments are made in terms of the amount of work assigned for any
given unit.” (www.xbhs.com) At St. John’s Prep in Danvers, Massachusetts they too study British
Literature in the 11th grade. They say, “Eleventh grade English presents a chronological study of
American literature and twelfth grade English centers on a chronological study of British
literature.” (www.stjohnsprep.org) All three of those schools including CM have a high respect for
what British Literature has to bring to the table.

I have recently interviewed a British Literature teacher from West Roxbury High School, asking him
what he thought of as the importance to kids to learn British Literature. His name was Rick
Corcoran and he said, “There is more value in teaching the older English language then the new
modern English language. Kids need to learn how there current language that they speak daily was
born, that’s why there is more value.” I strongly believe that English 10 would not be the same
without British Literature just because speaking your modern language and not knowing its roots
isn’t cool. I respect your decision whatever it may be Mr. President, but if you get arid of it
you’ll have a lot of people against you.