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Creative Writing  
  Many Dictionaries have different meanings of the word reinvent. The Word Reinvent shows us how the
English language changes over time. One meaning of the word Reinvent was found in the American
Heritage dictionary. In this dictionary it stated that reinvent was to make over completely. The
second definition of Reinvent was a little different it was to bring back into existence or use.
When I looked up Reinvent in the Word Net dictionary online I found its meaning to be almost
exactly like the ones found in the American Heritage Dictionary. For example here were the
definitions. The first definition for Reinvent was to bring back into existence. The second meaning
was to create new or make over. So they really did not differ at all from the American Heritage

While researching the OED dictionary I found a little bit about the word reinvents history. For
example the first time the word reinvent was used was in 1686 in Stafford’s. This was interesting
because reinvent was a relatively new word and it turns out it dates back to the 1600’s. According
to the OED the next time the word was used after that was not until late in the 1800’s. This was a
long period of time for a word to be out of use. Then later it was used in 1870 by Lowell in among
my books. When seeing this I then went back to see if I could find some other perceptions of the
word and I did.

In the Unabridged dictionary online I found that the most common perception or meaning of the word
reinvent was to invent again or invent new or without knowing the invention already exists. The
second meaning I found was to remake or make over or as in a different form. The third definition of
the word was a little different it was to bring back; revive: reinvent trust and accountability.
After looking at these definitions I took a look at the recent uses of the word reinvent. In the
recent research I have done the word reinvent was used recently in “The Best of USA Today’s Travel
Blog” on October 17th 2007. The sentence that it was used in is as follows… While it doesn’t look
like much now, the 73,000 ton vessel helped reinvent the cruise bossiness when it launched in 1988.

The word Reinvent shows how the English language changes over a period of time. In the futcher I
think that the meaning of the word Reinvent will change and mean something rethought or a rethinking
of something. Reinvent and all other words in our language will at some point take on a new
definition. This is how Reinvent shows us how the English language changes over time.















Dear Mr. Shakespeare,
I am writing to you with regards to the book in which you submitted to Pearson Education Company
titled “Macbeth”. This has been a tough year for Prentice Hall Literature. We had to eliminate one
story and we chose to eliminate you. You have an extraordinary ability to write plays it’s very
organized and in detail. Unfortunately Macbeth lacks the characteristics that we are looking for. We
are looking for a story that we can put in a book for high school students to read and we feel that
your story sends out the wrong message or morals. We found Macbeth to be violent, filled with lying
and deceit, and we did not like the negativity towards authors.

The first reason why we are rejecting Macbeth is because violence seems to be a main factor in the
play for example Macbeth said “is this a dagger which I see before me, the handle toward my hand?
Come, let me clutch thee.” This is what Macbeth said before he proceeded to kill the king. Another
instance of violence in Macbeth is when Macbeth hires or convinces murderers to kill Banquo and his
son in order to foresee the witches’ prophecy and make Macbeth ruler of Scotland. One of the last
reasons why we rejected Macbeth was because the violence was because in Act 5 scene Siward’s son
approaches Macbeth and they fight and Macbeth kills him along with many other people in the upcoming
battle scenes. So therefore we are rejecting it for violence because we don’t want high school
students to be influences by such ravage behavior.

The second reason why we are rejecting Macbeth is because it is filled with lying and deceit
between characters. The first reason why Macbeth is filled lying is because in Act 2 Scene 2 lady
Macbeth says “I laid their daggers ready; her could not miss’em”. This indicates she helped Macbeth
with murdering the king. Then after the deed is done and the king is murdered Macbeth and Lady
Macbeth claim that they had nothing to do with the murderer and that it was in fact the guards who
had committed the murder. The Second time we see lying is in Act 3 scene 1. Macbeth has convinced
beggars that had become murderers that Banquo is responsible for all their ill fortune. Macbeth also
tells them that Banquo is also his own enemy and lies in order to get them to kill Banquo and his
son. The last time we see lying in Macbeth is in Act 3 Scene 4. Macbeth sees the ghost of banquo and
then starts to admit his guilt in killing the king. Lady Macbeth lies and tries to play off his
mutterings as a common illness that he has. She attempts to convince the lords that it is just a
spell and that will pass, telling them to wait only a moment and the king will be himself again. So
therefore we are rejecting Macbeth because of the numerous lying going on between the characters
that was going on throughout the play. We feel that it will not be healthy for high school students
to get involved with all these lies it does not teach good morals.

The last reason why we rejected Macbeth is because of the negativity towards authors. We did not
understand the mention of letters in the play. We did not like the tearing of letters. You are an
author yourself and we did not understand why there was so much violence toward letters. What do you
have against authors if you are one yourself? So therefore this is the last reason why we are
rejecting Macbeth. We did not feel that this negativity would be good for high school students.
They should be inspired to be a writer n0ot persuaded not to be.

So therefore after extensive review of Macbeth Pearson Education will not be accepting this into
this years edition of our textbook. We have however been revising other instances of your work and
like the sonnets that you have wrote. You have a good sense of poetry such a sense that will fit
great into our next text book that we will be releasing. So if you would please submit more of your
work we will be sure to take it into consideration for our next book. We are sorry again for not
accepting you and we will be looking forward to seeing more of your work.
In regards,
Matthew Fraser










Handball is one of the many sports played in Britain. According to the OED the word Handball was
first used in the 1400’s and is very old. Handball has its origins in Germany, and was invented back
in the late 19th century. Handball can reveal a lot about both Britain and its literature. British
people are changing the way we look at the sport and bringing in new twists, to try to make handball
become a success in Britain and other countries. As of now handball is not one of the most preferred
sports around but in Britain it is constantly growing. When you visit Britain you will most likely
see handball being played on the beach just for fun and also professional and amateurs practicing.
Handball competitions have been becoming popular on beach areas in England and is a relatively new
sport coming about in the year 2000. The Original Handball though was brought about and played in
Ancient times.

Beginning in Ancient times, handball started being played by the Ancient Greeks and Romans. Although
the game in which they played is not quite like the one that is being played today the basis and
some of the same tactics are used today in today’s handball. For example, Greeks played a version
of handball in which a ball the size of an apple was thrown from hand to hand. This is similar to
the style in which we play today. The Next time we see handball played is in the middle ages play by
Knights of Honour, in England. This time line kept going until in 1991 the European Handball
Federation was formed in Berlin. This was when Hand Ball was becoming famous and popular and was
brought to the Olympic Qualification tournament in Spain.

There are many well known professional Handball Players in Britain. For Instance Stuart Campbell
is 25 and is gearing up and looking forward to taking on the world's best at the 2012 Olympics
in London for Handball. Campbell, a personal trainer and former rugby player, said: "I was
working with a bricklayer when my dad phoned, saying he'd heard about 'Sporting
Giants' and that I would be good at handball. That is when Stuart’s career started as a
professional Handball player. Along with Professional there are also amateur Handball players who
enjoy playing the sport. Amateur players such as those who attend Plashet Girls Secondary School
enjoy playing the game of handball. One girl comments on the game by saying “It's
alright," said Kalima. "I really enjoy it, but am bruised everywhere. I like everything
about it and am here because I love this kind of sport." So if you’re an Amateur or a
professional Handball is enjoyed being played by both.

In Recent News Articles a lot is being said about the upcoming Olympics, and about the Handball
competitions in the 2012 Olympics in Beijing. The most popular article I came across was titled
“British handball eyes 2012 glory” from bbcsport.co.uk. This article states that British handball is
hoping a systematic approach to talent spotting will deliver medals at the London Olympics. One of
the Quotes that was said by one of the former coach’s reads "Winning a medal in handball or
volleyball in 2012 is a stretch target, but it is attainable. And even if they fall short the whole
process will have wonderful benefits for their sporting pipeline. “So therefore Handball will be
mentioned frequently in Britain due to the Olympics coming up.

As well as being in the News you can also find more topics relating to Handball on the bookshelf.
In Britain there are many books written about the sport of hand ball. One of the most recent
according to the OED is called “Team Hand Ball Steps to Success” written in 1996 by Reita E. Clanton
and Mary Phyl Dwight. This reveals that Handball is a popular sport in Britain.

The Future of Handball in Britain is becoming more popular and is continuing to grow. In the future
their will probably be more teams and more literature revolving around the sport of handball. Also
their will probably be more variations of the game just like in the U.S we have softball and
baseball. So therefore, the fucher looks bright for the game of Handball and it keeps growing in
Britain with every passing moment.
















Dear CM President ,
English 10 British Literature has been a huge factor in my life and in the lives of the students
in the CM community. From my experiences I have learned that the English 10 course allows students
to learn new things, concentrate in class, and to excel in the English 10 British Literature
program. Students express all of the things they have learned in the work that they do in the
British literature class. British Literature is among a bigger part of the CM community and the
students at CM study four years of English and as sophomore students we feel that the preservation
of the British Literature class should be kept. From my own experience I found that it was a
challenging class but in the end it paid off ,because I gained knowledge of many of the great poets,
and authors in British literature such as the great Geoffrey Chaucer.

I Recently interviewed a variety of different teachers across the country to see what they thought
about the British literature programs in schools. I called up Mrs. Powers who currently works as the
department head at Cranston East High School in Cranston Rhode Island and asked her what she thought
about the program. Mrs. Powers was a former teacher of mine and she informed me : “it’s a good
program. The students seem to enjoy it, and I enjoy teaching it” when I asked her to give me a brief
statement about he experience teaching British literature.
I also Interviewed Mr. Hurley of Catholic Memorial High school in west Roxbury and asked him to
give me a brief statement about what he thought of the British literature program and I am unpleased
to report that Mr. Hurley said when asked this:” I don’t like teaching it.”. But on the other hand
even though some teachers find it tedious teaching such a program , students learn a lot from the
program. While researching more about the program I decided to dig deeper into the achieves at
Trueteacher.com to see exactly what the students have been learning.

For Instance, I came across the portfolio of David Falco from Catholic Memorial. In his Research
paper he learned how to search the OED (oxford English dictionary) and find out all about one word
and tell how it affects British Literature and what the future of the word will hold. David while
researching the word “Sword” Learned about how the words meaning is different than ours when other
cultures use it while leering this it changed his perspective on how we use and see words every day
David writes:” To many people there is only one definition of “sword” and generally that is a metal
blade with a
handle used to kill someone, but this is not the case to Italians, Spanish speakers, and
fortunetellers. According to the Oxford English Dictionary the Italians and Spanish speakers have
their own set of playing cards much like the ones we use here but with special symbols and one of
the suits being the “swords.” Also in a deck of tarot cards, which is used to tell the future, the
card with the sword on it represents death when it is pulled randomly in a session.

David was not the only student who had learned something in the British Literature program. As I
furthered my search through the achieves of trueteacher.com I came apron the work of Matthew DeCilio
who is another English 10 student. I discovered in his ‘sport” Essay he wrote while attending the
English 10 class Decilio learned how to make connections between sports played in Britain and how
they have affected Britain and its literature. For example, in the beginning of the essay Decilio
writes:” The development of polo in England shows the value the upper classes place on tradition and
dedication. “ He then also writes about the affect polo has on literature in his 5th paragraph
stating :”References to polo can be found in British literature. Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936), an
English poet and author, wrote a short story “The Maltese Cat” which is about a polo tournament told
from the viewpoint of the polo pony. “ which shows how the story affected Britain.

The last students portfolio I looked at for my research was Colin Hacket another student attending
the catholic memorial English 10 program. In Colin’s research paper on the word ‘reason” he learned
that the English language was changing. In his introduction Colin writes :”the changing of the
English language because in the earlier times, the word reason meant a statement of a woman. This
shows that the English language has changed along side the changes in the culture.” Colin learned in
this research paper how to connect and apply the information that you find. After looking at Colin’s
paper I decided to further my study and sent messages to the London Times, and Telegraph. After
sending emails to departments I was unable to receive a response which shows just how buy British
authors have become and what an important role they have in our society, they are constantly busy
and this shows importance.

From my own experiences in the English 10 class I have learned many things that I have never known
before about the OED and also about a lot of the great poets and writers. For instance, Before the
English 10 class I never even knew that the OED even existed or even what it was. I also had no idea
about Macbeth and what a great play it was. So therefore the English 10 Program has taught me many
things it has educated me and helped me to broaden my horizons by teaching me about great authors
and references like the OED so know I can find anything I need to know about a word.

Therefore with all of this said, the English 10 course should remain a course at CM simply because
the students enjoy it excel in it. With English 10 offered as a program the students will be more
aped to do much better when they move onto the next grade because English 10 lays down the
foundation and allows its students to go above and beyond without limitations. And that is the
reason why CM should offer English 10 as a course.