English 10: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  
  Miles away from civilization there is a place called Indian Creek. Here the hand of
industrialization has yet to touch. The land is still as beautiful as it was when the first
Americans arrived form England. The closest inhabitants to the lake live 3 miles away near the
center of Pembroke. Very rarely do people travel out this far. This is a perfect spot because nature
surrounds you on all sides.

Later that month the bark was been drenched from an over night shower. The tree limbs hang low from
the weight of the soaked wood. The sun reflects brightly off the water. The heat of the air and the
coldness of the ground combine to make a layer of thick fog. The leaves have become compact with the
water. The smell of the moist wood and soil fills the air. Everything has become slimy and slippery.
The birds chirp happily for possibly the final time this year. Maybe they will go away after today
and fly south. Maybe I should seek the warmth in my own life and fly away from the coldness of

The sun is streaming through the leafs as the gently glide side to side in the wind. The grass is
still a tender green. An old tree that has collapsed in my path has now become a home for many types
of insects. A fish splashes a little down stream. The smell of pine fills the air as I pass a downed
pine tree. The water is a light green tint with many little fish that call it home. The colors of
fall are all but gone from the trees still a few stragglers are on the branches. I hear a dog
barking in the distance it echoes over the water. A sparrow chirps over my shoulder. I can barley
hear it. The sweet song of the sparrow is over shadowed by the loud bark of the dog. Just like
society the big companys over shadow the little man.

Last week the water was frigid from the first snow. The evergreen tree limbs are covered in a light
frost. The birds are slowly migrating away from the lake. The bark of the old spruce tree begins to
flake as it prepares to battle another cold winter. The smell of burning wood fills the air around
the lake. A stream of thick gray smoke is coming over the tops of the trees. In the distance I can
hear people playing Christmas music. What remained of the fall foliage, a last reminder of summer
has now been blown off the tree by the strong wind. The ground is frozen solid. Like myself I am
cold and keep everything inside never letting my emotions show.

Their air is chilly as the frost settles in. The ground has a light layer of water on it. The earth
is warm and melts the frost. The sounds of my friendly birds are long gone. They will return next
year to my side. The sound of a falling tree echoes through the forest. People are yelling about how
they see the snow. The trees are now bare and I can see clearly for miles around me. I to can be
caught without protection from the elements of adolescents and the things they say.

Later that month flowers are beginning to blossom, because of the severe heat. The air is thick and
filled with moisture. Leaves crackle as a pair of squirrel’s scamper past. Insects crawl upon the
fallen tree calling it home now. Something that was so beautiful and powerful crashed so quickly to
the ground. The roots no longer supported the tree forcing it to fall. If society doesn’t back the
president we to a powerful nation could collapse quickly.












Sports are a major part of entertainment in today’s world. All you have to do is
open the newspaper and you can find dozens of different sporting events on TV. Sports are a sense of
pride, there is nothing better than cheering on your team in the series finale surrounded by
friends. But is boxing one of those sports?

Boxing can trace it’s roots back hundreds of years to competitions of bare knuckle fighting . Over
the years boxing has transformed into what we know it as today. One reason why boxing isn’t as
popular as it once was is because there are so many different belts it is difficult to tell who is
the real champion. We as American’s like to have one clear cut winner to rule everybody. We hate
when things are indecisive that’s why boxing has such poor TV rating’s as opposed to the NBA or NFL
who average over 1 million viewers for there championship game.

Boxing is a sport where any person of any size can compete, something not often found in today’s
sports. They step into the ring to fight for pride and honor, and occasionally a hefty purse. When
asked 55% of people polled can relate to the physical battle that occurs inside the ring, “everyone
at one point or another has been in a fight.” (Ruggerio) Just like America a nation that has fought
for pride and honor since its formation in 1772.This is what truly makes boxing American. Boxing
is also an individual sport, you control your own destiny. It is up to the boxer to climb up the
ranks and achieve total success. This is similar to those who come to America to build a life
climbing through the social ranks of corporations to achieve financial success.

One such person who came to America in pursuit of the American dream is the South Boston
professional boxer Jerry McDougall. When asked why boxing is an American sport he responded “
Growing up in the projects I could have went down the good path or the bad one, and boxing made me
take the right one.”(McDougall) This is the case for many young Americans growing up in the projects
today. The only way out is boxing. McDougall said “ It kept me off the streets and my skills helped
me out a few times when I would get myself in a jam.”

Although boxing is not where it was in the roaring 20’s when fighters like Jack Dempsey and James
Braddock ruled the ring it has slowly begun to rise back into mainstream. However boxing like very
sport has its critics’, many of whom say it is barbaric and encourages violence. Also the reputation
of boxing has become tainted with allegations’ of fights being fixed. Don King is the main target of
those statements, although it has never been proven many still believe King has a role in the
outcome of fights. Another area often attacked by critics is the judges who ultimately make the
decision on who wins. Alliances and personal vendetta against fighters are often thought to
influence decision’s. Just like America there is violence and corruption in our government.

Boxing is the perfect American sport because it is so much like capitalism. You have to fight for
yourself and work your way through obstacles to fight through the ranks to get to the top. Mike
Tyson said “Fighters box because there doing something they love, the money comes second.” (Tyson)
Unlike many other sports your body takes such a physical beating that one punch could end your
career, so very boxer has respect for their counterpart. “Boxing is like cigarettes you know there
bad for you but you can’t quit” said amateur boxer Brandon Finn.

Boxing is on a steady climb to the top of the payperview charts with such fights as De Le Hoya vs.
Mayweather. It still has a long way to go to catch the NBA NFL and NASCAR in the TV charts.
Hopefully one day soon boxing will return to the top where it was for many years during our golden
age as a country. It may not be as far off as we think.