English 10: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  
  I could not really understand it. The figurine was about a foot tall and seemed incomplete. It is a
hockey player. It was handmade and was very nicely done. It had brown hair and a white jersey and
had no eyeballs. It felt smooth to touch and was almost like a hardened glay for material. The
hockey player didnt have a taste and had a hollow sound to it when you knock on it.

My dad said it was somebody in our family who created it and had supposively died before
finishing it, that is why there had been no eyeballs and a white jersey. My thought is that it
could have some sort of curse or spell to it. Right now, it sits in my room on my counter. It kind of
creaps me out sometime when I look at it because of the fact that it has no eyeballs. It has
something sketched on the bottom of his skate but I can not make out what it says. It seems old and
was found in the corner of my grandfathers attic. I remember going up there and looking for an old
book or something to keep me busy and i found something standing up in the corner all dusty. I
brought it downstairs and washed it off. My grandfather said," You can keep it as long as you
take care of it." He told me that there is some type of mystery to it. Today that mystery still
puzzles me. My grandfather had died before I ever got to ask him who made it and why it was not
finished or what was on the bottom. This Figurine shows that America is surrounded in the world of
sports and shows passion towards them.
  One of the most beautiful parks in all of Massachusetts lies right across the street from my
house. It is called Borderland; I would like to call it my home away from home. It is about a
hundred acres or so and it is filled with historical landmarks. It has a mansion in it and a couple
houses in it to keep the park clean. It is filled with beautiful ponds with white waterfalls and
tons of fish. Occasionally you will find a few people on horseback or a couple hikers challenging
themselves through the treacherous trails of my favorite park.

On the first of December, everything in my home away from home seemed pretty calm. It was rather
warm for a December afternoon. You could see some fish swimming throughout the clear parts of the
pond. On my way down to the park, I was kicking up dirt and rocks as I was traveling down the road,
leaving a trail of dust behind. The trees were bare and occasionally a bird or two would fly by
quickly. I lifted up a rock to see a bunch of worms and insects scurrying about. Sometimes we have
to lift up our own rock to see the deeper meaning in things.

Today was kind of a dreary day, clouds spitting rain about. I stand under a barren tree to stay
dry. This was a rather large tree, and looks very bold and strong, probably pine. You could see the
dead pine needles, brown and orange and faded green, hanging on the tree and on the ground. The
ground was pretty barren too. The grass was starting to loose its greenish color and I was standing
on a patch of moist dirt. You could see some bugs scattered along the tree trunk and on the moss of
the tree. We are like the pine tree in some ways, bold and strong when standing up for what is

I sit outside my place and watch the multiple, grey, shapeless clouds go by. I tried to make
patterns or shapes out of them but I could not most of the time, except for the one who looked like
a turtle. I hear the birds go by, probably confuses on whether to go north or to head south because
of this absurd weather we have been having. I think of myself as the tree that stands in front of me
swaying too and fro, because I do sway to and fro with my decisions in life.

Today was a pretty sunny day. There were a few white clouds in the blue sky blocking out the
shining light that light up the pond. The clear water glistened in the light and I could see my
reflection in the clear parts of the pond. As the clear water goes out further, it becomes blue and
the leaves build up, like the unfinished things in life.

I zero in on the dead grass to see the patches of dirt and the worms and bugs scurrying throughout.
I look up and I see the blue sky and the dead trees in the distance. When I look into the pond, I
can see a few fish again and then to my right there were a couple of squirrels chasing each other.
There was a light gust of wind against my face and my face began to turn red because of the
coldness. Maybe we too are like the bugs in the dirt, always busy and working on something.

  Sarah Orne Jewett is recognized in 19th centrury American literature because of her novles and short
stories in the New England region. One of her greatest works "The White Heron." Many
people consider her works to be meer sketches. Sarah even comments on her stories in her biography
as being incomplete. Jewett is a talented writer because she includes detailed characters, images
and uses many instances of nature.

Jewett describes her setting and images in a unique way. The reason why it paints such a good
image in my head is because she is a talented writer. She goes into vivid details of every
characteristic she can think of to make you feel as if you are there in the characters shoes. When
she talks about the white heron flying through the golden air and how the sea and the morning come
together, ou can really see what is going on in the story.

The characters are also portrayed in a unique way throughout the story. You really get to know
how the character is feeling and what he or she is thinking. THe grandmother in the story is
completely oblivious to the boy that shows up with her grand daughter one day thinking that she
knows him and welcomes him into the house. THe girl is a huge part of the story . She has to pick
between this new boy she met and the heron that she has seen and loves forever.

The reason why nature plays a big role in the book is how it is shown throughout the book. The
heron is shown as graceful and calm and gracefully flying through the air. The water is described as
calm and the woods are still. In the story, nature is shown as peaceful and nice to human beings
even though the boy goes hunting and killing game.

All of these aguements is proof that Jewett is an outstanding writer. By combining all of these
topics into one story and utalizing them, she has created a great work and really helps the reader
understand what is going on in the story.



















When people think of American Sports, first thing that comes to mind is baseball, basketball, and
football. One of the rising American Sports is the game of Jai Alai. This game is known for its
rapid pace of play. It was introduced to the United States in 1904 in St. Louis at the Worlds Fair.
The object of the game is to throw the ball with the cesta ( cone shaped object) against one of the
three walls while trying to have the opponent drop, miss or throw the ball out of bounds. The
pelota, or ball, has to be caught in the air or off one bounce and has to be thrown in one motion
without juggling the ball. The goal is to get 7 or 9 points. It is a very dangerous sport. The ball
can reach speeds up to 160 mph and could lead to fatal injuries. Although it is popular in mainly
Florida in America; it is rising up the coast and gaining popularity across the country because of
the rapid pace and athleticism that we all love in America.

The only experience of Jai Alai matches have been online clips of some of the games. It is a
complicated game where the ball is always moving quickly and the players have to be aware of where
the ball is at all times. I observed Juan Elejabarrieta getting hit by the pelota at close range
during one of his games. When asked about the incident he responded, I do not remember anything
after getting hit. Another observation was in the movie Jackass 2. They showed Johnny Knoxville
standing against a wall in a Jai Alai court with limited clothing while professionals were on the
other side of the court throwing oranges at him at over 100 mph.

When Juan was asked about his experience, he said, I never thought I was going to play again and
one day I went to my wife and I could start to walk and everyday I felt much better, much better,
much better and I practiced and it felt good and all I wanted to do was train, train, train. Asked
about the Americanization of Jai alai and Joey Cornett being the pioneer he said, I wanted to open
the doors to other young American players to come in and that the hope and future for American
athletes in this sport would grow. He also said that Americans appear to be more aggressive and try
to kill the points quicker .

Joey and Juan were a big influence on an amateur named Benny. Benny claimed he started playing Jai
Alai around the age of 15. He also said, One day my brother got a cesta for his birthday and when
he got his license we went down to the fronton and played a game, ever since I have loved the game.

When I asked a group of ten people of a variety of ages, only twenty percent of them knew what the
game even was. Most of them responded by, What is Jai Alai? When I asked how is this sport
American, every person told me it was not American. It seemed to me that people in the middle age
group knew more about the sport than any other group. Only Glen Misho and Dr. Dempsey were able to
tell me about the sport and that the main purpose of the sport was to gamble and that it was a
popular sport in mainly Florida. In fact, the highest pay out for a Jai Alai match was $900,000
dollars in Palm Beach.

I do not see Jai Alai being a major sport in the United States at any time soon. It gains
popularity in the states that allow gambling because most of the spectators of the sport gamble on
such games. They go to each fronton with a lot of knowledge and try to make some money by gambling
with others. I have never witnessed a live Jai Alai match and I do not think that many Americans
have. I think it has the potential to gain a lot of popularity in the distant future and might be
recognized as an American sport down the road.