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Creative Writing  
  The Rug With the Mysterious Writing

The first time I saw this Persian rug was in my basement. It was rolled up near the corner of the
wall behind the book shelf. When I unrolled the rug it was very dusty, I thought to myself that this
must be 100 to 150 years old. The color of this rug was beige with blue a mysterious writing on it.
I could not understand what this writing had said because it was written in different language. The
size of this rug was pretty small for a rug, the length was 3 foot long and 5 foot wide. For a small
rug it weighed about 10 pounds, which was not too heavy. Since this rug was old you could tell that
the material of the rug was ripping a little when it was being touched.

This rug had came from Persia in the 19th centaury. This rug has said that it gives good luck to
anyone that has it. It was given as a gift by a Persian rug maker to an American man named Richard
for saving his life once. Before Richard was a guy who was wasn't very rich, had bad luck,
and was not well liked by others in the community. Richard saved the Persian rug makers from falling
of a cliff near down town Boston. When Richard had received the rug he kept with him and held it

The Persian rug gave Richard good luck and helped him out with his life. One day when he was
walking in Boston he found money laying in the middle of the street. The next day Richard became an
improved man, he now wasn't the same guy that everyone would be laughing at in Boston when he
would be walking by himself. With the money that Richard found, he bought a big house of his own
that he always wanted. He kept his rug in a safe area in his luxurious house. Richard didn't
even tell anyone that the rug gave him good luck. so that no one would come and steal it from. He
has thought to himself that receiving this rug was the best thing that has ever happened to him.
Richard was living like a noble now and would be donating his money to the less fortunate people.

Richard had kept the Persian rug in a safe place in the basement and framed the rug. He would also
be checking up on it, when he had the chance. Richard did not tell anyone what kind of luck that the
rug had brought him, because he was afraid that someone would steal it from him and all his luck
would go away, so he kept it a secret. Other people were getting suspicious of him for becoming so
rich all at once.

Richard kept is Persian rug in a safe place and secured, until one day his house caught on fire and
he didn't survive the fire. When the house was being searched The only thing that was kept and
secured was the rug. The Persian rug was not even damaged. With that being done you should pay
attention to everything at once and not paying attention only to one thing.
  There is a very special place, and there is no special place like this in the city of Boston.This is
all pure nature. There are trees and flowers that show of their beautiful colors. This place is in
the town West Roxbury, called Natures Pride.

On a late fall day I first visited Natures Pride, it was a day of frigidness and coldness. The sky
was cloudy and rain drops are falling and then the day it became very rainy.You can see that the
leaves and the trees became soaked with water, due to the rainy weather. You can see the puddle of
mud getting bigger by the minute. The grass was also soaked and looks like its going to drawn due to
this rainy day. There are no winds but it is very cold out. The sky is a dull gray color and you can
not see anything due to the fog. It was so silent out, but you can hear the rain drops falling from
the sky. People should not worry what others think about themselves, it's what you think about

On a day later that week it was cold even though the sun was out. The weather was trying to fool
people because of the sun being out, and being a cold day.The leaves on the trees were starting to
fall off the tree and turning brownish and reddish color. The wind was blowing all the leaves from
the pile onto the corner of the tree. Also the branches of the tree was moving from one place to the
another, due to th strong wind blowing. The grass was still a bright color of green and had little
yellow spots on it. People should listen to what they believe on for the right thing do to and not
listen to others to tell them what to do.

I can feel the cool air coming towards my face on this mid December day. The smell of burnt wood
from a fire can be seen .This day is not as windy as before but still I can see the wind blowing
the leaves around in circles. The brown leaves are still covering the grass. You can see the some
spots of the grass on the ground. The color of the grass is still green and growing very long.
There is a red cardinal on the leafless tree chirping all the time. You can see the squirrel running
around looking for acorns on the solid hard frozen ground due the cold weather the day before.On the
frozen ground you can see the slippery ice from days before.The rose bush is still the, not frozen
with no roses growing, and the leaves are falling from it. We should take time from our lives and
look at natures beauty and these times should not be wasted.

Today on this late afternoon day, the weather was cool and the sun was shinning its ray on the
beautiful day in December. There are no winds and the dark brown leaves just on the ground covering
the grass without any motion..The branches of the tree was motionless and was not moving its
branches. It was a bright day bright and warm compared to the other days.Today there were no birds
that were singing or chirping and no squirrels running around looking for their food on the ground.
It was the brightest and quietest day of all. The sky was baby blue and there are small clouds
covering the sky. The ice has melted from the ground due to this warm weather, from the sun. People
should get away for once and relax in nature, the place where God created for us.

It was a odd December day, there are no cold and frigid winds blowing into my face. That was just a
cool breeze outside. The sky was blue and sunny for a moment then changing into a bluish and grayish
color, but the sun was still from the sky still. There are no leaves on the branches of the maple
tree anymore and it looks soo plain and dull just sitting there surrounded by its brown leaves.The
top of the pine tree was bent over and looked like it was going to break off. Taking deep breaths
and seeing my breath in the air showing that the cold weather was coming. The grass on the ground
has been clawed in, from the night before by a wild animal. It had been of quietness with no
distractions by the squirrels and birds. On that day it had been a lonely day out in the wild and
getting to know the true nature. People should stop, and think about our community to help the
community to be a better place in our lives.















Jack London a naturalism writer, who grew up in San Francisco in 1876 to 1917during a
time of poverty. In the late 1800's many people were traveling out west to try to find gold.
Jack London had wrote many book s in his career of writing. Some of Jack London notable novels The
Sea Wolf, The White Fang, How to Build a Fire, and his most popular novel was The Call of the Wild.
The Call of the Wild was based on the time period during the Alaskan Yukon, and does something no
other work of his does unique about characters, setting tradition society.

In the novel The Call of the Wild nature is mainly focused throughout the novel. These
dogs were sled dogs, that were who were sledding down the cold weather during the frigid
December month. The dogs were traveling throughout the Alaska and Klondike region of
Canada.Nature is focused in this novel when they are traveling through the Arctic without any
food and through the arctic weather. Jack London wrote, "In the nature of Arctic
travel there was a reason why fourteen dogs should not drag one sled, and that was that one sled
could not carry the food for fourteen dogs." During the travels Buck the main sled dog who had
gotten hurt during the trial and Jack London here describes nature by,"Buck, lying by the river
bank through the long spring day, watching the running water, listening lazily to the songs of
birds and the hum of nature, Buck slowly won back his strength."

Jack London uses unique characters of how Buck has to show leadership because he was the dog the
led all the sled dogs. A quote that talks about a different kind of nature of the quality of a dog:
"He wanted it because it was his nature because he had been gripped tight by that nameless,
incomprehensible pride of the trail and trace--that pride which holds dogs in the toil to the last
gasp which lures them to die joyfully in the harness, and breaks their hearts if they are cut out of
the harness."

Jack London in his novel, The Call of the Wild writes about old learning. Old learning is being
focused when John Thornton, Bucks owner is being treated with love by Buck. He is showing how much
he cares for him. The quote would be, "Buck seized his mittened hand between his jaws,
pressing in with his teeth and releasing slowly, half-reluctantly. It was the answer, in terms, not
of speech, but of love. Buck tightened the traces, then slacked them for a matter of several inches.
It was the way he had learned." Another old learning method that was used in the novel was how
the dogs were trained to be underfeed. These dogs were not use to being starved and the dogs had big
appetites.Institutions is being used in the novel of The Call of the Wild, when at first Buck at
lived in California which was Santa Clara Valley. His original master which was Judge Miller. They
had both lived together for 4 years. Then Buck gets another master John Thornton.

In conclusion Jack London a naturalist writer who wrote many great novels that were very popular in
the late 1800's. He had used unique themes in his novel The Call of the Wild like characters,
setting and tradition society. Jack London was a great writer on his time and has many popular
novels such as he Sea Wolf, The White Fang, How to Build a Fire, and The Call of the Wild.



















Soccer is an old sport , that has much history to it, and even today it is still being played
all over the world. According to most sources, soccer was first played in Derby England by
Romans. Later this sport was called football. The rules of this game are that you have to use a
round ball. One important rule is that you can not touch the ball with your hands unless you are
the goalie. There are two teams that play against each other and the team with the most goals
wins. Another important rule according to, The www.mlsnet.com the laws of the Game the length of the
field should be one hundred yards and the width should be fifty yards long. Also the goal net should
be 8 feet high and the width should be eight yards. Those rules are very important and have to be
exact. A special rule that most people might not comprehend would be during a tie game. In league
competitions games a game may end in a draw, add an extra fifteen minutes, or penalty shootout.
This sport is American because it celebrates the rituals of land use and good recreation of its
rules and restrictions on its borders on their lands just like soccer on their rules on length and
width of the soccer field.

Soccer is a low scoring game, in which the players just run and kick the ball into the goal. You
can not use your hands in the game if you are not the goalie.My impression of soccer is that it is a
low scoring game and that each goal should be worth more than one point. In a game or soccer match
you play a non stop game of 90 minutes. Once you get subed out of the game you can not go back in.
That is not a good rule because if you get tired you need a brake and rest and you should be able to
then come back into the game when your ready.My impression of soccer is that it is a low scoring
game and that each goal should be worth more than one point. A good rule in a game of soccer is
that you should not have any physical contact with your opponent and if you do then you either get a
red card or a yellow card depending on whether it was hard hit or unnecessary hit. The red card
means that you are going to get ejected from the game and can not return. The yellow card gives you
a warning and that you should be careful. If you get two yellow cards in the same game then you get
ejected from the game.

An interview with Chen Yang, tells us how he first learned and where he learned to play soccer.
Interview by: Newsround. May 8, 2007
When did you start playing soccer? I started playing soccer ever since I was little and I knew that
this was the right sport for me. Why do you like playing soccer? I just fell in love the game and
how it is played. I've always liked that soccer is a fast game, full of different skills, and
how you can pass and kick the ball into the net. He Americanizes this sport because when he was a
child he grew up watching soccer in America and wanted to come to America and play.
An interview with 10 people with different background oriental on why they think this sport is
American. The first person who got interviewed was Sean Mannion a high school student born in Boston
MA. He had stated,"People in America playing this sport makes this sport American."
Another teen who was asked to be interviewed was Matt Charest who was born in Boston Ma. said,
"Kids at the park playing with their teammates." David Ghorbi said," Many different
cultural background people playing this sport" Peter Ghorbi said,"The kids playing soccer
in America." Then an interview with Samuel Depalz who was born in El Salvador and said,
"People playing soccer here makes this sport American." Franklin Depalz born in El
Salvador said, " There are soccer teams for kids in America." Tony Valasquez also born in
El Salvador said, "Nothing makes this sport American." Catherine Smith born in Boston MA
said, "Everything about the game makes this sport American." Leo Smith born in Boston MA
said, "Different ethnic backgrounds from people in America playing this sport makes it
American." James Paul born in Boston MA said, The rules that apply to the game make this sport
American." Out of the 10 people that got interviewed 60% don't think that the rules of
the game make this sport American. Also 40% of the people belive that the rules in the game make
this sport American.

An interview with David Nabi an amateur soccer player who plays for fun May 8, 2007.
Why do you like playing this sport? I like to play this sport because I am good at it and it is a
fun sport to play.It is also a competitive sport to play. When did you start play soccer? I started
playing soccer when I was 6 years old I think. Who is your favorite soccer player? I have a few, but
probably my favorite soccer player would be Ronaldo de Assis Moreira. I think he is one of the best
soccer player.

Franklin Foer an American author who wrote many books, including How Soccer Explains The World.
This novel is about scores a game-winning goal with the analysis between soccer and the new global
economy. In the novel it talks about how countries allow us to understand how international forces
affect politics and life around the globe. This also relates how this sport is American because it
celebrates the rituals of land use and good recreation of its rules and restrictions on its borders
of their lands. A quote from this book was when the author Franklin Foer explained how, "Soccer
presents the game as a case study on the effects of globalization, both good and bad." Another
quote from the last chapter of the book was,"Soccer Explains the American Culture Wars?"
Gregory Kay, a poet who wrote many poems, and a poem about soccer. This "Goal" which is
about soccer, and how a person who scored a goal, but he shot it past his own goalie. A quote would
be, "I kicked the ball so hard and true.Oh, what a perfect play. Boo? Boo?Why would you boo?
This always was my dream:I shot it past the goalie and...Oh, hes on my team."

Louis Bueno a soccer sport writer from SI.com wrote about how Club America trying to win both
league and cup titles. In his article he talks about how, "Club America is trying to become
better than Mexicos' best Clubs." He argues about how Club America is collecting more and
more trophies each year. Louis Bueno also stated that, "Ever since Mexican Clubs began in 1998
Club America has been one of the most successful teams in the tournaments." Another sports
writer Gregary Sica a writer for SI.com wrote about Defensor Sporting puts hopes of a nation on its
back. In his article, Gregary Sica wrote about how Tiny Uruguayan helped his South American
Libertadores team to advance his team in the tournament. A quote from this article by Gregary Sica
was,"The Libertadores had defeated the favored Flamengo team which was a big upset."
In conclusion soccer is American because it celebrates the rituals of land use and good recreation
of its rules and restrictions on its borders on their lands just like soccer does on their rules on
length and width of the soccer field. Soccer is becoming less popular each year and it is never
played ESPN or any sport channels. Also you do not see any soccer advertisement for on T.V.
commercials. The only time that soccer games that are on T.V. is when soccer teams that are
competing for the World Cup.