English 10: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  
  The Tiki Cup

I bought this object at a yard sale about two years ago. I bought it for about two dollars. It’s a
cup and I call it the Tiki Cup because it looked like it came from an Indian Resort. The cup has a
light green color and has a carved face into the front of it. I bought this for about two dollars.
The Tiki cup is very mysterious because I don’t know where it originally came from. The Tiki cup
doesn’t really have smell to it. If it dropped, it would smash into pieces because it’s glass. The
green color from the cup makes it shine in the light. The face on it is rough. It has a big nose
that sticks out, big long ears and big fat lips. The Tiki cup is very light and tall. The cup wasn’t
used. When I brought it home and put it on the table, I found it in my China cabinet the next day. I
saw it looking at me like it had a mind of its own.

One time when there were Native Americans, they carved faces into these tall wooden poles, a symbol
of territory. Sometimes they carved one face at the bottom and one face at the top, they would stand
them straight up, so everyone could see them. The face on the cup is like the faces on the poles,
but have a different meaning to it.

The lady at the yard sale, Joann, told me that the cup was Hawaiian. She told me a story about when
she got it. “I was working at a restaurant and knew we were selling these Tiki cups. I asked my boss
if I could have one, he didn’t care. I took one home that day and showed it to my husband.” “Wow,
what’s that,” said her husband. He thought it was gorgeous. They both sat there and stared at it for
the next five minutes. They had no idea what it meant. Joann says “I think it’s a sign of respect,
that’s why I would have liked to give it to someone, to show that I had respect for it.” Every time
she saw it after she brought it home, she always thought of it as a decoration. Joann thinks it
means a lot to her because it was her own little mystery cup that she never used. She told me that
it wasn’t worth anything anyway. She didn’t want much for it so she sold it to me. Joann moved a
year after this and gave me what she thought the cup was about. She gave me a ballpark idea of what
she thought about the cup.