English 10: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  
  I am a high school student in the eleventh grade who attends Catholic Memorial High School, in West
Roxbury Massachusetts. In the back of my English classroom, there are two windows. If you look
outside these windows, you’ll see a yard. It’s not like an ordinary yard that you would commonly see
in suburban neighborhoods.

It doesn’t have tall, nice-looking trees, with a bunch of leaves on them. And the ground is not
bright with green grass, with plants along the sides of the whole territory, like you would normally
see in the suburbs. In fact, the yard that I mentioned (at first) it’s the exact opposite.
Though there are tall trees in the yard, the trees are very thin and have barely any leaves on
them. I can’t really tell whether or not there actually any grass on the ground, because when you
look at the ground, all you can see is a bunch of twigs, tires and trash scattered all throughout
the yard. And that is why I call it the “Junkyard.” Another thing that I notice whenever I look into
that yard is that there are three different types of fences for each side of the yard. The fence
that is in between the classroom and the yard is tall and silver. The fence to the right of the yard
is short and green. As for the on to the left, it is a tall and wooden gate.

Whenever I look at that yard, the first feeling that comes to my mind is sorrow. West Roxbury is
not that rough, but somewhat of a rough neighborhood, and I know for a fact that there is somebody
who owns that messed up property. The reason I know this is because the same green pick-up truck is
always parked in the driveway of that land.
















Emily Dickinson was born in 1830 and she died in1886, at the age of 56 years old. As far as her
poetry work goes, it was clear that Dickinson's writing style was a lot different from others
in her time. Before she came along, appreciated a poet's uniqu style. One poem, "Wild
Nights," is different. All of her other poems are about stress and pain and are writtin with
more words and thoughts than this ons, however, uses fewer words like no other poem, and talks about
love, like no other poem she wrote.

Emily Dickinson was born into one of Amherst, Massechussetts' most prominent families on 10
December 1830. Dickinson proved to be a dazzling student and in 1847, she thought that she was
already somewhat of a 'homebody', at the age of seventeen Emily left for South Hadley,
Massechussetts to attend Mount Holyoke Female Seminary. In 1855 Emily and her sister spent time in
the cities of Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the same year her father bought the
Main Street home where she was born. In 1856 Emily's brother, now himself a successful Harvard
graduate and Amherst lawyer, married her best friend, Susan Gilbert.

With all of the the information that I have gathered up, it seemed as if at first, Emily was an okey
girl who had an obvious fondness for poetry. However, as obvious as it may have seemed, it was event
a surprise to me when I found out that none of her family or friends had any idea that she was into
poetry. As she started to age and get older, the lesser she often went out and the more she deciden
to stay in the houes. As soon as she passed away, this man, whom she was very tight with, put out
seven of her latest peices of poetry, before she died.

Had this poem been written by someone else with a whole new different writting style, then that
would be one thing. However, almost all of her other peices of poetry are based on situations
involving pain and sorrow. But this one speeks about her on longer being on a search for love,
because she has finally found it.