English 10: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  
  I went up to my attic to look for the Christmas ornaments when I found a candlestick with the
word forever etched into the side. It was just lying on the floor knocked over. It was golden with a
shade of red on the top. Also a dent was formed in the top of it. The window was left open and the
curtains waving from the fierce wind. This left the room with an artic chill. This is when I picked
up the candle stick and instantly I became dizzy and saw what seemed to be the past.

A young man, twenty-one years of age was living in a small town on the outskirts of New York. This
man’s name was Robbie. Robbie lived with his brother Kenny. A girl who he had a crush on was named
Shelly. The house Robbie lived in had no power and was completely lit by candle, sun, and moonlight.

It was just after Christmas when Robbie’s mother got him a candlestick that smelled of the sweetest
mango. There was a card saying the word “forever” on the side of the candlestick which symbolized
the love between him and his brother. Robbie and Kenny went to a Christmas party and met the most
beautiful girl named Shelly. Robbie instantly fell in love with her, but Kenny seemed to have no
attraction to her. Robbie talked to her and they became close friends.

After some time Robbie asked Shelly to be his girlfriend and she gladly agreed. Robbie moved out
of his brother’s house and started to live with Shelly. Kenny often came over to see his brother and
he became friends with Shelly. Robbie began to suspect that Shelly and Kenny where having a secret
affair. Robbie worked during the day and Kenny would often come over to keep Shelly company while
Robbie was working. Robbie pretended to go to work one day and stayed to spy on Shelly and Kenny.
What he saw enraged him instead of going to work he went back home. He waited for Kenny to come
into the house. He attacked him and beat him with the candlestick. After ten blows to the head Kenny
stopped moving.

Robbie then made his way home. Shelly was upstairs in the attic putting away the Christmas
ornaments. He climbed a ladder to the attic window. Shelly came over and opened it she seemed so
happy. He looked at her and said “how can you do this to me. Look what you are making me do.” Then
he smashed the candlestick off her head. Then he crawled through the window, and started hitting
her until she lay lifeless on the floor. He then ran out the house. He then dropped the candlestick and
ran leaving the window opened. The curtains were waving from the fierce wind. The body of a
beautiful girl was left lying on the floor lifeless. When just a short time ago the body of this
girl was full of life, happiness, and deceit. The candlestick lay on the floor with a new shade of
red, and the sweet smell of mango was tainted with the stench of pain, sorrow, death.

As soon as he Robbie had left the room I regained my senses and could smell the decaying body of
the girl. I instantly dropped the candlestick and ran out of my attic. Leaving the window open and
the cold chill filling the attic.
  The sun shines fiercely on the floor of the evergreen terrace. Mount Forest is two acres long and
one acre wide. This place is untouched by human hands. It is the purest place I have ever seen.
Mount forest is untainted created from Christ himself. The woodland that have fallen down form
shelters and homes for the animals. The sky above it is the most brilliant shade of blue. Clouds and
darkness have yet to see this place of Mount Forest. The brown, orange, yellow, and red leaves form
a floor of rainbows. The wind blows smoothly though out the forest. A man could run through these
woods and get lost, but his soul would be coming home back to Mount Forest.

On this dark early morning Mount Forest is cold and damp. The newly fallen tree has forced itself
upon the yellow, red, and brown leaves. The clouds above look dark and angry. In a place usually so
colorful and beautiful. It has turned to Satins home in the bottom of the pit. It looks like a
tornado has come though and torn apart this place. I sit here looking at Mount forest for hours, and
God is starting to tear a hole through the darkness. The sun shines down and once again it is
immaculate. The animals have made nests in there new found houses of the trees that once stood tall.
The river flows ever so gently though the forest soon to be disturbed by the dam makers. Even though
your life my be flowing swiftly at any point in time you can hit a wall, and your life could become
a raging rapid.

The trees are growing taller and taller by the day. The fresh pure air cleans my soul like water
flowing though my veins. I’m in this place all by myself waiting for a partner to come and dwell
with me. It is a bright and chilly day. The floor is no longer a rainbow of flourishing colors. It
is now a bland brown of lost hope. As the winter comes closer the color and beauty is drained away.
The small and newly coat of snow is a refreshing site because it brings a new color of elegance to
the woodland forest. When I step on the snow I feel like I am falling and losing my color with the
dying summer beauty.

Mount Forest looks odd today. The glowing greens and colors have died out with the day. Even though
it is not radiating with beauty and life it still has a warm and welcoming feeling. The sun can’t
seem to keep its shine from these woods because the rays have breached this place and the beauty of
it has been restored to its normal self. The ray of life was enlightening you feel like it was
lifting you off your feet into the heavens.

The multi colored floor of Mount forest is a road of light in the dreary darkness. The bats hanging
from the thin lifeless branches screeching at its surroundings. The sound of this place sounds like
the Virgin Mary singing. The thorns are in control of the ground trapping any animal it deems
necessary. The place could easily take your heart or it could feel you with the outmost happiness in


















It was the year 1905 when a very distinguished author wrote an adventure novel about being helpless
and on the verge of death. Jack London has written many adventure novels and that is what he mostly
writes. “The Love of Life” to me is a lot like “The Call of the Wild”. To me the only real
difference in there overall situation was that he is a man and in “The Call of the Wild” the person
that is desperate is not a person but a Husky. Even though there situations are completely different
by the fact of “The Love of Life” takes place near the great lakes and “The Call of the Wild” is in
the artic land of Alaska they are kind of in the same boat. Both of them are struggling to survive
and beat the nature. What Jack London does so well in this story is that he shows us what it really
means to be helpless, dying, and forgotten.

As I read this story I thought to myself why Jack London chose not to give this man a name. It
took awhile for it to dawn on me until he called out to his friend and said "I say, Bill,
I've sprained my ankle." And as the man said that Bill never turned around he just kept on
going. The injured man then cried out to his friend "Bill!" he cried out. It was the
pleading cry of a strong man in distress, but Bill's head did not turn. When this happened I
noticed that the man was lost and Bill was the only person who knew, and when Bill left him there
the man was forgotten. Bill just left and couldn’t care less if he knew if his companion was dead or
if he was still alive, and Bill was gone not coming back leaving him for dead.

The man injured and forgotten still was not going to give up on himself. He was self-determined and
was willing to move on. He tried vigorously to catch some prey so he would not starve to death.
Animal after animal came by and he could not catch one due to his injuries and lack of ammunition
for his rifle. The man became completely helpless depending on muskeg berries. He became so helpless
and weak even when the chance for a meat dinner came by he could not gather enough strength to get
it. A fox came by and he couldn’t even get up to attack it. “The man shouted. It was a fearful cry,
but the fox, leaping away in fright, did not drop the ptarmigan.” It seemed no matter what happens
he was going to die.

The man was on the verge of death. His mental mentality became “here was no hurt in death. To die
was to sleep. It meant cessation, rest.” The man had the will to live on for some reason he did not
know. He kept on moving and attempting to gain his fill of flesh and failed time and time again. He
eventually got picked up by sailors and was saved. The man was about to die, forgotten by his
friend, and injured but yet he kept going. This man has endured the worst of life and came out on

Jack London truly showed us what it means to be in a world of hell through this story. This story
was very much like other Jack London novels. Jack London did many great things to portray his view
of a bad time in a certain situation. A slight difference I noticed from his other books was that he
always kept this man down trotted. He never caught any type of relief until the end when he was
found. Everything in this story pointed to this man dying but he still made it though his trials and
beat nature.