English 10: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  
  When I was wondering around in the attic in my grandmother’s house a strange and creepy
sculpture caught my eye. It was a glass sculpture of a of a mother holding a baby. Normally I
wouldn’t think anything about the sculpture but their was something about it that mad me stay and
watch. Finally I remembered what I had gone into the attick it the first place. My grandmother had
asked me to get her air condition and bring it down stairs to put it in the window. When I was on
my way down the stairs I could have sworn I could hear crying coming from the baby in the sculpture.
I figured that it was just my imagination running away with me. I then returned back down stairs
with the air condition to my grandmother.

Later that night I was curious about the cries I heard earlier and thought to myself, “could it
have really have been the sculpture.” So I decide to take one more look at this mysterious object.
I quietly walk up the stairs to the attick to see what I could find out and again I could hear the
cries. I followed the noise to the top of the stairs and then stopped when I noticed the sculpture
had been moved. The crying had continued and got louder with every step I took closer. I had
noticed that the baby in the sculpture was being rocked by the mother and that tears were running
down its face. I became so freaked out by this I ran as fast as I could back down stairs.

When I arrived down stares my baby cousin Megan was being rocked in mid air just like the baby in
the sculpture. She was moving toward the window. When she reached the window she started to cry
harder and harder. The next thing I knew, she was hanging out the window and I heard was a big bang
coming from the attick. T the same time megan had disappeared. I ran downstairs to see if she had
fallen but she was nowhere to be found. I then ran up to the attick to see what the noise was and
the statue had fallen off the shelf and smashed into a million peaces. My cousin Megan still hasn’t
been found.

  As I look out into the dark and sometimes scary forest I noticed that I find myself looking in the
same forest everyday for the past two years. I like to call it Mystery Forest. Mystery Forest is
in the middle of Spring Street in West Roxbury and Catholic Memorial. The English 11 American
literature mystery forest is right out the window. The name to me fits it best because every time I
look into the forest it is always different from nature. Everyday I will find myself dazed into the
forest and everyday I am seeing different things. The thing that I notice is manly based on nature.
I use all my senses and come up with a essay. The forest tells a story, but other times it’s a way
of life.

As the seasons change I notice that the leaves would fall off the trees and sway into the wind till
it would hit the ground ever so softly. Today as I look back into Mystery Forest I notice that the
trees are bare and there is not a leaf on any tree in sight. The cold wind would hit the branches
in a way that it would look like it was freezing them. The leaves on the ground where stuck to the
ground so tight that if you were to pick one up, it would take a little more effort. The leaves
looked like a big rug was covering over the grass. The top of the trees were surrounded by black
birds that would fly away in an instant if it would hear the smallest sound. I am like a black bird
in that I fly away at the smallest scene of danger.

Looking into Mystery Forest for the first time today the trees were different than they were
yesterday. It was dripping with water from the night before and because it had rained this morning.
The leaves were also different; they were shinning today almost like a mirror. The way the light
hit the leaves left a glistening shine. The birds are chirping loud and happily this special
morning. They are flying and landing on the top of all the trees right outside the window with
would make a scratching sound to the window. Every couple of seconds, drops of rain would fall from
the tree tops and make a big splash when it hit the puddles. We have small splashes in our life
that along our perspective, but we must lose perspective of nature and how much we need it and how
much we can learn.

Today is a dark day in Mystery Forest. The dead branches are still wet from the day before. There
is almost no wind and the top of the trees aren’t swaying one bit. I can hear what sounds like one
bird chirping on the top of the tree. It sounds distant almost like it is not even in the forest.
In the center of the forest there lays hundreds of dead leaves. A squirrel is running around, and
through then almost like he is playing. The branches have build up almost as high as my English
class window. It is stuck together just like they are glued. The sky is completely gray and there
is not a blue cloud in the sky. The easy smell going through my nose is the scent of rain. Now
there are more birds perching like they are having a conversation. They are making a strong
screeching sound like it could be mad. Like the birds we exist in the same environment but unlike
us they don’t fight. We need to learn to love each other or we will eventually destroy each other.
It surprised me when I looked out the window into Mystery Forest today because of what I could and
couldn’t see. Today I could see blue clouds and a little bit of sun. That is something I haven’t
seen in a week. Mystery is a life when I enter my mystery forest I find and learn things.









This story is told with a unique type of writing that we don’t see very often today. Batard by Jack
London is a very popular peace of writing that has been around for many years. The story is about a
dog that never really knew what the right and wrong was in his life because of all the things that
happens in his life before he meats his owner for the first time. This story is very different from
most stories because it stresses on, his owner and his family.

Batard got his name because he was a devil. Batard was always getting into trouble and never knew
right from wrong. This was just one misunderstood dog. The first time Batard meat his owner Black
Leclere he was just a little puppy. When Leclere went to go pick Batard up for the first time out
from a litter of dog he had bitten his hand that it mad him bleed as he used his thumb and finger
that was choking the little dog. He then picks up the dog and tells the man that he was going to
take him despite what just happened.

Batards family in this story plays an important role because they are portrayed in a special way.
For example, Batard had never met his father and that was one of the main reasons why he does most
of the things he does. His mother on the other hand even though his barley remembers her ether was
a very angry and stubborn husky that had genius scence for trickery and evil. No one who knew them
both had faith for ether of them.

The main reason this story is so popular is because of how it is written and the way Jack London
expresses himself through the main character. This story will change the way I read literature
because I respect all the troubles that the characters went through. At the end of the story I am
glad that everyone got what they wanted and Batard stayed the same.




















Horse racing is a sport that has been played in America for many years. Horse racing is like every
other sport. It is competitive, it takes lots of practice to get good at, and it is a sport that is
enjoyable to watch. Is particular sport is one of humankind's most ancient sports. Horse
racing was originated among the prehistoric nomadic tribesmen of Central Asia in 4500 BC. For many
years, horse racing started out as the sport of kings and the nobility. However, racing today is a
major event for people to gamble. “Horse racing is the second most attended U.S. spectator sport,
after baseball. In 1989, 56,194,565 people attended 8,004 days of racing, wagering $9.14 billion.
Horse racing is also a major professional sport in Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Western Europe,
Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and South America.” There are also many different kinds of
racing you can do. The most popular is racing of mounted thoroughbred with is when u race over flat
courses at distances from three-quarters of a mile to two. Other major forms of horse racing are
harness racing, steeplechase racing, and quarter horse racing.

Many people are unaware about the fact that horse racing is such a popular, American sport. In
fact I took a survey on consisting on basic questions like, what makes horse racing a sport? And
how is the sport any different in the rest of the world? After asking ten people, only four could
tell me good specific answers. For example, I asked my friends dad (Roger Stone) said “that horse
racing is a sport that many people enjoy to watch and be apart of.” Other people, like my
grandmother told me “is horse racing that interesting? All they do is race around a track. What is
the fun in that?” These two completely different answers proved to me that every sport can’t be
loved by all. Mr. Stone believes that is my Nana was to watch a live race in person that he would
be certain she would fall in love with the game just like he did.

I talked to Joey Green, an amateur racer from Walpole Ma. Joey has been racing his whole life and
he says “there is no better feeling than winning a racing in front of your whole family.” He also
told me that being a horse racer isn’t as easer as it looks. He said “it took me many years of
practice to get to where I am now and all this hard work pays off.” He told me how it takes every
muscle in your body to control such a heavy and fast horse. Joey’s goal in life is to one day
become a professional jockey and compete to the best to his ability.

Horse racing has had such a major affect on people for hundreds of years. Science 4500 BC horse
racing was introduced to people and science that time all it has done is grown to become one of the
most watched sports in America. It also is so fast passed that it keeps people on there feet for
the entire race. Betting is involved greatly in this spot. Someone would go place a bet on a
certain horse and if your horse happened to win the race then u would win more and more money
depending upon how much you bet. I believe horse racing is an American sport because of how many
people are hooked on this great game.