English 10: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  
  Dear Ms. James,

This year in English 10 we have been studying British Literature. We have had many famous
authors, although you were not in my book. You are a fantastic author and i would love for you to
come speak to my English class at Catholic Memorial school.

When I found you online i chose you for your unique style of writing and because you write
many great mystery stories, which i love. We also have in commom that you like to watch sports as do
I, and also we both enjoy horror books or books that will keep you on the edge. Some things that i
do not know so much about is living in Liverpool, i have never been. Another is that you were the
oldest of 5 kids, which I would not know to much about because i am the youngest of my family.

Your writing has inspired me in many different ways, which is why I believe that if you come
to speak to my class, you will inspire many others to go along with me. You have written some of the
best mystery stories, some for famous awards such as the Mystery Writers of America Best Novel Award for the book, An Unsiutable Job for a Women. Another famous book that you wrote most recently is The Lighthouse which one also a famous award. I am reading that book now and a qoute that i best enjoyed says,"Now look here missie, what were you doing at the harbour that night"? That is a
qoute that I liked in the book because it shows a side of the book that I enjoy. It shows a cop
questioning a young women and asking her questionings, like in a movie or something. I am enjoying
this book and would once again love to have you.

I think that my class will enjoy you coming in and talking to us as much as I would. It has
been a plesure writing to you and I hope you take this into concideration. I would really love to
hear back from you.

Kyle Tildsley








T.S. Eliot has written many famous poems in his day, but he was also a man of letters. He wrote near
200 hundred letters in his lifetime, including one in particular to his mother showing a different
side of him, concern and love. One letter written to his mother, was written on the 2nd of December,
1920. This was a good time in Eliots career writing many poems in 1920 but he had not written to his
mother in a long time so took time out of his busy day to see how she is doing and if she is
alright. He says in his letter that although he has not written to her in so long, he misses her and
is thinking about her all the time and is concerned. As a child T.S. Eliot was extremely close to
his mother and when he was'nt home he always kept in touch. This letter shows a side many
people may not know, he values family deeply.

This letter was written to show concern for one he loved, and to apoligize for not writing in
so long and to see how she is doing and catch up on things. He also wants to know if she is healthy,
"you will I know onderstand why I have not written for such a long time again. Nevertheless I
have been thinking about you and wondering about your health a great deal." Once he fully
states he is sorry for not writing and asking about her health he goes on about how he has been
doing on his own and catches up on regular things. He also talks about his career and tells her
about the success of all the peoms he has written this year.Those are the two main functions of this

T.S. Eliot cares so deeply about family and it really comes out in this letter, that is why I chose
it. Although many of his poems show a softer side of him, I do not think any of them measure up to
the affection found in this letter."I must stop and go to bed now but I would like to hear back
from you and depply care for you." This proves that Eliot was not all work, but a sincere son
who cares about other people besides himself.

The poems that T.S. Eliot has written are very complex and send a message to the reader that
you must find,"A cold coming we had of it, just the worst time of the year for a journey, and
such a long journey." The letter seems to be much simpler and have no complex meaning to it,
but Eliot bieng himself and wanting to hear from his mother.




One afternoon on April 1st, 2006, one young successful law student, Patrick Killelea was
pushed off an escalater plummiting 30 feet on his head and seriously injured. Though the person
responsible has not been found yet, the real power struggle is his health wants to cut him off when
he is in serious condition while still in the hospital. He was in serious condition and Tufts health
plan decides that since they do not have enough money and said they were going to cut him off and
move on to other richer customers who can pay the full price, which to me shows me that all they
care about is power.

Ofcourse the Tufts health plan defends themselves saying, "It is not our fault we had to
cut the Killelea family off, that is just how the system works, he was beyond saving anyway."
But when Patrick was moved to a different facility he showed major progress which led his mother to
say, "When I come in, he'll give me a thumbs up, or I'll ask a question and he will
respond with a yes or no by shaking his head, thats why I just feel it is wrong what they did to my
son." I believe that this means that the mother of Patrick not only wants the person
responsible to pay, but also the health plan that cut off her son that was beyond saving just so
they could get more money and more power.

Though the police are still looking for the one responsible for pushing Pat down off the
escalator, everyone is pointing thier finger at Tufts health plan. The family was deeply effected by
them cutting thier son off not knowing if they would have enough money for the care that Patrick
would need, but luckily there was a hospital willing to take Patrick in and make sure that he gets
proper care for no cost to the Kilelea's. Many possible culprits in this case could have been
any student at law school with Pat who felt threatened or dihearted at how well he was coming along
or extremely jeoluos at how smart and how well he was doin at school. But the police believes that
it was just a person close to Patrick who wanted him dead. Although this is a serious problem, so is
the problem of him getting cut off when he needed care the most and I beleive that it is getting
extra attention.

A poem from British Literature that I feel best relates to this kind of power problem is a
poem called "Judith" by Albert Cook about a military leader bieng betrayed by his country
and beheaded when he was doin a fine job fighting for his country, There is a connection here
because like Patrick, he was doing fine and was betrayed for power.

My personal opinion on the whole thing is that the police should work very hard on finding the
man responsible. But, they should also bring some attention the Tufts health plan cutting him off
when saying there was no hope for him when at this moment he is on the road to recovery. I beleive
they were just thirsty for power and once they found a place where they thought was a dead end they
just moved along and left this young, respectable boy up in the wind with no hope of survival.
Luckily there was a hospital kind enough to help him recover without charging this nice family. A
fair punishment to this hungry for power health group is to fine them and make sure this does not
happen to anyone else because this man almost died in the hands of a rich health plan because they
needed more money and power. Power is a problem that needs to be solved quickly because we have had
many problems with it in the past here in America, and we should make sure that this never happens
to this young man ever again.


















Language itself is just a word, but through this word we are allowed to communicate with each other.
The English language was just a planted seed, but now has blossomed into the biggest, most powerful
language in the world. Through one word, “redundant”, we are telling the person that something or
someone is superfluous or excessive. Interviewing people about this word has led me to believe that
many are aware of what the definition is and is simple to define and use in an every day sentence
which leads me to believe that this word is helping the world.

Redundant has been a word in the English language for hundreds of years and has had a variety of
definitions. A definition from the American Heritage Dictionary says, overly repetitive and useless.
Another dictionary, Word net, says, carrying on to nothing or never ending statement. Finally, the
last dictionary I used had one a little differently from the rest and was said to be, element or
feature from the Webster’s Hand Dictionary. All one simple word, but has 3 different definitions.
They all lead back to the root of what the word truly means which people would use it in an everyday
conversation or sentence.

The Oxford English Dictionary has a paragraph definition, which I have narrowed down into a few
simple sentences of the definition of the word redundant. They believe that it means, superfluous,
excessive and superabundant. A few years ago the definition was a bit different saying, having some
additional part. Though the word is very old in it’s self, the definitions have remained closely
related and the word still remains simple and easy to learn making it a helpful and useful part of
the world.

In speech and in literature it remained to be used in meaning superfluous and excessive. One person
used it in a sentence by saying, “The story he told us ten times began to get redundant.” Then
another said, “ Making me use sentences repeatedly is becoming redundant.” They all are closely
related and are used in the same way of saying it is excessive and repetitive. In literature, they
use it correctly in the same way as many people use it in an every day conversation and does not
have a crazy definition that someone made up to mean something that he wants it to mean. Therefore,
it stays very simple and is helping the world in the same sense that has been used repeatedly.