English 10: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  
  Dear Mr. Ackroyd,

Please take just a few minutes to read this letter. I am speeking on behalf of Catholic Memorial. My
name is Michael Porter and i am currently a sophmore here. It would be an honor if you can come to
my school and talk about your life. I had done some research on you and your life seems very
interesting. I would like to find out more about you like what made you become a writer and

Something that I came upon that interested me was that you won a double-first in English at Clare
University. You must be really intelligent for that to happen. I also read that you attended Yale
University. That showed me that you are a very smart person. I wonder what inspired you to become a
writer and a poet. It would make things more clear as to who inspired you and what that person was
like. Or maybe someone didn't inspire you but something did. Like for instance, watching
baseball inspired me to play. Not so much a person playing but the sport itself.

I understand that your wrote a six-book series called, "Sunday Times." This interested me
because it was about key periods in time. I like to read about actual events that have actually
happend becuase i can get into the book easier and enjoy it more. I would love to hear about what
inspired you to write that series. I would also like to kno what was going through your head when
you wrote it.

It would make my whole school year if you came to talk to my school about your life. There are many
questions that will be thrown at you. It will not be a waste of your time becuase as my classmates
and I are learning more about you, you will be learing about us too. Please write back to let me
know if you are able to come to my school to talk with us.

Michael Porter















Seamus Heaney is a very famous and popular writer/poet. In this letter addressed to T.S.
Eliot's family in 1955, Heaney discusses how he liked everything about Eliot. This letter also
states specific works of Eliot that Seamus Heaney liked, and works thatt encouraged Heaney. This
letter was written to show how T.S. Eliot was an influence of Heaney.

This letter to Eliot's family from Heaney expresses his sorrow for Eliot's death. It
also expresses how T.S. Eliot motivated Heaney through his own works. Even though Seamus Heaney was
a writer himself, he was still a fan of another, Eliot. A quote that tells me Heaney was influenced
by T.S. Eliot is, "As a school boy in Derry, I was amazed by T.S. Eliot and all that he stood

There are a few goals that Seamus Heaney wanted to accomplish by writing this letter. The main
goal, which he did in fact accomplish, was getting the point out that he was influenced by Eliot. A
great quote from this letter that tells me this is, "Eliot was the way, the truth, and the
light, and that until one had found him one had not entered the kingdom of poetry." Another
goal of Heaney was to express his sorrow for Eliot's death. He says, "The effect is one of
a truning and a stillness."

This letter told me one main fact about Seamus Heaney that most people do not know. Even though
he is an awesome writer and poet, he based some of his works on T.S. Eliot. I do not mean that he
copied his works, but he used his works to guide him through writing his own. He tells us that,
"It did exist and ached all the more for being required, becuase one did not need to know any
literary things in particular in the 1950's." This told me that Eliot influenced many
other people and not just Heaney. It also told me that if it was not for Eliot, Heaney would not
know everything he knows.

To end, Heaney's letter brought back memories of reading his works earlier in the year. I
noticed how his language is very unique and very hard to understand. What I mean by hard to
understand is that he uses very big words and switches words up.





















English is a common language spoken in many places. There are a variety of words, one which is
sports. I chose this word because I like to play sports and I thought it would be interesting. I
also think that sports are a very popular thing in this world today. To me the word sports help the
world because it creates a lot of excitement for it.

Sports usually mean one thing: activities such as baseball, basketball, etc… However I found a
little more information on sports from different sources. To find this out I looked at three
different dictionaries. The American Heritage Dictionary defined sports as a physical activity that
is governed by a set of rules. The Random House Dictionary defined sports as: of or pertaining to a
sport or sports, especially of the open air or athletic kind. It also defined sports as: suitable
for use in open air sports, or for out door or in formal use. The Webster’s Dictionary defined
sports as a competitive activity. As you can see the definition of the word sports is aiming for one
main definition: physical activity and these three definitions use words to mean this.

Aside from ordinary definitions from regular dictionaries I found three different definitions
from the OED. The first definition is a pleasant pastime; entertainment or amusement; recreation,
diversion. The second definition is in jest or in joke; by way of fun or diversion, not seriously or
in earnest. The third definition is to express or represent in music or poetry. As you can see these
definitions point out those sports can refer to amusement, entertainment and excitement.

I asked some people that I know to use the word sports in a sentence. My friend Genairro said,
“The Red Sox are the best team in sports history.” My friend Sean said, “I like to play sports and
watch sports on TV.” My friend Nicole said, “Every sport team requires a coach.” As you can see
these three people said a sentence showing their knowledge on sports and how exciting it is.

I found two sentences that early famous writers said that had the word sports in them. In 1596
Shakespeare said, “I have some sport in hand, where in your cunning can assist me much.” In 1590
Spensor said, “Before the bull she pictur’d wing love with his younger brother sport.” As you can
see this word isn’t just coming into the English language it has been around for years. Sports have
also been a great source of entertainment and events for many years.

My Great-grandmother that does not only speak English said that it was not hard to learn the
word sports. She defined sports as ball. When I asked her to use it in a sentence she said, “The
sports game was fun.” My Hispanic friend Javier told me he learned the word sports fast because he
plays a lot of them. When I asked him to use the word sports in a sentence he said, “I play a lot of
sports.” When I asked my Asian friend Sidney to use the word sports in a sentence she said, “Soccer
is my favorite sport.” As you can see people are very familiar with the word sports whether or not
they are 100% English speaking.

After all the work I have done on the word sports I learned a lot. I learned there are many
different thoughts and definitions of the word sports. I also learned that the word sports help the
world because it gives people that live in the world something to look forward too. It creates a lot
of excitement for the world.