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Creative Writing  
  You've sold over a million cd's in under 2 albums and have gone on many tours you are
currently signed to pharell's star trek records. Now as one of your fans I'd like to
invite you to spend one good afternoon in my English class. Now your probably wondering why in the
world is this kid asking me to show up and the answer is quite simple I think you are an
unbelievable artist you have so much talent in my eyes I don't know if their is any other
artist around this era that can compare. You have a mixture of high pitch and can quickly change to
a very low pitch and with all this you stay very clam on a track and never lose focus.I've
noticed you since you first came out with the song "Wanna Love Girl" which is the first
single off your second album "The Evolution of Robin Thicke".

With an incredible beat and a voice of an angel Robin Thicke to me you simply broke the barrier. I
won't lie at first when I heard you I was kind of shocked to know that a man could have such a
gentle voice and yet still never break up through out the song and still get the point across.
Already you proved to be a star.But you probably don't want to hear me rambling on and on about
your works so let me begin by talking about Robin Thicke the man himself. I see you were born March
10,1977 in Los Angles, California. I also see you are also the son of famous actress Gloria Loring
and famous Canadian entertainer Alan Thicke.

At the age of 12 you were already showing signs of following your parents footsteps you shot in 7
episodes of the "Wonder Years" and even one episode of you fathers show "Growing
Pains". Thicke you truly impress me by showing that at the age of a simple teen you are still
able to do things some adults only dream of doing in life. You were also able to play the role very
well according to critics and they were actually astonished with your acting skills. I admire all
over achievers and Robin I believe that is a word i can use to describe you.

I see you have worked with many artist around to day such as Christina Aguleria, Usher, Pharell ,
and even Busta Rhymes just to name a few. Already the artist today have seen your brilliance and I
can only say what a feat. I guess you were tired of working behind the scenes and decided to release
your own material. In 2002-2003 the music industry got its first taste of true talent in a very very
long time. Your first single "When I get Alone" instantly took the world by surprise and
people began to ask of you. I guess in a way thats a fitting beginning for such a tremendous star.
From there it was apparent that you were here to stay and I think that you have done more than just
stay in the music industry to me you practically run R&B.

Recently you have released your sophomore album "Evolution of Robin Thicke". I'm
happy to let you know that I have brought this and think in truth that its a huge step up from the
first album "Cherry Blue Skies" Your songs on the album speak about your personal sides of
life. I'd would appreciate me and you meeting in my class for the time.So if you could please
come by Catholic Memorial. I hope this day will come till then.

Kirvens Pierre






















Thomas Hardy was a famous author who wrote numerous novels and also many classical stories. He also
wrote letters that are known by many but some letters he wrote still remain unknown. On numerous
occasion Thomas Hardy is very underrated by all when it comes to authors. This letter that Thomas
Hardy wrote was written in an un known period of time. Many believe though that this letter had to
of been written around Thomas Hardy successful years. Some things that are revealed about thomas
hardy in this letters is fact that he seems to be a kind hearted man who truly loves writing books
and novels. I say this because in this letter thomas hardy speaks to fan and congratulates the fan
on not only buying the book he has written. This purpose of this letters is simply because of Thomas
hardy thanking the fan for buying his book and congratulateing Hardy on what he has written.









On the evening of October 18, 2006 a man by the name of Jaimie Briggs was attacked by two
individuals on Water Street in Elmira,New York. Thought to be a hate crime the two suspect Joseph
Loudenslager and Justin Edwards are now on trail for allegedly beating Briggs due to his
homosexuality. Both suspect are thought to have assaulted Briggs and called him vicious slurs as
they beat him. Becoming known as one of the most spoken about crimes, the two suspect are facing
serious charges of third degree assault . Briggs told police that his assailants threatened to kill
him because of his sexuality and spoke to him and told him if he were to tell police man than they
could come after him. People attack homosexuals for power because they feel as though homosexuals
are inferior to them and because of this they feel as though there is a great power people have over

A witness who viewed the assault told officers "I was looking at the man just simply walking on
the sidewalk alone two man approached them I thought they were simply friends but something
wasn't right,Then the men beat him up and were shouting at him while he was getting beat"
. At the trial ,Edwards lawyer Christopher Barton told the Judge that Briggs testimony isn't
truly reliable because of the fact that Briggs himself holds a criminal record. Christopher Barton
told the Judge,"Mr. Briggs has the ability to lie or exaggerate. He has a criminal record, . He
sits in jail today for a violation of drug court law. What was his motivation for lying? He was
violating probation. He wasn't where he was supposed to be." Attorney Richard Brink,
representing Loudenslager, also attacked Briggs and what he had told police officers about the event
and what happened. Brink said at the trail, "Think about who is telling the truth in this case,
someone who says he was kicked and hit by two individuals for 30 minutes and came away with no cuts
or bruises? This was not a hate crime. This was simply a fight. This whole case is based on a
statement from Briggs respecting a hate crime. What other evidence is there? There is none." As
you can see the position of power in this crime and how it can effect all of society.

Certainly affected by a crime like this is the gay community . The reason I say this is because of
the fact that not only did the men assault Briggs but as Briggs told officers they also called him
sexual slurs such as "faggot". It is interesting that people would go so far in order to
simply feel better or more powerful than another but with this said it shows what exactly power can
do to individuals. Some other criminals who have committed hate crimes like this have either been
murder by other individuals or have been thrown in jail for this offense for about a year or so.
Some may even spend up to 10 years depending on how serious the crime is.

There many poems,stories,and even novels resembling such an event of crime. A British novelists that
can relate to such a hate crime is V.S. Naipul in the novel "In A Free State". Another
example of this crime being able to connect to British literature is in the movie " History
Boys","Have you looked at your handwriting recently? You're beginning to write like
him!You're writin' like 'im an' all!.As seen in this quote from the movie its a
conversation between to young men who don't want to write like their teacher is writing due to
his homosexuality. Its apparent that most view being gay as if you are weak or inferior to others
like it were a disease of some sort.

As you can see my conclusion is simple. People view being gay as being weak and frail and because of
this we as human are searching for power constantly and take any opportunity we have at it due to
such greed for power found in us as humans. I myself am guilty of such greed for power at times,but
I don't search for power through hate but rather the greatest source of power to all, money.
Money throughout my life was always seen as a very serious issue and to me in my younger years I
thought with money life would be great. I learned quickly that this wasn't the case and money
can not get you everything in this life, the small things anyways, i grew up quickly over the years
learning at the same time that people would do anything for power over someone or even just for it
itself. Now today I understand exactly what the quote means and with is I leave you. "With
great power comes great responsibility" and to me one of those responsibilities is keeping ones
greed controlled. That is the cause of crime to me.