English 10: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  
  Hi my name is Ryan Pai, one of the Korean students. I at Catholic Memorial high
school in Boston, I am in sophomore.

I read your performance and your life story. You served your apprenticeship as a
science writer on the original staff of the magazine new scientist, and became to
actor, 1962-66. Since then you have worked as an independent author and TV
scriptwriter. And you won the UNESCO kalinga prize for your work for the BBC in a
long succession of ‘science specials’, with accompanying books.

I know some you wrote performance, such as The manic Sun, Violent Universe, Restless
Earth, The comet is Coming, Einstein’s Universe, Nuclear Nightmares, The human
conspiracy, Radio-Astronomy, The Life Game, Nature in the Round, Comets, The key to the
Universe, The green Machines, Technopolis, Spaceship earth, On the Frontiers of science,
Scientific Europe, Mnd of Man, Beyond this world, spaceships of the mind, the weather
machine, Timescale, Spaceship earth, and Magic Universe.
That are make me curiously. Because I am interested in science thing.

So I chose you. Your science is almost art. In my school students are waiting for
you. For known your science thing. We are really need you. Could you visit to my
school to lecture your thinking and science ?








Emily Bronte was a famous author who wrote poems such as “Remembrance.” She lived over a hundred
years ago when England was ruled by Queen Victoria. Besides poems, she also wrote many letters. In
one letter from 1843, we learn that Emily Bronte was worried about a lot more than just poetry.
This letter was written by Emily Bronte in May 22, 1843, in response to Ellen Nussey’s letter.
Ellen Nussey and the Bronte sisters (Charlotte, Emily, and Anne) were very good friends, and
frequently wrote letters to each other. Although we do not have Ellen’s original letter to Emily
Bronte, we can guess from Emily’s response that someone called Mr. Taylor was to visit Emily’s town
“next Tuesday.” Ellen had probably told Emily about this “opportunity to send [her letter]
postage-free” and also asked Emily to accompany Mr. Taylor on his way back. However, Emily
apologizes to Ellen that she cannot go with Mr. Taylor because it was too late. During the Victorian
era the postal system was still quite inefficient, so Ellen’s letter must have reached Emily too
late. In the letter Emily talks about Charlotte “coming home.” We know from Emily’s life that in
1842 she and Charlotte had traveled to Belgium to enroll in a school run by Constantin Heger. In
return for board and tuition, Charlotte taught English and Emily taught music. Their time at the
school was cut short when Elizabeth Branwell, their aunt died in October 1842. Charlotte returned
alone to Brussels in January 1843 to take up a teaching post at the school. Her second stay at the
school was not a happy one; she became lonely, homesick. Being loving friend and sister, Emily and
Ellen most likely exchanged their concerns for Charlotte’s unhappiness.

The purpose of this letter is mainly to respond to Ellen’s letter. To achieve this purpose, Emily
takes three main points from Ellen’s letter and directly responds to them. First, she thanks Ellen
for telling her of an opportunity to send her reply “postage-free” through Mr. Taylor. Second, she
apologizes for not being able to accompany Mr. Taylor on his way back, saying “if ‘next Tuesday’
means tomorrow, I fear it will too late.” Thirdly, Emily answers Ellen’s question about Charlotte
saying “Charlotte has never mentioned a word about coming home.” She also feels that it would be
impossible to bring Charlotte home unless someone would persuade her for “over half a year.”
It is interesting to see the humorous side of Emily Bronte through this letter. She uses a lot of
clever jokes to make her point. For example, to express how it is hard to convince Charlotte to come
home, Emily says, “if you would go over for half a year perhaps you might be able to bring her back
with you otherwise she might vegetate ‘there’ till the age of Methusaleh for mere lack of courage to
face the voyage.” Also, Emily calls the task of getting her younger sister Anne to write a “proper”
letter a “feat that she has never performed.”

Emily Bronte’s style of writing in this letter is quite similar to her style in poems. Like in the
poem “The Sun Has Set,” where she vividly describes the landscape and her loneliness, Emily uses
very descriptive language in the letter. She chooses words and phrases like “vegetate” and “the age
of methusaleh” instead of common words like “stay” and “for a long time.” Both in her literary works
and private letters, I can say that Emily Bronte is a true master of words.




There are a lot of malefactors in the world. They become malefactors for many offences, such as
committing crimes out of jealously, or the defending of oneself. This further carries on to the
judging at court, which determines if one is guilty or not guilty.

A Northern Colorado's football player, Mitch Cozad, is accused of stabbing and kicking another
player, Mendoza. The two were on the same football team and were close companions. Then why would he
attack his friend? It is because he envies Mendoza. Mendoza despoiled Cozad’s position on the
football team, and according to his friend Kevin, Cozad had told him during practice that he was
upset with Mendoza’s position. Therefore, Cozad may have stabbed him at Mendoza’s apartment.

Cozad was a nice guy. He has just a mother, and good son for her. His friend said he was a cool guy.
Then why he stabbed and kicked his friend? I thought Mendoza made this event. He provoked and
impugned him about their position. If Mendoza did not blamed Cozad, then maybe Cozad wouldn’t stab
and kick him. In the people’s relationship, also reproach or speech attack is crime, which can make
people get hurt. So we have to suggest about Cozad’s mental injured. So I think it is not only
Cozad’s fault, but also Mendoza’s fault too. Therefore it is not a guilty.

And there are two other suspected persons. When Mendoza is first injured by someone, nobody is aware
of the culprit. Since Mendoza couldn’t see the malefactor’s appearance, a lot of people doubt Cozad,
including Kevin and one of food ball player. Because they were friends, and their appearance is
similar with Mendoza’s attacker, who has a big muscle, and tall body. But finally Kevin testifies
that was Cozad, and he announced that Cozad asked him to accompany him while he took care of some
business that evening. He gave him black clothes and shoes to wear. Kevin didn’t ask about the
business and he didn't question Cozad onto why he covered his license plate with duct tape
before driving to Evan's. In the end, Cozad confessed of his crime, letting us know that he was
indeed the malefactor.

Consequently, Cozad went jail, and had to pay a $500,000 bail. After he is released from jail, he is
kicked out of the football team and is also expelled from school. Since then, he has been staying
with his mother in Wheatland.

His story displays the traits of human nature: jealousy and greed. It is Similar to Memory of a
Geisha, which is a movie by Hollywood. In Memory of a Geisha, (There was a popular geisha, who name
is a Hachmomo, But Sayuri, who is other geisha, became more popular than Hachmomo, so Hachmomo
kindled to Sayuri’s room). Cozad being envious of Mendoza's position, in the Geisha, Hachmomo
kindled Sayuri’s room, because she envied Sayuri. Their envy and selfish desires led Cozad to attack
Mendoza, and Hachmomo kindled Sayuri’s room to try to kill Sayuri. Even though they got what they
wanted, they were eventually given the appropriate punishment for their crimes. Cozad is kicked out
from his school and sent to jail and Hachmomo is got expelled.

Also there is a similar history with Cozad story. One of very famous Boxer, who name is Michael
Tyson. In 1992, Tyson became WBC champion. And then he prepared game with former champion. Then
Former champion engaged 17 gangsters to heat Tyson. Because he envied Tyson and he didn’t want to be
lost. That story is similar with Cozad’s story, which Cozad stabbed Mendoza. Also he didn’t want to
be deprived his position.

He makes sure one is punished for their crimes. If Cozad had overcome his jealousy and worked hard
in his role, he would have gained his position back. As a result of his fleeting jealously, he can
no longer live the successful life he once could have had. Humans are born with these imperfect sins
of jealousy and greed, but they have to learn to control their emotions and their actions. By giving
into these emotions, they end up like Cozad!

















“Red.” What would you think about that when you contact with that word? It is one of a basic word in
English countries. Almost all American may learned that word at kindergarten when they were young.
According to some histories of Red, it was born in the least of C.E 725, and it had been symbol of
French revolution in 1793, also it was the first specific political reference in England at 1852.
Also they have used that word more than hundreds times. But, although this word is very common, it
is a very old word and has a lot of histories. And red is good for the World. Because red is
international language, so we can use this word for color or blood in everywhere.

The “Red” has a lot of meanings, such as Red is a not only color but also blood. For example, in
Webster dictionary, it explains that Red is ‘A color whose hue resembles that of blood or the ruby
or is that of the long wave extreme of the visible spectrum a pig or dye that color’s Red’, in the
other dictionary that named American Heritage dictionary, it explains that Red is a ‘The hue of the
long-wave end of the visible spectrum, evoked in the human observer by radiant energy with
wavelengths of approximately 630 to 750 nanometers; any of a group of colors that may vary in
lightness and saturation and whose hue resembles that of blood; one of the additive or light
primaries; one of the psychological primary hues’, and in Etymology Dictionary , it said Red that is
‘The only color for which a definite common PIE root word has been found, The surname Read/Reid
retains the original O.E long vowel pronunciation’. Clearly, red is helping world.

In the Oxford English Dictionary, which is the oldest dictionary, they have the other a lot of
histories and meanings of Red. They defines Red is ‘which was freely used as a second element in
combs. In ME, the full form was by the general dropping of final reduced to and this was
subsequently shortened to’.

Also they mention history of Red, that ‘corpus Gloss in C.725, Lamb, hom 83 Alse be sunne scienopurh
be glesne ehpurl in 1175, Tueye grete dragons out of pis stoned come in 1297, in some place there is
the Gravelle reedt in 1400, Leves new.. some very rede, and some a glad light grene in 1500, and
when exhibiting the bright crimson belly which it assumes before spawning.. is called the red charr
in 1800~1884. those sentences are from Oxford English Dictionary.

Usually 90% of people say that Red is a color, blood, or apple. Such as Joe carter who is CM student
said Red is a color, and he gave sentence for Red “That shirt is Red.” Also Anthony peguero said Red
is a color, and he made sentence for Red “I like Red socks.” Besides Andrew zinity, Julio manael,
said Red is a color. And jongyoon han said Red is an apple, for example, ‘there is an red apple.’
Like this almost people have similar meaning for Red.

Also we can found the Red in some stories. Such as one of Arthur’s story that is ‘Sir Percivale
of Wales’ wrote by Sir Thomas Malory. Many of Red appeared in this story. For instance ‘a plain gold
band set with a Red ruby’ ‘all eyes turned towards the door as a great man in golden Red armour
strode…’ and so on… And another story which is ‘The Rime of The Ancient Mariner’ by Samuel Taylor
Coleridge, that story contains Red either, literature book page 697, line 271 ‘A still and awful
Red’. Like those Red is used in very wide range form.

According to survey of foreign language speakers, they all said Red is easy. Such as Julio baez who
is a Spanish person, said Red was easy, and he defined Red is a dark color, like sun or blood. Also
he made a sentence that was ‘I have a red bag’. And youngjun kim and hansung park, they said red was
easy too, also they define Red is a color, like apple, communism or French revolution, besides they
made sentences that ‘I have red hair’ and ‘I like your Red socks’. So it is proved that Red was easy
word to foreign language speakers.

Maybe foreign speaker could see Red in a lot of magazines or newspapers. For example, A fourth page
in Economy magazine which named ‘The economic advice’, there is a one of news that thesis is
‘Growing Faster than China’ they describe that ‘… faster than China’s Red hot economy’. In this
circumstance red’s meaning is a little bit different with a color, but still it means red ardor

Like those Red is located and used in everywhere, and not only Red but also other words have
numerous of meaning and histories. So I believe that words are really necessary things in English
countries. If there is no words in a country, then it could be damaged in their conversation or
writing. Also country could not have their culture. English words are very important to us.
Therefore we have to be more interest about English word and we need love them. Because, words make
languages and languages make people’s culture and life. I think they are very greatness creatures in
the world.