English 10: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  
  Dear Mr. Jack,

my name is Matthew Mulhern. I am a student at Catholic Memorial in West Roxbury
Massachusetts where I also live. I am a sophomore at this school. I have been learning about British
Literature and I am very interested in your work and I am looking forward to learning more about you
and what you do.

I have found out that you are a writer and a researcher who has a great passion of solving the
mysteries of the English language. How did you gain a passion for solving the mysteries of the
English language? I have also learned that you have gone to libraries throughout the world in search
of the facts behind the phrases we use everyday. I found that very interesting because I would like
to find out the facts of the phrases behind the English language also.

I have also read a little about your books the Red Herrings and White Elephants which were both
huge international hits. These books were also on the bestseller list for six-months. How did that
feel to have your books on the bestsellers list for six-months? I have also read that Dogs and Black
Sheep was another success selling over 70,000 copies since its October 05 publication. How does it
feel to have uncovered the amazing and sometimes downright bizarre stories behind many of our most
familiar and eccentric modes of expression?

I have not yet read any of your books but I have learned about the work you have done. I might read
the books that you wrote in the future. It was great reading about you. Me and the students at
Catholic Memorial would like for you to come visit us. Would you be willing to come visit us here? I
hope to see you soon.

Matthew Mulhern





















Rudyard Kipling was a poet who was born in Bombay,India. Rudyards father John Lockwood Kipling was
an arts and crafts teacher at the Jeejeebhoy School of Art. Alice Macdonald who was his mother was
the sister in law of the painter Edward Burne-Jones. When Rudyard Kipling was born India at that
time was ruled by the British. Rudyard was brought up by a ayah and his first language learned was

When Rudyard Kipling started writing at the age of thirteen he was very much influenced by the
pre-Raphaelites. Rudyard also had family connection because his mothers two sister who are his aunts
were married into the pre-Raphaelite community. At the age of six Rudyard was brought to England by
his parents. Rudyard stayed at a foster home at Southsea for five years. I 1878 Kipling entered into
the United Services College which was a boarding school in North Devon. This school was an expensive
institution for training for entry into military academies. Rudyard was not able to have a military
career because he had poor eyesight and mediocre results as a student.

When Rudyard was not able to enter into any military academies he began to write one of his best
books which was Stalky & Co. Kipling was seperated from all of the other student because he wore
glasses and loved to write. Kipling returned to India in 1882. At that time he began to write as a
Journalists in Lahore for Civil and Military Gazette. Kipling also wrote poems such as the
Recessional and another one known as The Widow at Windsor.

A letter that Rudyard Kipling was about his travels. This letter was stating what he was seeing and
was writing about it. In the letter he was saying how the fences were covered in snow and describing
every detail. Rudyard was also telling us that there were banks on each side of the road piled up.
"In the morning the other side of the picture was revealed in the colours of the
sunlight". This is a line Rudyard said in one of hsi journals he is saying that there is
another picture int eh morning more and different details that he describes. This journal shows us
what he was lookin at he what his thoughts were at that time.






In New York there was a new trial on an Armenian immigrant. This immigrant was being charged wit
plotting to sell military weapons to an FBI informant posing as a middleman for terrorists has been
scheduled after the goverment's key witness was put on suicide watch and admitted to a
psychiatric facility.

The trial was suppost to begin monday March 12,2005. Artur Solomanyan was suppost to have opening
statements. There was a mistrial and it will be later scheduled in June. There was one key witness
by the name of Davis. Davis the key witness was put on suicide watch and admitted to a psychiatric
facility. When Davis was in this facility he was making consensual recordings, generating hundreds
of pages of reports.

The defense lawyers complained about the key witness Davis because they know very little about who
this man is. Solomanyans lawyer Seth Ginsberg said "we're confident we'll prevail
under any circumstances,but we would prefer to have a live witness to cross-examine."
Solomanyan was later convicted in March 2005. he was charged with arms trafficking conspiracy,
firearms trafficking conspiracy, interstate firearms trafficking and illigal transfer and possesion
of a machine gun in March 2005.

This article tells us about the crime that had accured in New York in the year of 2005. It lets us
now what happened with the trial and what Solomanyan was charged with. It lets us know whats he was
convicted with and all of the charges he was charged with.
















The English language is a language that has been around for numerous of centuries. There are new
words being found everyday that we still do not know about. Words are being found and put into the
OED everyday. The English language is a very hard language for people to learn. I have chosen a word
to research and see if it is better or worse for our world and the word is "faith."

The word "faith" has many definitions. All of the definitions are very similar. Some
definitions that I have gathered from the Merriam-Websters online dictionary are that faith is
1.allegiance to duty or a person, 2. fidelity to one's promises, 3.belief and trust in and
loyalty to God. The word faith has to do with theology. Your belief in God and everything about your
religion. I have also researched the word faith in the Oxford English Dictionary. In the Oxford
English Dictionary the word faith has many defintions 1. Beliefs in the truths of religion, 2.
Belief, trust, and confidence. Dictionary.com tells us that faith is 1. confidence or trust in a
person or thing, 2. belief that is not based on proof, 3. belief in God or in the doctrines or
teachings of religion. These are all defintions that i have found to help me to be able to better
understand the word "faith."

I have asked some people what the word "faith" means to them. I asked Mike Porter and he
said that the word "faith" means " the belief in something." I have also asked
Mike Glynn and he said "to have belief in a religion." Both of these definitions are
similar and relate to eachother.

The word "faith" can help and hurt the world to because it can bring peace to the world
and also at the same time cause terroists attacks and wars with people of different faiths across
the world.