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Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  
  Dear Michael Portillo,

I’m Wladimir Michel and I am a student at Catholic Memorial High School in Boston, Massachusetts. I
have read your article in the Sunday Times and I enjoy it. I have read that you were a member of
Parliament in England and I am interested in how you balanced both a political career and a writing

I am also interested in how you developed your political beliefs as well as your journalistic
beliefs and how you have been able to combine to into your articles.$$$
How and why did you become a political adviser early in your career? Why did you get involved in
British politics? I also read that you lost your first campaign for parliament why did you still
stay interested in politics after such a confidence hit?

These are all questions I would want you to answer for me if you could and I would also like to ask
you if you would want to come visit my school to talk to us about your life and career. I would also
like you to talk about how you thought about your political stances to. It would be very interesting
to hear from a political figure such as yourself and to hear about politics in England. Your ideals
are different from many other British politicians because you think inclusiveness is a society’s
most important issue and I agree with that.

Wladimir Michel






Percy Shelly’s letter was written in April, 1818 in Milan, Italy. He was intending to
spend his summer on Lake Como. He was nearing the end of a journey. It is from a book of letters
edited by his wife, Mary Shelly and published in 1840. The letter
was written before the start of the Victorian era but it also reflected the beginning of change in
the writing style of British authors.

Shelly was writing to a friend and was describing his journey through Europe to Italy.
He described the trip as ‘‘somewhat painful’’ because of the cold but changed his
opinion as soon as he reached Italy. He writes that he prefers peace and quiet to the noise and
bustle of the cities in England. Shelly insults the French by calling their language and
accents by calling it ‘‘nasal and abbriviated’’ compared to the clear language of the Italians. He
calls Milan agreeable and after going to an opera says the singers are inferior to the singers in
England but then calls Milan superior in every other way. He also mentions that his health is

In this letter, Percy Shelly seems less of a revolutionary as many said he was.
It seems that he is more relaxed and calm outside of what he was rebelling against in
Britain. He seems like he is trying to get away from his life in London and is just trying to get
well. Maybe not concentrating to changing English society has mad him enjoy himself more in Italy.
This reveals that he was stressed in England and couldn’t stay if he wanted to get well. In the
letter, he isn’t a notorious person but just a person writing to a friend. His writing style is
skeptical of the Pre Victorian society he was living in because it seems that he is trying to relax
and get healthy. He wanted to write about the scenery and sites not the politics of Italy.
















On October 11, 2001, Tom Wales was a U.S. attorney in Seattle, Washington working

in his basement. Minutes later, he was shot by an assassin. Tom Wales was just a

government worker and anti gun activist who was a victim of a terrible possibly random

crime. Was the crime random?. That is what the justice department and the King county

prosecutor’s office is trying to find out. They are looking at whether Wale’s anti gun

advocacy was a factor in his murder. Another factor is his 18 years of prosecution work

in Seattle. The murderer still hasn’t found but there have been several possible groups of

suspects in the case. One group is the gun advocacy groups that were his rivals. The

murder came as a shock because Mr. Wales didn’t seem like a person who had enemies

or rivals but the murder has been a hard case to crack. There was a letter sent to the FBI

saying that the assassin was a hitman from Las Vegas. The suspect in the case is a pilot

who Wales prosecuted in a case. This murder relates in some way to Shakespearse’s

Julius Caesar. In the story, people around Caesar are plotting to kill him but he doesn’t

notice. The comparison of both of these murders makes sense because both people

thought that no one would try to hurt or even kill them. Wales had prosecuted mostly

white collar cases and maybe a wealthy person with a lot of power may have played a

part in the killing. These where people with money who could easily pay someone to kill

him and pay off anybody who could possibly trace the crime to them.






















Language began as a series of grunts and noises made by cavemen in some

cave in Africa 200,000 years ago. It eventually became a more sophisticated form of

communication which over time involves many groups and parts. English is one of those

forms of communication. It has survived 1500 years of rising and falling ways of speech

and in some ways could be more than just a special way to open your mouth so people

can understand what your are saying.

English is a language more than 1500 years old. It originates from a mixture

of Germanic tribes from northern Germany. The language eventually mixed with some

French in the early 1000s to the end of the French occupation. English as we know it

today began during the reign of Queen Elizabeth. Today, English has become a universal

language. Billions of people either have English as a primary language or a second one.

Also, there are many English words that can be understood by non-english speakers

because of its worldwide use. One word that is used in many places in the world is deity.

Deity is a word that means a divine creature or a holy, powerful being. It is

basically a God. It derives from the Latin word, deus meaning God. This concept of a

supreme being is one of the main driving points of a person’s life. The word God is

understood all over the world. In a survey, I asked several people what they thought deity

means. Eight of the people gave approximate answers. They answer by at least

mentioning it as a holy being. Deity as a word may not be understood by many cultures,

but the concept of a deity is extremely well known. This concept of a being watching

over us is one of the main motivators of human beings. The word itself is difficult to

learn because it is not a word used on a usual basis by average people. In a poll of 3

foreign language speakers, the word deity was rarely used and not well known but the

meaning was understood.

The word deity was first used by Geoffery Chaucer in the late 1300s. It was later

used by William Shakespeare and John Milton. Most of the other definitions for the word

have to do with a divine object. Deity basically means an object of divine care or the

character of a God. It is Godship or Godhood. A deity can only be related to something

divine that is good not to a bad force such as saying heaven is the home of a deity

meaning home of a good divine being. Deified means to be honored or worshipped as a

deity and a superstition is an ignorant worship of a supreme deity.

The belief in a god or several gods is a global establishment that can be

understood in many English words. Deity is one of those words. It is the idea that

someone is watching over us. I believe that the English language is both uniting the world

and dumbing itself down. One word can be understood by billions of people who don’t

even speak the language. Yet, people are creating new words that are expanding the

language so much that one word can be known anywhere. It is also affecting other

languages because English words are being used for newer, more recent inventions such

as the computer and internet. People in remote areas of the world may just now be getting

things such as satellite tv or the internet and they hear English words and use them but

they are also uniting the world with one language.

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