English 10: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  
  Dear: Cormac Millar

My name is Tom MacInnes, I am a student at Catholic Memorial. I am in grade 10, and we are
currently in the study of English 10 British Literature. I would like to invite you to my class to
speak and share some of your work with us. I saw that you have written two novels, The Grounds, and
An Irish Solution. I understand that you write Crime Fiction novels, which are the books I am able
to read and stay interested throughout the whole book. In your book An Irish Solution I see it is
about a man, who is having some trouble with his family. Joyce the character puts himself in the
front of a lot of different situations that have to deal with drugs. . “Seamus Joyce has got a few
things on his mind. He has just been appointed Acting Director of iDEA, the Irish Drug Enforcement
Agency. His wife is in hospital, dying of an unidentified ailment.” I like to read these types of
books because throughout the book you are surprised by the next thing that happens, and it keeps me
interested to find out what’s going to happen.

I see that you were born in Cork, Ireland. I like the fact you teach Italian at a college in Dublin
named Trinity College, which is where you grew up, and you also are an author. I think it is good
that you are able to carry out two different types of jobs, because while you are writing you have
to have another job to help you afford other things. I understand that you have two other family
members that are also writers and that they are competing with you. Your brother has won the John
Florio Prize which I am not sure what that is so maybe you could tell me and my class.

It would mean a lot to me and my class to have you attend one of our classes to speak about your
work and some of the prizes given out over in Ireland for a good Novel, or author. I am assuming
none of us really understand what prizes are given out to authors, and for what reasons. I think
you will be highly respected in my class, because you are part of the British authors we have been
studying. Although we do not get to read any of your novels throughout this year I would like to
learn about them and so would my other classmates, so please write back.


Tom MacInnes






The letter to Mr. Stead by the famous British writer Arthur Conan Doyle was a letter
to a good friend of his. The letter written Jan, 22 1893, from 12, Tennison Road, South Norwood, was
about him trying to help his good friend Stead. He has been mentioning ideas about there future
plans they had for writing. He starts to realize they should not follow through with there original
plans. This letter is showing us that Doyle has close friends and he is helpful and full of ideas,
on how to help some one on writing because he is as well a writer.

When this letter was written, it was during the time of the Titanic crashing and sinking, which is
how Doyle’s good friend Mr. Stead had died. There was also a big crisis when Lord Cromer used a show
of force to humble the anti-British, and Pro-French Khedive of Egypt. “Take the skirmish in Egypt
the other day.”

The letter written January 22, 1893 was to his close friend Mr. Stead. He is telling Mr. Stead not
to consider the plan they had started before. “Your plan would spoil the Novelist, and the Novelist
would spoil your plan.” The purpose of this letter is to show that they should not follow out with
there big plan, because Doyle doesn’t think it is a good idea anymore. It is showing that Doyle is
helping his good friend, because Doyle is a novelist and is full of hints, and tips and insight for
people who need assistance. “In writing a long story by many hands, all possibility of character
drawing must be abandoned, that is absolutely certain.” Showing that he knows what he has to do in
order to complete his novels in time, and not over loading himself with work.

The insight we get out of this is to show that he was trying to achieve the success of Mr. Stead,
until Doyle had decided not to go along with the plan anymore. This is showing that Doyle is pretty
much the head man because he knows what to do and Stead needs his assistance. He also likes the main
idea of the character plot. “There remains only incident which a good craftsman only uses a means
for elucidating.” we learn that he talks negative about his work, and how he knows he should put
more effort into his working habits. “It would be impossible to make it good from a literary point
of view--it must be uneven, disjointed, and superficial.

Doyle’s style of writing differs when the type of writing he is doing. In a novel it is different
from his style of writing letters. “This was a lofty chamber, lined and littered with countless
bottles. Broad, low tables were scattered about, which bristled with retorts, test-tubes, and little
Bunsen lamps, with their blue flickering flames. There was only one student in the room, who was
bending over a distant table absorbed in his work. At the sound of our steps he glanced round and
sprang to his feet with a cry of pleasure.” An excerpt of one of Doyle’s novels shows how the two
types of writing are different. He uses more vocabulary of items in this expert, he explains in more
detail the situation at the time of what is happening. His style of writing a novel is much more
detailed over all, probably because he is just used to writing about something that is not really
happening, and is better at making situations darker, and better.









Recently Kareen Nabil Suieman and Egyptian blogger, was convicted for criticizing the president,
Mubarak, and Islam. He was convicted for insulting Islam, by 11 different lawyers, because he was
writing bad about Islam. He was sentenced to do some time in jail. He was often criticizing Egypt’s
highest religious institutions. Because of this incident the UN has elected Egypt to host the
Internet Governance Forum in 2009. The reason Nabil was doing this for power was, he did not like
the way the religious and the government was being controlled in Egypt. He would like either himself
by threatening the President, and or making the president scared to resign and get a new one. This
act has back fired in a major way and has earned him a total of four years in jail.

From an article out of the Censorship news, his lawyer was quoted on saying “It is not fair, all he
was armed with was a keyboard and access to the internet, this he doesn’t disserve,” after being
asked about Nabil’s sentencing. Kareem had written in his last blog “I hereby declare that I do not
acknowledge the legitimacy of my summons to investigate a matter like this which is within the
realm of my freedom to express my opinions.” this is saying that he doesn’t understand why he is
being punished, because he understands his rights, and how he has the right to express his opinion.

Other possible culprits that could have been behind this are people he went to college with,
because there he studied law, and he doesn’t like the way the law is ran under the current
president. Also many people affected by this as well. The president especially, along with the
religious leaders, and the people of Egypt. The president is a little scared because he has been
being threatened for a period of time. The religious leaders would be appalled that someone is
talking bad about then, and saying they are not running the religion right. They would be shocked.
Then the people I imagine would be mad because a lot of them agree with the law and everything else
and here is this one man who is just dicing the entire country.

I have found a short story that is connected to this blogger story, because they both end up
ruining there lives. The short stories PC Copper Field by Theodore Dalrymple talks about the life of
a blogger and how it has effected him, and his life over in Britain.“ Insight into the nature of the
corruption that has sprung from the ever-wider extension of self-arrogated government responsibility
in Britain, and they shed light as well on the effect that government expansion has upon the
population.” “The uselessness of a police force that once excited the admiration of the world is now
taken for granted by every Briton who calls the police only to obtain a crime number for insurance
purposes, not in the expectation or even hope of any effort at detection. This is not because the
individual policeman is lazy, ill-intentioned, corrupt, or stupid, though in the present system he
might just as well be: for the system in which he works imposes upon him all the effects (or
defects) of precisely those qualities.” this is talking about the police force, and how over in
Britain there is too many people.

My personal connection to something like this, is like saying something to someone online, Via
Email, or also through AIM. You might say stuff about someone that can affect them, and also get you
into trouble, sometimes you may not like a kid or how that kid might do something, and with a
computer people thing they can say stuff and not get into trouble. My take in this is that this man
doesn’t disserve to go to jail for 4 years. Maybe a certain home jail, or a non access to the
internet type deal would do. But in no way does he commit a crime by hurting anybody.





















Many different words in many different languages have been born and laid to rest over the past
thousand years. Some still around today and used more than others and some words that are very
rarely if at all still used. Many of these words have enhanced the English language, and are used on
a daily bases. A lot of these words have influenced people, but there are those words that do not
influence in a positive way when people hear a certain word, that represents something bad happening
to America, or other societies. The word “Passion” which is used in many different contexts, a
majority of the time it is used in a positive way. I think this word is important to the English
language, and plays an important role every time it is used.

While looking in the OED “Oxford English Dictionary” I noticed that the word “Passion” has been in
existence since C1468 by Paston, “The seyd Fastolf, mauyd and passyoned greatly in his soule seyd
and swar by Christ us”. Three definitions in the OED were “to move or impel by passion” which is no
longer in use, “To affect or imbue with passion”. And lastly “To affect with suffering to afflict”
and is also dead. Shakespeare was the first famous writer to use my word “Twas aria dine passioning
for theseus poriury and unjust flight”.

In the “American Heritage Dictionary” Passion is defined as “Strong sexual desire, lust, or
boundless enthusiasm”. From the Kerneman English Multilingual Dictionary “ Very strong feeling
especially of anger or love”. From the Webster Dictionary “The suffering of Christ between the last
supper and his death” is what the given definition. When I had asked my fellow classmate Matt
Fagerberg, he said that love, or lust, “I loved her with great passion”. and Michael Grant had said
“I have passion for the game of hockey”. My sister Alex MacInnes had said “I have great passion for
life”. And my good friend Brett Chasnov said that “I have a lot of passion in the girls I like”.
I had interviewed three foreign language speakers and they had all said it was a pretty easy word
for them to learn. Ryan Pai had said that the first thing he thought of when heard Passion is how
Christ died, he said that “Christ had died in passion for the people”. And Youngjoon Kim had said
that “The boy felt passion for the women”, and the first thing he thought of was love for someone
else. And lastly My grandmother who is a speaker of the Italian language said that she thought of
Jesus when she heard Passion she said “ Jesus was a very passionate man”.

Over the past couple of years the word Passion has been used in a few different ways. People can be
defined as “Passionate” someone with much passion, or even “Passoiniste” some who teaches about
passion. But over the past 3 years or so there has not been any new usages of the word. No new
prefects of the word has been used.

So the word passion is a good Word for the English language and is used mainly in good ways. When
people hear the word Passion it brings love or good memories to someone, of something in the past or
present. Passion a strong word, in the sense that it brings up cases of the time between the last
supper up until his death on the cross.