English 10: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  

Dear Sean Mega Williams ( S.A.S.),

I always wonder how it does it feel, soon too become one of hip hop’s elite rappers. Not only were
you getting offers from United Kingdom, but your name was reached all the way to the United States.
After all the hard work you put in, you were able to get signed to Americas greatest Record label,
Dipset. I know that is a real accomplishment because there are artists from the United States who
can’t even get signed. My name is Delroy McDonald and I am in the tenth grade at Catholic

I feel that I have a great working ethic to get something complete. Which I know you have the same
personality trait as me. I know because I am familiar with some rappers who are trying to get into
the rap game. But some failed out because it takes too much time, money , and hard work.
Also I read that you played basketball and you was able to get a scholarship. To a college in the
United States. But I always wonder how was the competition differ from the United States and United
Kingdom? I believed that you are the type of person who is not going to be denied.
However I heard a song you done with JR Writer and I was loving your song. It’s called, “ Why Try”.
My Favorite quote that you have said was, “No safety blow like its ac.”. Once I first heard that
song, I kept rewinding to that part. That’s how much I like the song and I’m still in love with it
right now.

I wonder if you have ever been to Boston before because it is a great place to be at. And also if
you can ever come to my school the students would be more then happy to see you. But alright then,
good luck with you in the future and hope everything is well.


Delroy McDonald











Mathew Arnold a well known poet and author. Is really known for only of his creative works. But
1881, April 25th a letter Matthew wrote thanking Watts for sending him tickets for a convention. But
we can figure out new things from the letter he has written. But in this letter we can see how
grateful he is to others.

During the time that Matthew was writing this letter. He was doing many other things which had
impacted our culture today. Such as doing “Introducing a methodology of literary criticism through
his Essays in Criticism” another background in the letter is that during that time. People were
treated with a lot of manners. During the Victorian time everyone was addressed properly. And it
can be shown in his letter he wrote because he seemed to address his reader properly.
This letters function was to thank, Watts for retrieving the tickets for his daughters. “kind of
you to have remembered about the ticket, and now my two girls will go with their mother.” that is
when he thanks him for the tickets. So that was the purpose of the letter. Really just to show
appreciation to Watts.

What this letter reveals to us, that most people might of have not known. Is how Matthew values his

“Now my two girls will go with their mother.” He is also very kind a quote to show that “It is
very kind of you to have remembered about the ticket.” He is also a man of his word, “If I do not
see you at the dinner, I hope to come and call upon you the week following.” he was a very busy man
“I have to make a speech” that is showing that he is very busy. Another quote is that he values art
work. “ Were delighted with the portrait.” Just from a letter we all get to know new things about
Matthew Arnold. So those are some things that some people may not know about him.

The writing compares to his letter because of all the stories he created. And poems he written, is
by the way of addressing things to people was very educated. And you can just tell that from all the
letters that he wrote, by his use of manners and the words he writes.






Many people can agree that power is like a drug. One criminal who took power to another dimension
is Ricky Jenks, a leader of the group call the Hells” Angels. On March 4 2007’ Ricky Jenks and most
of the members from Hells’ Angels was convicted for murder, attempted murder, intimidation,
extortion, robbery, and trafficking in stolen motor vehicles and motor vehicle parts. Just by doing,
that they put fear into many by overpowering them. And by that greed of power they kept on
committing many more crimes.

“Snitches and rats. That’s what were talking about,” Ricky Jenks’ defense attorney stated. This
means that the people who must be witnesses to whatever Ricky had done in the past, told the
authorities. “Crimes of enrichment and crimes of punishment” said Gorman the prosecutor of Ricky
Jenks. Another quote she used against Ricky Jenk. “For those defendants, this patch is sacred. They
would do anything for this patch” (which means to be part of Hells Angels’ ) no matter what
situation they are in. I guess they can not break the rule of telling others people’s business.
Other people who were involved in this situation were “Smilin’ Rick” who is 48 years old. He is
President of the Hells’ Angels. Chapter. Fabel is in charge with directing other gang members on his
missions of murder, attempted murder and other crimes. There are also many members who are in the
gang, the Hells’ Angels.

A poem that can relate to Ricky Jenks situation is “At the Executors Murder Grave” by Dylan Thomas.
One quote that the author had said that was relative to Ricky Jenks was that “ He’s a thief”
Ricky Jenks had committed many crimes. And he will be punished for those crimes he had committed.
Most people are saying that he is going to be sentenced to jail for life. But there is a retrial
right now, but as it seems he is staying in jail. I think that Ricky Jenks should stay in jail for
life because of all the people he tortured. And with the possibility of killing some victims.

















The English language is the most fun and creative language to experiment with. Whenever we speak
English to others, there are plenty of people who do not understand, that English has been developed
many other languages. But a word that is used internationally, but has a different grammar and
spelling use, is the word “sexy”. “Sexy” has been created from our creativity. But as you see all of
our creativity mostly deals wit English. Like in my creativeness I think “sexy” first came out when
I was born” The word “sexy” and many other words, has made English an exciting use of speaking and
it is a helpful language for the world.

The word “sexy” is more of a description of someone; it’s more of a characteristic describing
someone’s feature. I was able to find three definitions in three different dictionaries. In the
Unabridged Dictionary, the word “sexy” means “Dealing with sex.” In the American Heritage
Dictionary, it means “Highly appealing” and in the Word Net Dictionary it means “exciting sexual
desire.” So, clearly once again the word has enhance the way people talk in the world.

The word “sexy” has a great root word and with that root word it had branched off from many other
different uses and contents. The word “sexy” has branched off from the root word “sex” and in the
Oxford English Dictionary (OED) means “Sex conflict, disqualification, equality”. A sentence that it
was first seen used in 1909 as: “introduce an amendable sex conflict and you are introducing into
marriage”. And in the OED dictionary, the definition for the word “sexy” is “engrossed in or
concerned with sex.” A sentence that was first used was in 1928 was: “But it is more dangerous to
enter into a conversation of this sexy sort with foolish meddling people.” Cleary the word “sexy”
has helped out the world.

Many people use the word “sexy” differently; I was able to interview a couple of friends and family
members on how they will use this word in a sentence. “I am full of sexiness” said Santos Boscana.
My mother Maxan Gilzene said “I find an intelligent man to be very sexy.” Kyle Clement said “A girl
has to have a sexy body.” In my collected data 20% of the people who I interviewed had mentioned the
word “Sexy” describing someone else. 80% of the people who I interviewed had used the word “Sexy”
describing themselves. So this is just some more evidence that shows, this word will makes the world
an exciting place.

The word “sexy” has even branched into more words and different spelling changes. A new way of
saying sexy is “sexily” San Francisco Chronicle (CA) “Manages to be sexily empowered without sinking
into Beyonce -style criminal.” and in the ABC NEWS they quoted that “Sexily doctors may be
dangerous.” And on Gorilla Mask.net quoted that” Carmen Electra dances sexily”
3 famous Arthur’s who used the word “sexy” are “MY Sweet Electra” by E.E Cummings and in the poem it
said “It's highly suggestive and pretty darned sexy.” Another who uses the word “sexy” in “This
is just to say.” By William Carlos Williams and in this story he said, “What sexy eyes you have.” In
“Howl” by Allen Ginsburg he said, “the F.B.I. in beards and shorts with big pacifist eyes sexy in
their dark skin.” So those were the three authors who must have been influenced by the word “sexy”,
sometime during their lives.

When speaking another language, there are always words that are similar to an English word. In the
Spanish language “Sexy” means “Gaupo or Bonita”. It means pretty or handsome. And when speaking
Portuguese “Sexy” means “Gaupo or Bonita”. Both Portugal and Spanish are real similar when speaking.
And when speaking in, German the way to say “Sexy” is “Sexy”. So this just an example of how this
English word can be used internationally with different meanings.

The word “sexy” and many other words, has made English an exciting use of speaking and it is a
helpful language for the world. As you see there were many authors and people who used the word
“sexy” in different contents. That is just a sign of showing that there are going to be many other
words who will involve into different spelling changes and will be use differently in the way we