English 10: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  
  Dear Mr. Carle,

I, among many others believe that how you grow up in life depends on how you first develop in
childhood. A child learns from his or her environment, so one must make sure that a child’s
environment is a healthy and safe environment in which the child will learn properly and
respectfully. As I read to my little cousins, I remember and think about the thoughts that may come
into their minds as I read them your book, Mister Seahorse. This creative and colorful book captures
the minds of my little cousins and surrounds them in a calm, healthy, safe, and relaxing

I learned that you were born in Syracuse, New York. I have plenty of family in Brooklyn, New York,
not Syracuse, but I’d love to learn about the city. Did you feel any negative emotions when you had
to move to Germany? Because, I know how it feels to move from some place to another without choice,
though it wasn’t to another country. How did it feel to reach back to New York and start working for
the New York Times as a graphic designer in the promotional department? Were you honored to be asked

assistance in a book by Bill Martin Jr.? Was it that collaboration, which lead to Brown Bear, Brown
Bear, What Do You See? that lead you to create your first book, 1, 2,3 to the Zoo? In general, what
exactly, was your inspiration?

“With many of my books I attempt to bridge the gap between the home and school. To me home
represents, or should represent; warmth, security, toys, holding hands, being held. School is a
strange and new place for a child. Will it be a happy place? There are new people, a teacher,
classmates—will they be friendly?” When you said this, were you displaying your own past memories of
school, or what a child would think now in present time? Mr. Carle, I, personally, along with my
classmates, would be thrilled if you would come down from Northampton, just to give a little speech
or excerpt from one of your books. I know it may sound silly, due to the fact that we are 10th
graders, but we think it will remind us of the childish memories we still hold today. Thank you for
your time, please reply soon.

David I. McDonald










Many say that when a person writes a letter, they are writing down themselves, such as their
personality, thoughts, and emotions. When we read about authors and their works, we learn more about
them if we read letters that they have written. In January of 1845 on the eighth, famous author
Charlotte Bronte wrote a letter to an old professor she had when she attended Brussels. In our
English Literature books, we already know without reading the letter that Charlotte Bronte has two
sisters who are also famous authors; and Charlotte, along with her sisters created pseudonyms with
male names, because female authors weren’t as popular as male authors. The letter talks about how
Bronte feels about how she is only used to small relationships.

This letter was written in the Victorian period of England, in which new things were more
mechanical and industrial were now beginning to be invented. This is also a time in which manners
and sophistication were as important as law.

So in the letter, you can tell that Charlotte is not trying to become too personal with her old
professor at Brussels. The purpose of the letters is for Charlotte to explain that she never wanted
to, or was too timid to be close to anyone besides family. The letter explains that Charlotte Bronte
was self- conscious and might have had a low self-esteem, which is not explained in the book.
In Charlotte Bronte’s books, such as Jane Eyre, you can see that her shyness is portrayed in her
books. Jane Eyre is a quiet, diligent, and shy girl who falls in love with a man who she tried hard
to tell but had difficulties. Jane Eyre’s personality is somewhat similar to Charlotte Bronte’s
personality how it is portrayed in her letter.