English 10: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  
  .Dear Mr. Handler,

I am current high school student and attend Catholic Memorial I am 15 years old and my name is
Kyle Clement. I have read all of your books from the “Series of Unfortunate Events”. These are some
of my all time favorite books and I love your mystery behind “VFD”. My favorite book in the series
though was “The Slippery Slope” I have enjoyed the character you have created in Lemony Snicket. I
have seen the movie that was made about your books and I felt they didn’t do justice to your first
three books.

As I have read, you are currently residing in California. I read that your novel The
Basic Eight
was rejected about thirty-seven times before it got published, and I was wondering
how you kept on writing with all that disappointment. That takes alot of patience and I’m very glad you did this because if you had not then you might not have made The Series of Unfortunate Events.$$$$$

I am your average teenaged boy very sport oriented and playing video games are a great hobby of
mine. I also like to travel around to New York and New Hampshire. Seeing as an author you must
travel a lot and I was wondering if you could stop by and talk to my class about your works. I know
that you haven’t won any awards but your works are great and should eventually win one. I am not
usually the reading type but with your books I can never seem to stop reading. When I do read it is
usually poetry or the “Harry Potter” series. Well as I said we would greatly appreciate your
presence in our school any time.

As I said I have read all of your books and I can’t wait to read your 13th book “The End”. I
found it a coincidence that the series is all of bad luck and your series will end on number 13,
which is considered an unlucky number. I found the 10th book (the Slippery Slope) the best. I found
it to be the best because it revealed so much about “VFD” without it ruining the whole series and
giving it away right there the book as a whole was an excellent cliff hanger. If you don’t come to
our school then our class will greatly miss out on your intellect and your ideas on life. I am very
interested in hearing back from you and so I can give you the information about you coming to our

Thank You,

Kyle R. Clement











William Blake was a great poet in the lat 1700's and early 1800's. He was very much
inspired by the greek authors and their writings. He was also consisdered one of the greatest
graphic poets and influential poetsof his time. The letter that written though is just like him
sending a rough draft of a project he is working on and asks for some constructive critisism.

The letter was written on August 16th, 1799. At that time in history America had gotten independance
from Britain. this could have affected the works he produced during that time period. It could have
made his works involve hate or even maddness towars America.

The letters function was to send a rough copy or a work to get some constructive critisism. It also
shows us that his inspiration was the greeke writers and philosophers. The way i can back this up is
when Blake said , "I know that they are not mine being the same opinion as Milton." What
he was reffering to in this letter was Milton who was a famous Greek philosopher and wrote alot
about heaven and hell which means this work could have had alot to do with despair.

The insight it gives us is that authors need inspiration and that they need help with projects just
like we do. We usually dont take this into consideration because when we read the works it is a well
polished peice of work. We dont see however the effort that actually goes into these works.

The work of Blake that I read was not very optimistic. This is very relative to the letter that was
written by him. by using my better judgement i would say the work he was submitting was not very
pleasant and the works of Milton were about hell which inspired him greatly in his poems. That is
what Blake's letter really means.




Captain Giourard was an Army captain until he was corrupted with power.
Captain Giourard killed 3 Iraqi detainees who were going to testify against him. He killed them so
that he would keep his status as Captain. He has had his trial and he has been dishonorably
discharged, demoted to private and sentenced to 12 years in prison. He can get out in 10 years with
good behavior.

This criminal did go somewhat peacefully and he did own up to the fact that
he did kill these prisoners. He did not try to say he didn’t do it and I find that to be very
honorable. Even though his actions were not honorable he didn’t go and lie under oath. This is
probably the only thing I would respect about this man.

This crime has a lot to do with power. The reason I say this is because
Captain Giourard tried to cover up this crime so he could remain a captain. This is just so he can
have the authority/power of a captain. I do think I would panic in this situation but I wouldn’t
kill someone to cover up something I did. This crime is all about one man’s lust for power.

The piece of literature I chose to compare it to Macbeth. I chose Macbeth
because Captain Giourard killed people who he thought could harm him just as Macbeth did to Banquo.
Just like he murdered McDuff’s wife and kid. Captain Giourard did the same thing with these soldiers
so that they couldn’t tell authorities what they did to them. These crimes are extremely pitiful
because they aren’t even man enough to face their punishment.

So as you can see many crimes today connect to the works of literature of
Britain . Especially since I connected my story back to the Middle Ages, it shows that crime hasn’t
changed much in the acts but just in the way that it is done. Which I find incredibly interesting
that even almost 500 years later or so we are still committing the same crimes.