English 10: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  
  Dear Mr. Jarvis:

My name is Joe Carter. I am a sophomore at Catholic Memorial High School in Boston, Massachusetts.
I am fascinated with your books having read many when I was younger. I really enjoy books with
characters that I could both like and hate. And you include such action, adventure and fantasy in
all your books. I believe to be a successful author you need to be very creative, and judging by
all the books I’ve read of yours, it seems that you have a very creative and imaginative mind. I
also found that I learned a lot about history and about London from you and your characters.

Another thing I find very interesting is that you produce all the artwork for your books. I read
that you make a “map” for the storyline of the book and models for all the characters. I guess that
can be pretty difficult when your characters are not human. I remember reading that you said the
real fun begins when you have to name your characters.

I guess I would say that my favorite book was the one you wrote that had human characters, The
Whitby Witches. I can still remember the village of Whitby. I can imagine climbing up the 199
steps to Abbey to the graveyard at the top. I read a quote, “You have to work hard to make the
readers suspend their disbelief...to want to live in, or at least visit the places you’re writing
about.” I can tell you that I wanted to visit Whitby. I read in another interview that you enjoyed
writing The Whitby Witches the most because of the human characters that the fantasy elements seemed
more real and exciting. You were right.

I would like to offer an invitation for you to come and speak to our class about all your books. I
am sure that we all curious about how you decide what to write about and how you go about creating
your characters. Whether it be rodents or humans, I am sure it would be very interesting. Hearing
about your childhood in Liverpool and how you went on to study at Graphic Design at Newcastle
Polytechnic. We would also like to hear about your work in the television and advertising
industries as a model maker and your life now in South London. You once said, “When I am writing
I’m looking at a wide screen picture in my head and just taking notes.” I know you would have
everyone’s attention when you tell us about that.

Please let me know if and when you would be available. We all look forward to seeing you and
hearing about your life. Thank you.


Joe Carter









This letter from Robert Browning to his wife Elizabeth Barrett was written on January 10th, 1845.
In this letter Robert Let’s us know some insights on his keys to his writing career and as well as
his personal life. Many people may think that his writing influence was an author that may have
been of great influence on the world during his young days as a child, but no one would’ve expected
it to come under the same roof.

1845 was a year a pretty normal year in history, nothing major was going on, but still some little
things were happening. The one major thing that was going on in history was that the working class
in England, which was what Robert was from. The working class in England in 1845 was being
mistreated greatly. They were treated like peasants and the upper class spitted upon the middle
class. Robert Browning, being a part of the mistreated middle class, would write poems about what
it was like. He married Elizabeth who was also apart of the middle class, and together they would
get through it with the power of poetry.

Robert Browning is writing this letter to his wife to let her know how much he respected her as an
author and not just as his wife. We know this from the vert first sentence of the letter when he
writes, “I love your verses with all of my life.” This tells us that he loves her poems so much.
This letter also lets us know that Elizabeth was not just his wife, but also an influence of his

Many people know that Robert Browning was a British poet and was married to another British poet,
Elizabeth Barrett. But what people didn’t know without reading this letter is how much Robert
respected Elizabeth as a writer. People would’ve just thought that they got married because they
shared the same passion on poetry, but I never would’ve imagined that they were each other’s
influences and they keys to both of their successes as a British poet in the 1800s during a time of
crisis for both of them.

With this letter we conclude that Robert would love to just sit down and read her wife’s poems and
how great he regarded them. He used his wife’s works as an inspiration to his own and obviously
benefitted greatly from it.








This particular crime was committed by the WTO crime family of Hong Kong. The crime that was
committed has not even been specifically determined yet. There’s evidence of everything from
criminal negligence, theft, fraud and breaking and entering, to treason and second-degree murder.
All these possible crimes were committed in the 90s all the way to the 200s. The crimes that the
WTO committed were located in their hometown Hong Kong and Cancun, Mexico. The simple answer for
why all these possible crimes were committed in the first place is for power in Hong Kong.

The next part in explaining the crimes committed by the WTO mob family of Hong Kong is the analysis
of the investigation. The most recent crime scene was the sixth WTO ministerial in Hong Kong. In a
span of five days, the WTO struck a series of drug deals, while covering their tracks with false
promises and blatant lies. The police traced these crimes back to the WTO, but they made their
escape just in time. They caught a couple WTO members that were too late to flee but would release
no information and were sentenced to life in prison. The crime that they were sentenced to was
global capitalism and second-degree murder. A couple months after this they were track again, but
this time in Cancun Mexico. During their “stay” in Cancun, the WTO killed a gang of dealers and
once again scattered just in time, but this tie learning from past mistakes, and left no members
behind. There haven’t been any tracks since these two events occurring back in 2002, but police
suspect them to be in Hong Kong making more moves to get to the top of the mob family power

The article explaining all this information track on the WTO mob family in Hong Kong was found in
an Indian newspaper. The article explains the police’s hard work in finally tracking down and
arresting the WTO mob family, after almost 10 years of investigating. They also talk about how
there was a leak in the Hong Kong government that was connected to the WTO. A member of the WTO was
working in a low government job but would relay information to their fellow mob members of the next
tracking attempt headed by the police and government. The government noticed the leak and threw him
to jail and again the WTO refused to release any information of their whereabouts. The article
closes asking for help in finding the most powerful crime mob in Hong Kong, the WTO.
There have been many British novels written on crime mobs which connects to the WTO of Hong Kong.
One in particular is The Devil’s Shadow by Larry Cole. This story is about a private investigator
taking on local crime mobs located in Britain. This story is exactly like the Hong Kong private
investigators trying to track down the WTO of Hong Kong. The difference is that in the book, the
private investigator catches the wanted mob family, but in the Hong Kong private investigators case,
the WTO has still not been caught.

The overall main reason for all of the WTO’s possible crimes is simple because of power. The WTO
only cares about becoming the most powerful mob family that the world has ever seen. It seems as if
they will never stop until they achieve this goal even if it means killing anyone in their way no
matter who they are. My prediction of this investigation is that the WTO will mess up somewhere and
finally be tracked down and caught. I hope very much that they get caught before they end up
killing innocent people on their way to the top of the mob family power pyramid. The WTO must be


















The English language is like the ocean and all the words are like fishes swimming in the sea. The
English language is the number one spoken language in the world today. The one word that i picked
out of all the English words, is the word truant. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the
word truanty is defined as, to idle or waste away. I think that the English language is helpful to
the world because it would be good if the whole world spoke the same language. I think this because
it would be a lot easier for the world to understand each other and ultimately create more peace in
the world.

Dictionary.com offered three dictionary deffinitions for the word truant. The first is
dictionary.com's own deffinition, which is, a student who stays away from school without
permission. The American Heritage Dictionary defines truant as one who is absent without
permission, esspecially from school. Lastly, Word.net defines truant as absent without permission.
Oxford English Dictionary (OED) is the most impressive dictionary in the world. It offers three
different deffinitions for the word truant. The first, which is a dead deffintion, is to play
vagboard or rogue. The second deffiniton from the OED is to idle, wander, or stray away. The last
deffinition the OED offers is to waste or idle away. I think it is amazing that one dictionary can
hold so much different information about one word.

I interviewed three of my co-students to see what the word truant means to them. Marc Campea says
that when he hears the word truant, he thinks of Joe McGonegal. A sentence that he used the word
truant in is, "Any truants need to take the vocab quiz?" Next, I interviewed my neighbor,
who lets say is not the sharpest crayon in the box. When she hears the word truant, she thinks of
someone on a hike. A sentence that shes used it in is, "The truant got lost on his
expedition." Lastly, I interviewed my mom. who is a little smarter than my neighbor. When u
told her the word truant, she though of someone skipping something. Her sentence was, "The
schoolboys were playing hookey."

After interviewing three of my co-students, I interviewed three foreign language speakers. First,
I interviewed Ryan Pai, who defined truant as someone missing. His sentence was, "Pabon is a
truant." After interviewing Ryan, I went on to Carlos Adame who defined truant as someone not
doing what they're suppose to do. His sentence was, "The truants missed the quiz."
My last interview for essay the fourth, was Jun Kim. Jun's deffinition for truant as an an
idiot. His sentence was, "The truant is stupid."

I found a few new usages of the word truant. The first one i found was in the U.K. Times. In the
text, truant is in the meaning of stealing. This is a way in which i never heared the word truant
used. Another new use of the word truant appeared in the magazine, "Natures Engraver."
In the magazine, truat was used as someone who is devoted to nature, almost like a gardener. I was
very suprised to find these new usages of a word that I only thought had a few deffinitions.
So, in thesis, I think that the English language should become the official language of the whole
world. The English language is very helpful to the world. I think and hope that English will become
the official all-world language to enable world peace and world understandment.