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Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  
  .Dear, Dan Jacobson

Hi my name is Manuel Calderon. I currently attend Catholic Memorial High School other wise
known as CM in West Roxbury Massachusetts. My class English ten British Literature my class would
love to have you visit us and to us about you’re amazing writing skills. Since we are in the tenth
grade we are sophomores and we are considered wise fools. We all think that by having word of a
professional writer we might have an opportunity of better using the resources we have.

Mr. Dan Jacobson was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, on March 7, 1929. His parents,
Hyman and Liebe (Melamed) Jacobson, were Jewish immigrants from Latvia and Lithuania. When Jacobson was four, his family moved to the South African town of Kimberly, where he lived until he graduated from Kimberley Boys' High School at the age of sixteen. He received a bachelor's degree in
English literature from the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg in 1948, and then worked as
a laborer in a kibbutz in Israel for nearly a year. Similarly to you I also attend an all boy’s

Mr. Dan Jacobson most not to say all of your works are great. One of the works that he has
All for Love in this book he wrote about a true love story. These lovers are deeply n love with
each other and they truly show there affections to each other.in the fallowing quote the shows
Mattachich refers (just once) to Daszynski as "my friend ... to whom I o\we my liberty"
(p. 98).

If you do not come to my school and teach a little bit about your great writing skills. With
the skills that you might be able to teach us they might be life changing because you might be the
most experience that we might ever meet.






What I am going to be writing about is Jane Austen and one of her many letters which is dated
Saturday January the ninth. Something that is incredible about this letter is that this letter was
written on the day of my birthday. This is about a daughter writing to a mother. She is also a
great writer because she has that ability to write very thought full letters.

In this letter Jane Austen she has sent it to some one whs birthday was this day Ton Lefroys and his
birthday was a day before the letter arrived.i will be assuming that this is a family member of hers
because she is making jokes of there names for example “What a funny name Tom for a vessel! But he
has no taste in names as we well know. ” she is making fun of his name. This shows how close a
relation they have and how well they get along. In the beginning of the letter it seems look its
been a very long time since they have spoken and it’s a triangle of letters with a group of friends
and or family because the man is receiving letters from many people at the same time and he quotes “
I have received yours and Mary’s letters and I thank you both tho’ their content might have been
more agreeable.” This shows how they all have been adjusting to each others letters and getting
informed. It also shows a strong bound with a friend ship or a strong family. The keep communicated
with them selves.

Latter on in the letter shows that they are inviting each other to a ball are what we now call a
party they are trying to convince each other to go. Then one of then quotes “... tho’ for my own
part I care so little about the Ball that it would be no sacrifice to me give it up for the sake of
seeing you two days earlier.” This shows how a strong friend ship that they all have for each other.
This shows that they are going beyond the limits of just friends, they like each other deeply. This
is a hypothesis that I have made because they start of making jokes and talking about there past
child hoods and ends up saying that she will do any thing to be with him and she would even skip
going to the Ball just so she could be with him.

All in all they don’t say whether the end up meeting up or not and the letter ends with happy
decisions. She likes this man and she would do any thing for him and she is willing to lose
important in vitiation to an important ball with very important people and misses out on it and she
wants to with the guy of her dreams.




What I am going to be writing about is the crime of Lynn Turner and she is responsible for the
killing of two male. Her crimes have been so brutal that they have named her the “antifreeze
killer”. They are calling her that because the crimes that she has committed have been by the
poisoning of the two males. But the only person that she is currently on trail for is her ex-husband
because she poisoned him. The crime was committed in the year of 1995 and her husband was a fire
fighter of the Forsyth County and he was the father of her two children. This crime was for the
motive of power because he had a very good life insurance. As a 38 year old she started getting on
trial in the year 2001 for the poising.
Her husband Randy Thompson body was looked at for further investigation they found the fallowing
substances ethylene glycol was detected all over his coffin. But all of this related to power
because she wanted to get her husbands to get all the money from his life insurance. The life
insurance was of 100,00 dollars not much money but she probably thought it was a lot. She testifies
and says “It’s my fault, and I took responsibility for it” she is now saying the truth that she
committed the crime and she is willing to take the time for it. But she still has not been committed
or tracked to the other crime because they do not have enough evidences to have her go to trial for
the second crime. So she has been responsible and fest up to the first crime. For the crime that she
has committed she has the possibility of getting to go to prison for life. Just yesterday she was
committed to life in prison because she had the jury and the judge take the decision to have her go
to prison for life. Even though she had the possibility of being killed by lethal injection. But
they decided to have go to prison for life with out parole because they do not want any chance of
her getting out.
She also wanted to take all of her husbands retirement money but in his will he had that the money
should go to his son at any time that any thing happened to him. But Thomson left 401k in his
retirement money and Lynn Turner wanted to take that as well but his will clearly “ She said
Thompson left the money in his 401kn to his children”. This shows how he left it for them but she
wanted for her because she wanted money and money now and days is power. The money she was trying to
take was not hers so that is stealing. But the investigators did not have enough time to catch
before she took the social security money she took all of that and wasted it. So she just wanted him
died for the simple reason that she wanted hid money because money would put her in a better
economic class.
The story in British literature that I am going to compare A. E. Housman (1859–1936). A Shropshire
Lad. 1896. LXII. Terence, this is stupid stuff. This poem is very interesting because they have
similarity to my crime and its related to gaining power though crime.
All in all the criminal Lynn Turner has thought that she was going to go free but the tables turned
on her because she is now life in prison. But the best part of all is that they are now looking
deeper for more evidence to get her killed. They are looking into the other man that she killed
because of the brutality in her murders. She is a person that seems to me that she has some type of
mental defect.




















Language has been around for many year and with out language humans would be left
impossible to communicate l, know and days it’s the biggest way of getting around because all the
people around u have evolved just like the world around us has. The word “genocide” is helping out
the world in a good way because it is showing how the world is changing and the correct way on how
the mass murdering of a certain human race or kind.
The word “genocide” has many similar meanings such as “The systematic and planned
extermination of an entire national, racial, political, or ethnic group.” This is the definition
from American Heritage Dictionary this shows how the word is commonly used and the similarities.
This definition is slightly different “944, apparently coined by Polish-born U.S. jurist Raphael
Lemkin in his work "Axis Rule in Occupied Europe" [p.19], in reference to Nazi
extermination of Jews, lit. "killing a tribe," from Gk. genos "race, kind" (see
genus) + -cide, from L. -cidere "kill," comb. form of caedere "to cut, kill"
(see concise). The proper formation would be *genticide.” Online Etymology Dictionary it were I got
it from. This is the last the most straight to point “the deliberate and systematic extermination of
a national, racial, political, or cultural group.” And it was taken from Dictionary.com Unabridged
(v 1.1) -. All of the definition that are listed have some type of similarity.

“The O.E.D. lists a 1969 instance of the term 'cultural genocide' to refer to exactly that
sort of thing. Yet the O.E.D. and Merriam-Webster both officially define it as "the deliberate
and systematic destruction". This doesn't say it has to be physical destruction, and it
doesn't restrict it to destroying other groups than one's own. It does restrict it to
being deliberate and systematic, which the O.E.D. examples don't do. The O.E.D. says it's
extermination of "an ethnic or national group", and Merriam-Webster has the victim being
"a racial, political, or cultural group". Brittanica includes religion.”

The word “genocide” usage in speech is not very good because most people do not know
what the word means. For example Josdani Calderon says that “genocide” means, “war mass killing for
power; and a corrupt government.” He says “The holocaust might be considered some type of genocide”
.i also interviewed a person named Crismel Calderon of the age 17 and she said that for her it
means that it is the mass murdering and extermination of a certain human race to replace with
another. “what Hitler did with no questioned asked was genocide . These two people have very similar
ways of saying the the words.

The word genocides usage in literature is usually in a negative way because the writers usually have
to use examples that are bad and not good. The word genocide helps open the world’s eyes because it
showed how every thing went on and how bad it actually is. The usage in the book hotel Rwanda shows
how everything goes on because “Rwanda experienced the intensive slaughter of its people that took
nearly one million lives. The pure evil of ethnic killing is deplored in these essays written by
journalists, commentators, and politicians (including Bill Clinton's speech to the Rwandan
people) that discuss the details of this tragedy of human rights and its aftermath. Includes a
chronology and extensive bibliography.” This shows how it is used to help the world out.

The word “ Genocide” was very hard for most of the foreign language speakers to learn and most of
them still don’t even know what the word means or is. For example I interviewed June Kim he had no
idea were the word came from or what meant. But I did successfully get some one who knew what the
work meant. Her name is Griselda Lugo a forty one year old and she says that it was very hard for
her to learn because she had to do tons of research because I her language which is Spanish the word
is rarely used. She considered the word to mean to kill and eliminate certain group. The said “
genocide might be taken lightly but it isn’t”.

The word “Genocide” is helping the world in many ways because it is helping people around us
understand what it actually mean to eliminate a certain religious or social group. It is also
helping the world know is going on in countries such as Rwanda. Darfur and other third world
countries that are in economic crisis because fighting over nonsense.