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Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  
  Dear Massive Attack (3D,Robert Del Naja)

Now in days music seems to be the same thing with just different names, and occasionally
different words but beats never seem to vary. That was at least, till I herd my first massive attack
song, now I know there is a something different out their. My name is Carlos Adame, and I write to
you from Catholic Memorial High school in Boston Mass. USA .

I know that up to know you have released eight albums and have worked with other major
and well known artist. I hope to get more of your CD’s for now I only have the “100th window” I also
hope to someday be able to visit your club Nocturne in your home town of Bristol U.K. Unfortunately
I think that will have to wait till later for I am only 15.

Music I know you are definitely good at, but I also know that you are a graffiti artist
unfortunately your not public with that. I think it cool that you’ve been active in your career sing
the same year that I was born 1991 although born in 1966, not that you didn’t know that. This is how
one can tell that a guy isn’t just a one hit wonder, witch you are far from for your music is not
just music its revolutionizing trip-hop. You said the words in your song, your music is simply
“future proof”. For here we are in 2006 and your next CD is coming out Feb, 2007, 16 years after you
started off.

Now I would like to invite you to come and talk to my school and show them a little more of what
music is all about. I hope that this letter will get more that a single thought before being
declined for although I know massive attack is out their, I think that without your visit a lot of
fans will go on not knowing that you guys are out their.

Sincerely; Carlos Adame.











Most of the rime when we read about an author that has long since passed, we really don’t get to
know much information about the author himself. But with something as simple as a letter, one can
find out quite a bit about a person in the 1800s. For instance on May 3, 1810, Lord Byron wrote
letter to what can be interpreted as a friend, Henry Drury. Lord Byron is a poet, but in one of his
letters we can discover not only simple things like the fact that Byron liked to swim, but also that
he had a dreadful outlook on life.

            During the time that this letter was written Byron was on a grand tour of everything
from England to Spain and Athens . An although only 22 years old when he wrote this letter, he had
already lived through the loss of a woman he loved several years back. His journey although to
magnificent places seemed to have little affect on how he looked at life.

            The purpose of this letter seems to be nothing more than to talk to a friend about his
journey around the continent, for in 1810, he is still only halfway through it. This trip of course
was a common thing for young noblemen to do.

            “I am like the Jolly Miller, caring for nobody and not cared for”, said Lord Byron in
this letter. And as we also find out he seemed not to mind taking a risk. For as almost a “casual”
swim he goes into, as he described hazardous waters. He is a man who has traveled around the world
and still sees every place much the same. Even though he was from a high class family he expresses
himself as missing no comfort while out on his journey.  

Although the purpose of this letter was to do little more than converse, it has given us, almost
200 years later an insight on what a man named Lord Byron was doing during that time, and about his
outlook on life for as many people see Lord Byron as an adventurous person we learn that he sees all
places pretty much the same. We also get to see how his everyday writing varies from his poetry






In Mexico there are currently several extremely powerful drug cartels, among the most powerful sits
what is known as “El Cartel De Tijuana” this is a cartel so powerful that authorities for the most
part stay out of their way. For example, this year there have been around twenty assassinations of
either police officials or cartel members. However, around five years ago one of the main members of
the cartel paid the ultimate price and is now serving the strongest sentence, death. The Arellano
Felix family is a series of brothers that run the so called cartel of Tijuana, of which Ramon was
the coordinator of the security.

Ramon Arellano Felix was wanted for drug and arms violations, all of which had been done for only
one purpose, power. Power is what it comes down to in the world of major drug trafficking and many
kill and are killed for it, Ramon experienced both. He was in charge of security for the cartel,
which included planning the killings of rival drug leaders as to make his organization that much
more powerful and feared. “They use violence to create such fear in people” Said Heidi Landgraff DEA
group supervisor in San Diego.

The effects of the crimes that Ramon committed affect such a wide range of people that it would be
almost impossible for me to list all of those who have been touched by this man’s evil. But as an
example Jesus Blancornelas is a Tijuana journalist that survived an assassination attempt by the
gang. And beneficiaries of his crimes are also wide spread but include most members of the Cartel of
Tijuana such as his brother Benjamin Arellano Felix. While a punishment that would be considered fit
for him is something that would vary from person to person, the pure nature of this business has
taken care of the act of placing a sentence on this man. For when a municipal cop of Mexico tried to
pull over the vehicle in which he was riding, the occupants of his car started firing .45 caliber
rounds at the police, the resulting shoot out ended up killing one police officer and Efrain
Quintero, who was wanted in connection with 12 killings and Ramon Arellano Felix.

Power could be said to be the most used topic in movies today. However, there is one movie that
most of us have heard about that I feel can be compared to the case of Ramon Arellano Felix, and
that is the latest James Bond Movie, Casino Royal which was written be a British Author. In this
movie the villain is willing to kill in order for him to gain power and money. But when he thinks
that he is finally in the clear he is killed and just like Ramon, he wanted power until he died.

Power is something that a lot of people would consider to be important. But some people seem to
have more than just a liking for power but more of a need for it. This is a need that in the human
race can lead to some horrible acts. I believe that power is something that if one wants it you
should work for it, and if you decide to take a short cut it order to obtain that power, chances are
that death will also be taking a short cut to you. But then again luck may also be a very decisive
force in this matter.
















On this planet it is safe to say that we all use one thing to communicate, that thing is language.
Although everybody uses language across this earth today, English is the language that is most
commonly used and by some would also be considered the most important language. Of all of the words
in the English language “criminal” is one that could possibly be hurting the world itself.

The word criminal today has different meanings although they all relatively follow the same track.
According to the “Unabridged dictionary” it means “of the nature of or involving a crime”.
According to the “American heritage” it means “of involving or having the nature of a crime”. Also
according to “Merriam-Webster” the word criminal means “one who has committed a crime”. These all
direct the word towards being used as a way of classifying a person without including the severity
of the crime committed. By these definitions a person who commits a parking violation is in the
same category as a murderer or a drug dealer.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary the word criminal has come to mean many things over time.
First used in the year 1430 with the meaning of “ of the nature of or involving a crime”. It has
also been used with the definition of “ of beasts savage, fierce, malignant” although that meaning
is already dead. Now the word is used with the meaning of “a person guilty or convicted of a crime”.
This connects to the word having a negative effect because it shows how the word criminal can be
used to put people in a category with out classifying the severity of their action witch can have a
big effect on the life of the one who is being addressed.

In speech the word criminal can be used in many different ways for there are infinite ways to
create a sentence while using only one word as a guide line. One way I have heard it used by Diana
Adame is in the sentence “ the only thing worst that a bad liar is a criminal” also I have herd it
been used in “ the only thing worse than criminal is a criminal lawyer” by Charlie Gibbons. I have
also heard to word criminal being used in “ an honest criminal is better than a dishonest politician
for a politician represents more than just himself” by Edmond Norton. This proves the damage the
word criminal has on the English language because it is used to portray a bad person almost every
time when in reality the word criminal means overall some one who breaks the law, so if the word
criminal is used to express that a person is a bad person than does that mean that someone can
become a bad person for simply parking is the wrong spot and getting a ticket.

In literature the word criminal has been used with more profound meanings. For example in 1759 an
author by the name of Johnson used in with the sentence “ ignorance, when involuntary is criminal”.
Also later on the word was used by Devden with the sentence “ was ever criminal forbid to plead”.
All of these of course have used the word as a way of portraying something bad.

Although over time criminal has had a broad range of usages, as the OED explains to us. However in
more recent times the world criminal has buried it roots and is holding strong to its current
definitions. In the English language it is extremely difficult if not impossible to find the word
“criminal” being used in a new way or with a new definition. So with a word that is so set to its
meaning the damage that it is doing to the world could continue for a very long time.

So with all the words in the English language having meanings criminal is the word that without its
meaning actually hurts the reputation of the English language in the world itself. It hurts it
because it gives the language yet another word with witch to categorize people. But it gives one the
means with witch to put some one who violates something as simple as a parking law in the same
category as a rapist or a murderer. And after all of this who are we to categorize people?


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