English 10: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  
  Dear Gordon Ramsay:

I am a tenth grader studying British literature at Catholic Memorial High School

in the city of Boston. My name is James Tieso But enough about me the reason I am

writing to you is because I admire your cook books such as Gordon Ramsay secrets and

kitchen heaven. I also admire that you are a British celebrity chef.

One of the main reasons of why your writing is so influential to me is because I

love to cook and you own on polls the second best restaurant in the world. Your work

stands out to me because it is something I am interested in. I love to cook in my free time,

so if I want to try a new recipe I can just look in Gordon Ramsay kitchen heaven for


When I was reading some pages from Gordon Ramsays kitchen secrets a couple of

days ago I was amazed when I was looking at some of the recipes and they are

complicated but sound delicious. All of the reviews on this book had been pronounced as

outstanding. And my favorite recipe was the chicken stir-fry you make its simple but at

the same time complicated.

In conclusion the main point of this letter is I was wondering if you would be

interested in attending my school to speak and perform to my British literature class.

Our class could benefit from your work and if you don’t come then many students may

not be inspired to do something they love to do and have fun with. Maybe you could

influence some of my other classmates with your fine works of arts.

Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon.

Best wishes,

James Tieso








John Milton, the author of, paradise lost, was also a writer of many letters. Beyond what most
people knew about Milton, he took on a career in teaching theology. This letter reveals Milton’s
thoughts on educations reform in schools. The letter was written to Master Samuel Hartlib, in 1642

John Milton wrote this letter because of his background about the church. Milton turned away
from the Church of England at an early age and was a consistent supporter of the puritan cause. This
letter was written in 1642. “Nevertheless, to write now the reforming of education, though it is one
of the greatest and noblest designs that can be thought on, and for the want whereof this nation
perishes:” in this quote from Milton he is saying that this is the perfect time to reform education
if it is going to happen.

The letter John Milton wrote to the master of the school was his thoughts on education in
schools in England. He wanted them to express more about theology in schools in England because he
thought they taught way too little.

Most people of these days knew that Milton turned away from the Church of England but a
lot of people didn’t know that he would write a letter trying to reform the schools all throughout
England. He tried to get his point across that they needed to know more about theology but he didn’t
succeed to greatly.

In conclusion his style of writing in his letters is similar to his book writing. In both of them
he uses a lot of theologian backgrounds. Such as comparing heaven and hell in theology in schools.









On august 27th, 2004, nineteen year old James El Shafay was arrested for helping in a
plot to blow up the 34th street herald square subway station in mid town Manhattan in New York City.
This plot was revealed on the eve of the republican national convention. El shafay was charged with
conspiring to detonate a bomb. He was helped by Shahawar Matin. These two men were also found out to
plot out bombing the Brooklyn Bridge and a couple others.

James el shafay was motivated by hatred on America. He was later found laughing on a
taped phone call about the 9/11 attacks. El shafay pleaded guilty and testified against matin.“ My
son would never do an unjustly thing like that, he loves this country” was the first words that had
come out James El Shafay’s mothers mouth.

These two men were caught because the plots were unveiled in Matin’s apartment a couple
days before they were suppose to occur. They revealed maps, charts and lists of places they were
planning on bombing. These are serious crimes and to take it to another level, these crimes were
committed right after the time of September 11th. So it was being considered a terrorist attack
because the men are also of the Muslim religion.

I was reading a poem by Larry Ebersole called bombing. This poem is connected to the September
11 attacks in which el Shafay was in contact with to. The poem talks about bombing different places
in which happened on September 11th and James el Shafay was planning on bombing different places

In conclusion El shafay was guilty for the acts he committed against his own country especially
right after what terrorists attacks had just occurred. I think he was clearly guilt and the judges
also concurred and he is now serving a hefty jail sentence in a jail in New York.



















English is a beautiful language. If there were no languages no one would be able to communicate.
English dates back to the year 600. Since then over 800,000 words have been created from a variety
of people. And one of the words that were created was the word “saucy”. The word saucy dates back
600 years ago. This word is used in over 27 different languages. So therefore it is helping make the
world a better place.

In 1508 the word saucy was first used. It was used in American heritage dictionary as
disrespectful. On WorldNet dictionary it was used as an “easy manner”. And in Merrian Webster’s
dictionary the word is defined as “amusingly forward”. So this word is helping the world expand its

In the Oxford English dictionary there were five definitions of the word saucy. The first
one was “flavored with”, the second one was “a persons actions”. The third one was “fastidious” and
the fourth one was “scornful”. The final one was and impertinent person. As you can see the word has
been changed over the period of time and is helping the world become a better place.

When I interviewed fifteen people a common response was” feeling unusually crazy or
doing something unordinary”. These responses were not close related to the dictionary definition of
the word saucy. So there own definitions of the word is making the world expand and become a better

The word saucy was 1st used in 1508 by a man who wrote by the name of Dunbar. The
second use of the word occurred in 1599 by B. Johnson and then it was used again in 1603 by

I interviewed a couple of foreign language speakers about the word saucy. The first person
I interviewed was han sung park, he said he did not find the word to difficult to learn and thought
that it meant to be all over the place. The second person I had interviewed was Peter okwasili. He
said the word was hard to learn and though that it meant to be crazy or out of place. These two
people both speak different languages so therefore the word saucy is making the world a better place
because this means the word is expanding to different countries.

The word is becoming famously known, it is even being used by critics in newspaper now. Angie
Rivera, writing for times newspaper wrote an article that included the word saucy. She said “saucy
musical a worthy use of retirement time”. In another article written bye Lisa Heyamoto, she wrote
“everyone’s favorite saucy sea captain is back for the third time”. These two ladies use saucy in
the same way by using it as meaning fun. This is making the world a better place by using it in

In conclusion, many people have different opinions about the word saucy and many more
definitions will be created over time for this word. But this word is definitely making the world a
better place and expanding the English language.