English 10: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  
  Dear John Cleese,

I am a student at Catholic Memorial High School and in my English class we are currently studying
British literature. I am a big fan of your work and your infamous prank in which you painted
footsteps that made it seem the school statue had gone to the bathroom. I too am a fan of practical
jokes and humor of all sorts. My friends and I are much like your group Monty Python which I am
familiar with. My favorite work of yours is Monty Python and the Holy Grail it is one of my favorite
movies which I quote very often. My friends and I even try to reenact certain scenes in the movie my
favorite of which is when Arthur and the guard argue about swallows and coconuts "Are you
suggesting that coconuts migrate." Having said this I would like to invite you to my class to
talk to us and share some of your work. It would be most entertaining to me and my classmates some of whom are not familiar with your work though I'm sure would enjoy it. No one can do what you do as well as you so if you were not to come many students would miss out on such hilarious work. I thank you for reading this letter and hope to hear from you.

Trevor Sheehan









Mary Shelley, the famous author of FRANKENSTEIN. also wrote many letters. This letter written on
the first of June 1816 to her half sister Fanny is at first telling Shelley about a storm that her
and her family endured with much detail added about how the silhouettes of trees and jagged rocks
and hills she actually goes on to say that they enjoyed the storm. This letter much like her writing
goes to great lengths to explain all the detail that the scene expresses because they didn’t have
cameras or TV’s Shelley had to provide lots of detail. We also learn from this letter that Shelley
has a very vague, airy almost uncaring outlook on human life.

Born Mary Wolstencraft Godwin, Mary Shelley grew up in London the daughter of famed feminist and
writer Mary Wolstencraft her mother died ten days after her birth and her father married again
shortly after. In May of 1816 she traveled to lakeGeneva near the home of a poet by the name of Lord
Byron she and a group of other young writers became inspired to write horror stories this led to the
creation of her most famous work FRANKENSTEIN.

This letter is just a typical note to a relative saying that Shelley is well and talking about
silly things like storms. Written to her half sister Fanny like I’m sure many other letters were
this letter is short only a few lines most of which talk about the scenery around Shelley’s home and
a recent storm that they have endured.

What is concealed in this letter is something that many people don’t know or think about. This
letter gives us a feel of how Mary Shelley feels about human life and changes along the lines of
death that come to it. Near Shelley’s house is an obelisk erected in the honor of a man by the name
of Rousseau it tells of how the magistrates and successors of people who exiled him from his own
country were killed by their own people. She writes “such is the mutability of human life” almost in
an uncaring fashion. She continues to add that their blood was simply “pollution”.
In conclusion we all know that Mary Shelley was an excellent writer who’s novels inspired many and
we have learned that she was a simple person with a strange outlook on life.