English 10: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  
  Dear Peter J.D ‘Adamo,

I currently am a sophomore student at Catholic Memorial High School in West Roxbury, Massachusetts.
I am taking an English class at school called British literature which deals with many British,
Irish and Scottish authors. In class we have read many works of other author’s and their life
stories, but I was looking for other authors which I felt had an impact on the world. After doing a
little research out of school I was most intrigued by you and what you have accomplished. You went
to Bastyr College which today is ranked by USS news as being one of the best colleges.

You have continued to write books dealing with blood types and how they affect a person’s life. You
also have designed the Type A, Type B, Type AB, Type O blood types and the characteristics that go
with each one. You have come to a conclusion that the way you eat and the things that you eat make
you who you are and how you feel.

The book that I admire the most out of the two other books that you have wrote is the book Eat Right
4 Your Type. The reason I admire this book so much because through you going to one of the best
natural heath science colleges and taking nutrition health you really have solved what many people
would not have known. If it wasn’t for you making this book which is know written in more than fifty
languages all over the world with more than three million books sold and continues to be a non stop
seller for the tenth time.

People would continue to eat badly and ultimately live shorter lives because of you not developing
your theory .Many people have critized you for saying that each individual cannot go by these
standards. On “quickwatch.org” they have ranked your book as being one of the books that people
should not read. I would like to hear your response to this which I believe you will think that what
they are saying is completely inaccurate because from this statement on you have wrote other books
on the topic.

In the book I admire the fact that even though people had criticized you for saying that on page
seventy seven of your book you say that the “The ultimate diet would control hunger and satisfying
and full of energy and nutrients, minimizes the risk of chronic disease” this quote I think is the
best because many people have gone against this saying that each person is different and eats
different and there blood is different but you still have been right over all these years. This is
why I think you should come to talk to the many kids at Catholic Memorial because without you coming
they will never really know who you are and how much of an impact you have had on many people that
are struggling with obesity and the impact you have had on the entire world and how people look at

Ryan Quirk










Beyond what most people know of Robert Browning through some of his famous books like My Last
Duches. Robert Browning also had written poems and is known to write at least one to Elizabeth
Berrett. This letter was written January 10th 1845 by Robert expressing his much love to MS.
Barrett’s poems and verses. In this letter he reveals a softer side of himself which has not been
expressed till know.

Robert Browning was married to Elizabeth and drew a lot of love for her and her verses as well as
her work. Some writers which looked up to Robert during this era where authors like Keats, Shelley
and Coleridge. Robert had been in his house writing this letter to Elizabeth because of his much
desire to want to see her. He had been away from her for awhile and he needed some inspiration so he
had come out and written this letter to her. During the time this letter was written Roberts hopes
where not in good spirits because of all the horrific things he witnessed every day with the large
famine going on in the country.

The letters purpose is to show how much Robert really does love Elizabeth both as a person as well
as an author. Something’s that show this is when he says “I love your verses with all my heart”. One
other thing he tells her is that “I love these books with all my heart”. Robert also says “I love
you too” which again indicates his huge love for her as a wife.

Most people don’t think of Robert as a loving man who talks about love all the time. During this era
death and blood and killings where what almost all authors wrote about. Unlike most Robert talks
about love and his feelings the he has toward Elizabeth. He had really gone against what other
authors saw to be as the only thing to write about at the time.

Robert Browning’s letter writing is much different from some of his poems where in his poems he
talks about death and the more horrific things in life. In this letter he reveals an unknown side of
himself that many didn’t know. In his letter he says “I love you” which is a form of affection where
in his poems he expresses death like when he says “Dead long ago, and I am Bishop”. “Do I live, am I
dead” which also is a quote from one of his poems.














Books do not ponder but those books words put together in a sentence is what makes us
ponder when we read it. The word ponder has been around for roughly only about seven hundred years.
Ponder came after the Norman Conquests of ten sixty six this was a time when many French words got
translated to English words. The word “ponder” is from the Latin word pondare meaning “weigh” as in
on a scale in pounds. Over time many dictionaries and there definitions of the word have changed for

There are many definitions for the word “ponder” with one of those being from the American
Heritage dictionary which defines it as “to weigh carefully”. The Merriam dictionary defines
“ponder” as “to think about”. The World English dictionary has the definition of “ponder” as “to
consider carefully”. With these definitions being fine, but the most renouned dictionary is the
Oxford English dictionary.

Over time the Oxford English dictionary is continuously changing the definitions of words.
One of the very first definitions that there was for the word “ponder” was in fourteen seventy which
was “to weigh as in pounds”. Shortly after that definition the word “ponder” was used in the book
The Works of Francis on page two hundered and forty five where a new definition was developed. The
Oxford English dictionary then came up with the definition of “ponder” in fifthteen ten as “to weigh
a matter, words, mentally”. This word “ponder” is used all over the word with some of the locals
using it as well.

The word “ponder” is used by many hundreds of thousands of people each day. For instance one
sophomore Mark Anderson at Catholic Memorial High School in West Roxbury, Massachusetts says “I
pondered about the question I didn’t know the answer too”. Jimmy Harte a junior from Catholic
Memorial High School in West Roxbury, Massachusetts uses the word in a similar sense “I ponder why
he would think of doing that”. One sophomore Ed Horan from Catholic Memorial High School in West
Roxbury, Massachusetts says “I ponder sometimes why in the movie “the hills have eyes" the
father is tied to a tree and lit on fire”. “Ponder” has been used on television in newspapers and in
casual conversation as well as many books.

One such book where “ponder” is used is in the book The Works of Francis on page two hundred
and forty five. The word “ponder” was used “the men had to ponder what to do”. One other citing of
the word “ponder” being used was in The Underwood, by Dougai and the Title Luy Populi, by Twitches
which the world “ponder” in both cases relates to world history and where the world is going. From
books in every language many foreign people have learned English words through reading.

Some foreign speakers like Jum Kim found the word ponder not hard to learn and when they think
of it they immediately think of “thinking”. When Jun thinks of it he thinks of questions and he even
used it in a sentence saying “I ponder through the school halls”. Ryan Pai said the word was not
hard to learn as well and he would define it as to “think about”. The sentence he used it in was “I
ponder what we will do today”. One other person that defined it was Carlos who said it was easy to
learn and defined it as “I ponder how to get home”. When Carlos hears the word “ponder” he thinks of
the Renaissance.

Some new uses of the word are ponderables which has the definition of “to question”. When in
the book The Law for Legal Assistants the word is used. The word is used in a phrase “Practical
Ponderables” meaning the right questions. One other author who uses the word is Krause, Reinhardt in
the book MPEG-2. The word “ponderables” is used in the book in the sentence “to have ponderables”.

I believe that in today’s society we should support schools that teach to bilingual kids.
Bilingualism I see is a good thing that kids can speak more than one language. I feel that in even
thought it costs more to teach many languages in school, I feel it is worth it. It is worth it
because those kids will just grow up and be able to get a good job because they can speak and read
in a different language. So in turn they will be benefiting the economy because they are working.