English 10: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  
  Dear Patrick Neate,
“In a state of permanent knackeration. Crackers busy and never quite have the time to stop
and ask, is this really what I want to do?' As happiness is perception so too, less obviously,
My name is Jimmy, I’m a sophmore at Catholic Memorial in West Roxbury Mass. The
intention of this letter is to get you to kindly visit my school and talk with us about your writing
experiences. We are studying British Literature for the Tenth grade year, and since our teacher
isn’t a British contemporary author, we would appreciate a visit from one.$$$

We have questions to ask, such as, what was it like to win the Whit Bread Fiction Prize? You
were on the weakest link, that was one of the few episodes I watched, how did you feel coming in
second place? Your book “Twelve Bar Blues” talks a lot about Jazz, are you a fan of Jazz? $$$

If you accept this letter the students here at CM will be happy to have you come. But if you
should choose to deny this friendly request then our view on contemporary British literature will
remain as most Fifteen-year olds would view it.$$$

With many thanks for your time,
Jimmy Nabstedt








Andrew Marvell wrote this letter to a friend who is not named. I now know that Andrew Marvell
worked for King James Stewart the 2nd. He tells his friend that the king is demanding three hundred
thousand Pounds. This letter was written in 1671. This letter is about Andrew Marvell telling his
friend about the king’s awkward request of three hundred thousand dollars for his Royal Navy and
that King Stewart the 2nd wants the Parliament to pay for it.

Andrew also seeks advice from his friend. Marvell tells his friend that all of Kings Stewart
the 2nd’s items are being revised, “the revision of all the kings leases, and the revision of all
the things in the customhouse.” Marvell is having a problem, “upon the pretense of the great
preparations of his neighbors, he demanded three-hundred thousand pounds for his Royal Navy.” In
1671 England was just finishing up a war and Kind James Stewart the 2nd demanded a larger naval

At this point in the letter Andrew is asking his unnamed friend what he should do to get the m
money for the king. He has no idea what the king will do to him if he cant get it. The king wants a
bigger naval fleet and he can’t have one if parliament refuses to pay for it. It could even result
in his death if he makes King James Stewart 2nd angry with the bad news that he doesn’t want to
hear. He is worried that he will not be able to find a way to get the money from parliament.
Andrew Marvell works for King James Stewart 2nd. This I know because he says the kings asked me
to get these things for him. It also says that the kind paid people off to get what he wanted.
Andrew Marvell did not say anything about this because he was afraid the king would pay someone to
kill him, so he wouldn’t tell anyone. Andrew Marvell also was in some great debt that no one spoke
of, until the king mentioned it to him and he will pay it off for him.

In Andrews style of writing is much different in writing letters than writing poems and
stories. In stories he is not worried about his life being threatened or having a king telling him
to go and get some more money so he can have a bigger naval fleet just because he wants one. Andrew
is writing out of fear, not passion. He wants to know what to do. He is asking advice, not telling a
story to people for their enjoyment and so he will get paid. If he doesn’t dot his right he may lose
his life. And that isn’t really what he wants. He wants to survive. Andrew is a much different
writer when he isn’t telling a story, he is like a different person.


















On Wednesday, March 16, 2005. Eighteen solominyan’s were attempting to sell FBI agents
grenade launchers, shoulder-fired missiles and other Russian military weapons. The case, which took
investigators to South Africa, Armenia and the Republic of Georgia, included wiretaps on seven
phones and intercepts of more than 15,000 calls, according to prosecutors, the FBI and police.

“Then men allegedly smuggled eight weapons into America, they had them stored in New York,
Los Angles, and Fort Lauderdale FL.” Said David Kelley, U.S. Attorney. “If convicted, each would
face a prison term of up to 30 years.” These men were looking to make over Two Million dollars off
this deal.

There is a movie that relates to this story, James Bond: A license to Kill. That movie is
about a man who mixes Cocaine with Gasoline in order it ships it to America. In this actual story
the men were smuggling guns into America. In both stories the bad guys got caught. James Bond,
played by Timothy Dalton, went under cover to apprehend the fiends. In real life some FBI agents
went under cover to catch the solominyan’s.

I personally am quite happy they caught the men. Now there is eighteen less arms dealers
out there. And there are many less weapons in the market too. These men could cause thousands of
deaths in our country. I feel that without government officials who care, our country would be in
complete chaos.















The first diversity of the language came from the Tower of Babel thousands of years ago. This word
in particular has been in our language since the year 1550 ad. It is very first definition is “A
hawker or pedlar of any kind” it later became “a pleasurable state of being or condition”.

In Spanish the word for “Joy” is “Leticia”. The two words sound nothing alike, but they are in fact
the exact same. To many people they have different meanings. Sean Naghton said “Joy makes me think
of a character from My Name is Earl, and Leticia makes me think of a black girls name” Conor Joyce
said, “Joy Means ‘Yay’ and leticia is a piece of clothing”

Geoffery Chaucer uses the word “Joy” many times in his Canturbury Tales. For example, in The Millers
Tale he uses the word “Joy” in line 468. The meaning he has for it is such as an emotion. The word
to most people means” “happy” or “glad”. It is often used do describe someones emotion. Its from
1550 England, so that did not have these television shows to relate to, just emotion.

I firmly believe that this word has been helpful to the English language, and the translations to
other languages. With out this word it would be difficult to describe an emotion, and emotions are
very necessary, and to express to others how you feel. This word could make or break a relationship,
job, or even a war treaty. It is almost impossible to imagine the world without this word. So many
other words have derived from it. Three dictionaries I went to had almost the same definitions.
Joy-Feeling of happiness. Joy-state or being happy. Joy- joyful;happy; good emotion. Usages in
speech are the song “joy to the world” I believe that we should not support bilingual schools. They
should be treated like private schools and ask for tuition.