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Creative Writing  
  S.T. Coleridge was a British poet. In this letter he writes to someone close to him and tells how he

Despite what we may know about S.T. Coleridge, he seems like he is paranoid. He seems to be afraid
that someone is after him. Coleridge seems depressed that he is alone. Maybe the person that he is
afraid of is himself. He doesn’t like the way he is and is tired of feeling this way. It has got him

The person he is writing to is English poet, William Sotheby. He must be a very close friend of his,
being so open and sharing his innermost feelings. He may live far away as Coleridge seems alone
judging by this quote: “it were possible to convey without inflicting the sensations, which…annoy
and at times overwhelm me as soon as I sit down alone.” He is having trouble writing and has a lot
on his mind.

He seems to feel like he is cursed with having to always write and not being able to fully express
himself. He is writing something that is different from his other works. “I dare believe that in the
mind of a competent Judge what I have performed will excite more surprise than what I have omitted
to do, or failed in doing.” He is writing something that he hasn’t done before that his other works
should have been like.

In the text it reveals that he has gone through many things. He had divorced his wife, and lost his
best friend. He had gotten addicted to pain killers. This all effected his work. This letter reveals
this as well that he is going through tough times.













Language is one of the most important aspects of life. Without language people would have no way to
communicate with each other. Each language distinguishes every culture from each other. It makes
cultures unique and it as something of their own, something they can express and share with each
other. English has a long history and it combines many languages of the world. Many of them
languages still used today and a couple not in use anymore. It is the most commonly used language in
the world. The “distinguish” is something language does and was first used in British literature in
the 1500s. It was created during the time of the Renaissance, were many things were “distinguish”
during that time. It mean to be different or unique and does make the world better because it tell
things apart by their characteristics and makes something not like anything else.

This word may have come from Italian language since it was used during the Renaissance. Many
different definitions of “distinguish”. The American Heritage Dictionary defines it as “to perceive
as being different”. The Merriam Webster defines it as “identify or explain differences in or from”.
The Medical Dictionary defines it as “to separate by definition of terms or logical systems”.

The first use of the word was in 1585 in the piece of literature Haddon’s Answer written by Bell. In
it’s context it says “your schoolmen do distinguish into works done, and works to be done”. Its
context used is as “to divide in different classes”. Other works “distinguished was used in is
Panople. by Fleming. Also in Leo’s Africa by J. Pow in 1608. Each using the same definition as
Haddon’s Answers.

“Distinguish” is not basic vocabulary. It may be a very difficult word to learn, especially for
foreign language speakers. My father for example, who’s first language was Spanish, said
“distinguish was pretty difficult to learn. His definition of distinguish is “someone who is classy,
well dressed, or elegant”. My Aunt, who’s first language was Spanish, said the word was hard, but
not very. Her definition is “somebody who is unique”. My grandmother, whose first language is
Spanish also, says the word was actually pretty easy, and her definitions “to be different or to
have different characteristics than others; unique”.

Bilingualism is very important because nit means you can communicate with many different people and
have a bigger perspective of the world. English is “distinguishes” official language because, even
though it is Italian, it is used very frequently to describe something that is very unique or
different and language is something that is very “distinguished”.