English 10: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  
  Dear, Christopher Whyte

My belief is that you are a great author and represent Scotland in a positive way. I am in the
tenth grade at Catholic Memorial from Boston, Massachusetts my name is Christopher Judge. I am
writing to you because I like your work and you are very ambitious. Your poetry is inspiring to many
people and I am one of them. I am twenty five percent Scottish and that is another reason why I am
writing to you. I personally have trouble learning two languages but you can speak twelve that’s
quite remarkable. Mr. Whyte you have traveled all over the world and have viewed many different
cultures to me you have lived an amazing life.

Mr. Whyte, my opinion is that you are the best contemporary author born in Scotland. Winning a
lot of award you’re a great roll model for young writers out there. You have one quite a lot of
awards. The book of yours I would like to read in the future is the Studies in Modern Scottish
Literature. It sounds really interesting but I am studying British Literature right now. As I am
studying British Literature I will not come across your work this year.

Mr. Whyte if you are ever in Boston in the near future I, my fellow students, and teachers would
love for you to stop by. You can tell us about all of your books and your travels. Some day I would
like to go on a journey and travel all over Europe like you have. If you can’t find the time out of
your hectic schedule I might be disappointed but I understand you are a busy person. You are a very
intelligent man and have lived quite a life I hope some day I can do some of things you have.

Christopher Judge









William Blake is known for writing many poems but he also writes letters. In this
letter Blake writes to John Flaxman on September 21st, 1800. William Blake wrote the
letter upon his arrival in Flepham. The letter was written because William Blake wanted
to tell John Flaxman how much he loves his cottage how peaceful it is. John Flaxman
was a close friend of Blake and Flaxman was a famous sculptor. This letter reveals
William Blake’s personal life that he does not tell us in his poems.

William Blake was born on November 28, 1757 and died at age seventy on August
12, 1857. He was born in London. From a young age of four he thought he could see God.
In 1782, Blake met John Flaxman, who was to become his patron, and Catherine
Boucher, who was to become his wife. In 1781 at age thirty one was when he started
writing poems. Blake wrote many poems and most of them are very well known.

Blake expresses in the letter how much he loves his cottage in Flepham. William
just moved from London to Flepham and absolutely loves it. To him its more peaceful
and tranquil to live. William Blake wanted to make sure that John Flaxman new that he
had a safe trip and wanted to tell Flaxman how much he loved his new cottage in
Flepham. “We safely arrived at our cottage, which is more beautiful than I thought” this
is how Blake stated it in the letter. Blake also states that Flepham is more spiritual than
London. “Felpham is a sweet place for study, because it is more spiritual than London”.
The letter reveals William Blake’s personal life that isn’t revealed in his poems. For
example we learn that William Blake is good friends with the famous sculptor John
Flaxman. They were obviously very close because this is a personal letter that does not
involve business.

In conclusion I do not think the style of Blake’s letter is similar to some of his
work. One similarity is the same vocabulary style is used. For example in his poems he
seems not to be so straight forward. In other word he is known for his symbols. For
example in his poem “The Lamb” the lamb is a symbol of all creatures. That is how this
letter relates to his work and what the letter revealed about William Blake.


















It was a regular, cold day on January 24th at Lincoln-Sudbury High School. A sixteen year old
sophomore John Odgren was not himself that day because he knew he was going to overpower a freshman
that once made fun of him. That freshman was James Alenson who thought he was going to experience
another boring day at school and never expected it to be his last. James Allenson had to go to the
bathroom and happened to ran into John Odgren who had a knife and allegedly stabbed Allenson
multiple times. Odgren knew exactly what he was doing by seeking revenge on an innocent fourteen
year old fellow classmate. If Odgren did it than it was because of power because he overpowered and
killed a classmate for revenge.

The suspect claims “he was not aware” of his actions when he stabbed Alenson multiple times.
The suspect had a “fixation on bombs and knives” as reported in the Boston Globe by James Allan Fox.
The family of the victim was in shock when they received the news of this tragedy but tried to stay
away from the media.

If convicted the suspect will face an automatic life sentence. There are a lot of
controversy because the sophmore Odgren is not only a minor but also has a mental issue as well. The
suspect pleaded guilty in courtn and will most likely end up in a Juvenile Hall or a Mental
Facility. There are no other suspects in this case. John Odgren was proven guilty and understands
the gravity of the crime that he committed.

This particular case reminded me of the poem “Diameter of A Bomb” by Yehuda Amichai. The
suspect was fixated on bombs and weapons but in the end the Odgren understood the lethalness of
weapons. The poem relates to the crime because of the ripple effect that a small weapon
plays such a big impact in so many different lives.

In conclusion the murder in Lincoln Sudbury was a murder that can be decribed by many
adjectives but the key one is power. The suspect will probably serve time in a Juvenile Hall or
Mental Facility, I don’t expect Odgren to serve a life sentence.
























One thing people of the world today take advantage of is language. Without language
there would be no organized society anywhere in the world. Even though the topic is the English
language all languages are unique in there own way. Some critics out there say the English language
is an unorganized mess but from my point of view it’s amazing. The word “amazing” can be used as an
adjective to describe millions of different things and has a positive effect on the English

There are many different ways that the word amazing can be defined as. In the American
Heritage Dictionary they defined “amazing“ as an “overwhelming with surprise or sudden wonder;
astonish greatly”. In Merriman Webster they defined “amazing“ “causing great surprise or sudden
wonder”. The last dictionary source defined “amazing“ “Obsolete. to bewilder; perplex”. All of these
share similar characteristics and I consider relatively the same.

The Oxford English Dictionary is the best and most accurate dictionary in the world
today. According to the O.E.D. “amazing” was first used in 1530. The O.E.D. defines the word as ”the
action of causing amazement” or “astounding beyond expectation. The word “amazing” was most famously
used by William Shakespeare in his play King John.

To prove that “amazing” is having such a positive effect on the world I conducted a
survey. Cory Cardillo a seventeen year old female from Prince Edward Island, Canada stated she
thinks amazing is “something really crazy but in a good way“. Dan Strachan a forty eight year old
male from Denver Colorado stated that he thought of the word “life”.
This prooves that the word amazing has had a positive effect on the world.

The word “amazing” has played a tremendous role in the English language. “Amazing” is one of
those adjectives that can define anything. The world is a better place because of the word