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Creative Writing  








On a moonless, late evening at 48 Doughty Street one of greatest authors ever to write, wrote a
letter to a businessman. That author was Charles Dickens. He speaks about meeting his publishers. He
is inviting this businessman to his meeting for his book to be published. Even though he wrote many
books ad novels, h also wrote letters. What’s revealed by this letter that most people don’t think
about when they think of Charles Dickens is that he was very organized and always knew what was
going on.

During the time period in which Dickens wrote this letter is a very poor and hard time in England.
Unfortunately money was hard to get at and people needed to have eachother for poof of contracts.
When people needed proof of arrangements and identification they must have had two people present in
that time in which they signed the document. The historical events that followed in his time frame
was the war of 1812, Japan was “open to the public” finally, and the American Civil war occurred.
The purpose of this letter is to inform this man of business that he is going to a book publication
meeting and he would like if the businessman attended. When he pulished books he would always
enjoyed if many people were in attendance. “ I shall be delighted if you join us”. The letter also
speaks of how he would be affected if the business man does not comply and go with him. “ admiring
your number sir”

What people don’t know about Mr. Dickens is that he was a “scrooge” and didn’t like if people
didn’t fallow what he said and wanted you to do for him. At midpoint of the letter he reveals that
the book that he is about to publish is one of his greatest work, “Pickwick”. He is very excited
about his labors in the time and effort that he put into this book. His letters are extremely well
organized as he first saturates the business man wit compliments then gets down to the nitty gritty
and almost demands him to show up to the meeting of him and The Jerden publishers.

His writing is similar to his letter writing technique. In his writing he shows how something will
come back and haunt them or lead them into deeper or harsher traps. In this letter he carries out
the same format by telling the businessman that he is great but then he tells that if he does not
offer his acceptance of going to the meeting that it will lead a bad reputation with him and the
Dickens followers will look down upon him.


















Nabil the Blogger was arrested in Egypt due to a lack of freedom of speech. This is extremely
unusual to hear but America is one of the few countries that has a freedom of speech policy. Nabil
was speaking out against the Egyptian Government which associates itself with the Moslem faith. In
Egypt there is a state religion of Islam. If you speak out against Mohamed and the faith you will be
arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Nabil was arrested and there was a trial. He was guilty for speaking out against the government.
This was his attempt at gaining power in the world. That was not his only arrest, he was arrested
for trying to stick up for Christians who were being persecuted by Moslem extremists. The decision
was to send him to jail for a set amount of time and no future trials have been set at this time.
The Egyptian Government became to worry when people began to listen to the famous blogger. A lot of
people listen to bloggers such as Curt shilling but no one got so much reviews as Nabil. People
began to argue along side him and protest against the powerful government of Egypt. As a article
shows that in one day twenty people were arrested for protesting with him. His willingness is quoted
“I shall not recant, not even by an inch, from any word I have written. These restrictions will not
preclude my dream of obtaining my freedom, for that has been my wish ever since I was a child, and
it will continue to run in my imagination in endlessness.”


















English is the most powerful language in the world. English has over 800,000 word but one “dream”
has brought the world as a one unified species which understands the determination of an
inspiration. Dream, is used by many people today. This word is known around the world by one
inspirational speeches. This speech is known as “ I have a dream speech” by Martin Luther King Jr.
This speech has helped the world very much. This dream has helped the world because many people
need inspiration and dreams to live their lives daily.

Dream has an etymology from the Latin word “volo”. The Unabridged Dictionary spoke of the word as “
a succession of images, thoughts, or emotions passing through the mind during sleep”. The School
wide dictionary for Catholic Memorial High School in Massachusetts “American Heritage Dictionary”
stated that the word dream means “A wild fancy or hope”. While the final dictionary I used
Merriam-Webster's Medical Dictionary spoke of the word dream as “to indulge in daydreams or
fantasies”. Obviously with all of these various definitions of the word dream it is helping the
world to inspire different things.

The Oxford English Dictionary used one of the most common uses for the word dream as “A series of
images, ideas, emotions, and sensations occurring involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of
sleep”. This is the definition that is probably thought of by most people when you walk up to them
and ask them what dream means. The OED said that the word dream was first used in 1250 in the sense
"sequence of sensations passing through a sleeping person's mind". Clearly by all the
time that the word dream has been around it has inspired millions of people to get up and live their
lives and think about the future.

Dream is an extremely common word that is used in daily speech. When I ask fifteen people to give
me what they believe the word dream meant, there were many similarities to what people believed and
only one person had something totally oblivious to what dream means. This kid in Catholic Memorial
High School in Massachusetts named Jay Reardon said that dreams means “ inspiration on life”. This
other boy who is a senior at Catholic Memorial Patrick White said “ its what you believe in”. As
spoken by these two people the word has helped many people think about their lives in general.
On August 28, 1963 at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C, a speech was given that was quoted by
many, many different authors, and it was a speech that sparked a nation. The “ I have a dream”
speech by Martin Luther King Jr. is arguably the most famous speech ever delivered in the history
of the world. This dream spoke of Inspirations that at one time there will be no segregation within
the United States and the U.S will be a nation of one people. Because of this speech almost every
person who has heard of Martin Luther, when they are depressed about a topic they think about him
and his speech to the black community and a nation, makes themselves believe that they can live
another day for a dream.

To be a successful language foreigners must be able to understand the word dream. I asked a couple
of speakers who grew up speaking Korean and they found that the word dream was easy to learn since
it is one of the most famous words in the English language. They both came to an agreement that the
word dream has something to do with an inspiration on life. Through these two it is clear that
English has a major effect on the world today.

Dream has been helpful to the world today. Even though many foreign people hate the United States
they understand to succeed in the world today you must understand English because it is the language
of power. Because they need to have a word to give to people why they want to be successful in the
world they give the world the reason “because I have a dream.”