English 10: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  
  Dear Bono,

My name is Shane Hewson and I am a sophomore in high school. In my English class we had to pick a
English, Irish or Scottish author, poet or songwriter to write about.I chose you because I am a big
fan of your music and as you can tell we have the same last name and we are both Irish. I was born
in America but I lived over In Westmeath for about 2 yrs because my parents are from Ireland.
“Vertigo “and “It’s a beautiful day” are two of my favorite songs. Like you say “Music can change
the world because it can change people”. I feel that people seeing someone like you reaching out to
the unfortunate makes them want to do the same.

Not only do I like your songs but I admire your humanitarian work in Africa and your efforts in
canceling debt of poor third world countries. It really inspires me to do something that can help
the unfortunate. I know it’s a long shot but it would really be a tremendous honor if you came to my
school for a visit to talk about all your tributes to the world. My school is Catholic Memorial in
Boston, Massachusetts and it would be greatly appreciated if your came.


Shane Hewson






William Shakespeare, perhaps one of the greatest contemporary British authors wrote his will when he
when he was in perfect health. Reading it gives me a lot of info about him that I and probably
others did not know about him.

One of the things I didn’t know about Shakespeare is that he had a huge family and a lot of
friends. There are many names in his will. Also I was not aware that Shakespeare was a Christian.
When I read it his will “ I Comend my Soule into the hands of God my Creator”, I was very surprised.
It seems like I didn’t know as much about Shakespeare as I thought I did. From reading this will I
can see that Shakespeare was a very generous person. He just didn’t give all of his belongings to
his family. He also gave out possessions to close friends.

Shakespeare was very familiar with Latin. But I don’t know why he replaces every I with and
Y and changes every Y at an end of a word to IE. It’s very hard and confusing to read. For example
he changes country to countrie. A lot of words have extra letters or letters flipped around and it
makes it very difficult.

All in all I can say that from reading Shakespeares will I can say that I’ve learned a lot
more about him.



















Bill Maelia in 2005 was convicted of grand larceny and conspiracy, along with the former CEO of
Southwinds Retirement Home. These two men tried to embezzle money from the facililty. Both men were
charged in a 17-count indictment that showed they were trying to control the Southwinds payroll.
Pehrsson was arrested in early Februaury and is said to have stolen nearly $500,000.

Maelia’s connection to the scheme was he allowed his name to be used as a ghost employee at
Southwinds. Pehrsson then could collect the money from the payroll. Also he would file income tax
returns to reflect the payment. Although a number of Middletown police officers work second jobs as
night guards at Southwinds. It has been stated that Maelia had not. Police Chief Matthew Byrne said
Maelia, who had been on paid disability for just over a year, was suspended yesterday morning after
turning in his gun and badge. “ I was very disappointed to learn that one of our own was indicted in
these unconscionable larcenies from Southwinds,” said Byrne.

The indictment says Pehrsson directed the actions and recruited Maelia as his co-conspirator. It
also names Maelia’s sister, Maureen Kane, as a co-conspirator. However Kane, the former chief
financial officer at Southwinds, was not included in the indictment. “It was Maureen Kane’s role in
the conspiracy to issue paychecks to defendant Maelia, who is Kane’s brother, for his no-show job,
as well as to issue payments for tax liabilities incurred due to his participation in the
conspiracy”. The indictment says. “ She accomplished this by making false entries into the payroll
records of Southwinds.

The indictment says there was paychecks issued by Kane to Maelia on June 6, and June 20,2001 and
three instances between March 2001 and Februaury 2003. Pehrsson faces 13 counts related to
second-andthird-degree grand larceny, falsifying business records and a joint charge of conspiracy
with Maelia. Maelia is charged with second-and-third degree grand larcent and conspiracy, a total of
five counts.

These two men used their high ranking power to break the law and try to dishonestly take money.
Conspiracy is a crime so old poems and books have been written about it. In Grant Morrison's
comic series The Invisibles, both the protagonists and their adversaries are members of competing
conspiratorial groups.




















English language derives from Germanic speaking peoples who formed what is today called Old English.
From then the language has vastly grown. Erroneous is one of the 800,000 words that comprises the
English language. Erroneous which means “false or mistaken’’ was first used in 1460 by a man named
Capgrave. He used it to describe the behavior of dogs. “The bischoppis opened no mouth to berk ageyn
these erroneous doggis” are his exact words. So because this word is used to describe misconduct I
think it helps the world. I believe this because when people hear the word erroneous and know what
it means, they would try not to have it as a trait. Also because erroneous is such a specific word
it does not have many different definitions.

In the Merriam-Webster dictionary it is defined as “containing or characterized by error:
mistaken”. In the American Heritage dictionary it is defined as “containing or derived from
erroneous: mistaken”. In the Chambers dictionary it is defined as “wrong or mistaken”. Since
erroneous is such a specific word it reinstates my opinion on how people try not to have that as a

In the Oxford English Dictionary it has many definitions but they basically mean the same thing.
The first entry is “Wandering, roving, moving aimlessly, vagrant”. The second is “Straying from the
path or right or virtue, morally faulty, criminal”. The third is straying from the ways of wisdom or
prudence: under the influence of error, misguided. The fourth and final entry is “Of doctrines,
opinions, statements, mistaken, wrong”. All of these definitions basically mean wrong or criminal;
a definition that people would not like to be characterized as. Although it has a specific meaning
people use it differently.

Ryan Pai a foreign exchange student from South Korea uses it as “crazy”. Since English is a second
language for him he says it was a hard word for him to learn. My mother Ann Hewson was born and
raised in Ireland. For her it was not a hard word to learn because English is a common language over
there. She defines it correctly as wrong or false. My co-worker Pat Johnston is a black teen who is
Boston born and raised. He defines it as “stupid or dumb”. And when asked to use it in a sentence he
uses it to describe behavior. “Why are you acting so erroneous?” is word he said. Although people
use it differently they get the basic meaning of it. I bet the understanding of the word helps them
live a better lifestyle. Erroneous is also a popular word used by famous authors.

In 1624 a British writer Sir T. Herbert uses it to describe the church. “I have proved alredie and
discovered the erroneousness of the faith of that church”. That’s a pretty big topic and it shows
how powerful the word is. Other famous poets such as Shakespeare have used it in their works. But it
is still not a good trait to have. It is still used today by critics.

John Craig, a man from Holland wrote a review of Church History. To get his point across he named
it “Erroneous and Schismatical Opinions: The question of Orthodoxy regarding Theology”. A Greek play
review of “The Bacchae” by Euripides is titled “Valdis Leinicks on Pentheus Erroneous Perception”.
Such a strong word and a good one to shape a lifestyle.

Although people from different cultures use it differently they get the central idea of it. My
opinion on the word is that it is a great addition to the world.