English 10: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  
  Dear Debbie Taylor,

My name is Allen Harris. I am a 15 year old boy from Boston, mass. I am a student at Catholic
memorial high school. I am writing to you because I read a piece of your writing and I really
enjoyed it. It would really excite me if you can visit can visit my school.

In my English class we are studying British Authors. Since you are from Cardiff, Wales Engles, you
are one of the authors we studied. I know that in Cardiff, England Wales there native language is
welsh. I find it interesting that your books aren’t in welsh.

I know you have won the Northern Arts Award in 1997. I find you as a very imaginative writer. I
know that you are the editor of the magazine Mslexia. It is the fastest growing magazine in the UK.
I know you have written many books such as my children my gold, which was a short listed for the
Fawcett prize. You also have written the fourth Queen which was your first novel. I really enjoy
your style of writing how you put jokes. For example, “Phew! It smells worse than a tinker's
knob down here.” I really like a writer that has more than one book and do more than one thing.

It would be nice if you could come to my school and speak to us, since we have been studying
British authors. It would be nice to meet a British author. It was also help my classmates to get to
know about a British author.

I would really like to know how you got into writing and why you write. If you do not come it will
limit my knowledge to get to know about professional writing. I would really benefit from you coming
to speak to my school. Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon.








Will Blake is the author of many stories and letters. The letter that Mr. Blake wrote was a thank
you letter. The letter i am writing about is a letter to a Mr.Cumberland. Will Blake is writing this
letter to thank Mr. Cumberland for writing him a recommendation. The recommendation was for D'
trusler. Will Blake has many good writings under his name.

Will blakes letter to Mr. Cumberland is showing his appreciation towards him. Will Blake wrote this
letter in 1799. he wrote it on August 26th. Will Blake wrote this letter around the time after he
got accepted to what he applied for. Will Blake is being very appreciative and it is a very special
moment for him.

Will Blake was a terrific writer. He is the author of many good poems. Will Blake was born in Soho
which is in London. Blake started writing poems when he was 12 years old. Blake left school to
attend a drawing academy at a early age. Although Blake was a good writer, he wanted to be a
painter. Since Blake could not afford to be a painter he started to write.After that Blake went on t
write many good poems that we still read today.

Will Blake's letter was an appreciation to mr. Cumberland. In this letter will Blake thanks
mr. Cumberland. He also explains to him what D' trusler said about him. He was telling Mr.
Cumberland all the good things he though about him after seeing Mr. Blake's recommendation. One
thing D' trusler thought about him was, “We shall have change for the better i see prophecy”.
He is saying that they could use will Blake for better change. Will blakes letter was very

Will Blake has a very old fashion style of writing. This letter was written in 1799 so the style of
writing is much more complicated. It can be translated to be understood differently. Will Blake has
a letter to written inside of a letter. That is rarely seen from authors today.
















My crime is a shooting and slaying of a gang member in Boston. The victim was Jamal. A Norfleet. He
was known as the leader of the H-Block gang in Boston. The culprits are unknown but it is believed
to be rival gang Heath Street located in Jamaica plain. This shooting happened on Nov 28th 2006. It
is the anniversary of when heath street gang leader Carl searcy was gunned down. This is leading to
how power is involved.

The killing of Jamal came to a surprise to many. The former gang leader was turning his life
around. He was going back to school to get his GED. The victim’s grandmother didn’t believe her
grandson was a gang leader she said, "He lived on the streets, and all the other kids followed
him, but that doesn't make him a gang leader.” These two gangs wanted power over the streets of

This shooting happened because of gang violence. This shooting is to be believed as retaliation for
Carl searcy murder. Carl’s murder happened a year to the day of Jamal’s murder. That is why many
believe that heath street committed the murder of Jamal norfleet. The two gangs supposedly had a
truce where they will stay out of each others turf.

The crime relates to having power because it was between to gangs. Each gang wants to be known as
the toughest. Each gang wants to have every one fear them. These gangs want people to be scared of
them. They want to be the baddest in the city. To be all of these things they have to put fear in
others eyes. The way that they do this is by shooting and killing other gang members.

Every time someone kills someone they want power. This was an example because it was about the
heath street gang wanting to be on top. They killed Jamal to send a message to the rest of the city.