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“ If all the world and love were young , and truth in every shepard’s
tongue , these pretty pleasures might by thy love.” This is one of Sir walter Ralegh’s lines. Sir
Walter has many thoughts of love and passion as we can see in this one line. I’ve read a letter
written in 1603 to Sir Walter’s wife. This letter written by Sir Walter is shown to be very
passionate and just shows that Sir Walter’s life defiantly rubs off in his work.

Sir Walter Ralegh was born in 1952 , but the date of his birth wasn’t
quite certain. Sir Walter was a great British explorer, poet, and historian. He died in 1617 where
he was sentenced to confinement. He died with serenity and dignity.

This letter written in 1603 was written with much passion. This letter
is probably the most deep piece of writing that Sir Walter Ralegh has ever written. This is because
when he was in confinement he was sentenced to be executed and this letter was written the night
before he was put to death and it’s his last words to his loved wife. This letter is very dramatic
and revealing.

Sir Walter’s letter shows that he loves his wife very much, and also
shows that his work and his life thought like the way he is are quite similar. He wants to be at
peace with love and is always wondering about love and pleasure in his work. So this letter shows
that he maybe is in peace now and now has to understand because he is going to be killed the next

This letter shows that he also cares very much about his family as
this quote shows; “ Teach your son also to love and fear God whilst he is yet young , that the fear
of God may grow with him and then God will God a husband and a father to him.” So we now know that
he believes in and trusts God. “ my love send you that you may keep it when I am dead , and council
that you may remember it when I am no more.” This is pretty much Sir Walter Ralegh’s farewell to
his wife and this leads me to my conclusion that his work is very much like his life and feelings
and Sir Walter does not hide these feelings.