English 10: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  
  Dear Mr. Steven Merchant,

Let me first start off by saying I am a big fan of the show “The Office”. My name is Brian
Glasheen and I’m a sophomore at Catholic Memorial High School in West Roxbury, Massachusetts. CM is a very small, all boys high school near Boston. I would like to offer you a chance to come and
speak to my British 10 Literature class. We have been learning about great British authors like
Shamus Heaney, but we will not have the opportunity to touch on your great work.

My favorite piece of your work is the popular British sitcom “The Office”. I have seen episodes of
both the American and British version of it. Both are down to earth, real office environment
situations, and it’s hilarious. I am also very interested in your radio broadcasting career for
Radio Warwick while you were in college and how it was named funniest show on the air in 1995 and
1996. After being so successful in radio and T.V., I have to ask you, what is next on you list of
things to do?

Your life is just one amazing journey, from growing up in Bristol, England, going to
college, hosting your own radio show and creating laugh out loud sitcom. You and I also share a lot
of the same characteristics: we both were very shy as a kid and had a pretty normal childhood. You
took a very daring move becoming a stand up comedian. I don’t think I could have the confidence to
stand up in front of a crowd and try to get them to laugh.

So you see, if you don’t come to visit we will not be the only ones missing out, you would be able
to come to one of the greatest high schools in the United States and meet all of the wonderful
students here. Also you are one of my English teacher’s favorite authors. We could really learn a
lot from you and you could share with us all the success that you have had. My classmates and I
hope to be hearing from you soon and maybe you could make the trip here to see us.

Brian Glasheen









In this letter many things about William Blake’s life are found, things that people wouldn’t know
unless reading it. The letter talks about William arriving at this house that he just bought with
his wife and sister. He can’t get over how he loves the cottage and paying attention to every
little detail,”Nothing can be more grand that its simplicity and usefulness.” The letter is written
in 1807 to the sculptor who worked on his house. The house is outside of London because William
wanted a more peaceful place where he could write his novels and paint. He is writing the letter
to a friend saying that everyone has arrived safely and the house is a work of art.

The function of the letter is to thank the sculptor who designed the cottage. Blake goes into
great details about how magnificent the house looks and how he will be spending much more time here,
“No other formed house can ever please me so will nor shall I ever be persuaded.” Not only is it
just the house but it’s the county side surrounding the property. William Blake spent much of his
free time at this house as possible because it gave him such and inspirational feeling.
William Blake was not only a skilled writer but loved to paint as well. In the letter he mentions
bringing lots of paints and blank portraits for him to paint while enjoying the scenery. Not many
people thought of him as the artistic person he really was. He had a passion for two things,
writing and painting still life.

Insight into this letter shows a big theme is how it is a lot more spiritual than William had ever
seen. In the letter he wrote that“it’s closer to the heavenly gates of God”. William thinks that
living here will make his works more famous in heaven and will have a major impact on the people of
the world. Many people didn’t get to see this side of Mr. Blake before.

The background of this letter is mainly to get away from the city life of London and go somewhere
peace. He was tired of the noise and “stink” that London had to offer to writers. He writes “there
is no grumbling like the city, all was cheerful and humorous.” This shows that Blake liked the
quiet life rather than the loud and fast pace city life.

This writing style is different than what the people saw when reading his novels; he is softer and
talks about a place that he really enjoys. The latter reveals things about his life that people
might not have known. How he notices every detail about the cottage and how it’s the perfect place
for him to continue his work. It’s a place that is special in his heart and in the mind of God, the
two things that only matter to him.
















In 1991 Slobodan Milosevic was the president of Serbia and committed many acts of atrophies on the
people of Yugoslavia. He did what he could to keep the people of the country quiet and under
country. He is responsible for the bombing of Yugoslavia and the killing of many innocent
civilians. He wanted to take control of the country and use its oil fields to his advantage. Many
of these acts were committed up until the late 90’s when we was kicked out of office. He also
committed many crimes against humanity.

The crimes against the people of Yugoslavia by Milosevic were crimes for power and self gain. He
didn’t care what he did to the innocent people of the world because all he saw was his own greed and
ambition. After consulting with his top military generals they decided to bomb the neighboring
country and try and take over their resources, Milosevic fed the world community lies so that he
could continue to bomb Yugoslavia. He thought if he could get Yugoslavia under his control then he
would become one of the most power dictators.

Known culprits in these crimes of power were Milosevic top generals that were in charge of the
military at the time of the bombing. They fed information to Milosevic and that kept this campaign
continuing long after it should have ended. The two generals at the top were General Aleksandar
Vasiljevic and General Staff. General Vasiljevic was said to say Bomb them back to the Stone Age”
during one of the air forces campaign over Yugoslavia.

This crime is closely related to the poem “Diameter of a Bomb” by Yehuda Amichai; in that he talks
about the affect the one bomb can have on the worldwide scale. Also it’s about the ripple affect
that it has on the world and everyone in it. This bombing might have been small compared to WWII
but still it was a bombing and killing none the less.

This bombing might have been small in the eyes of many especial to us who live so far away, but
this was done because of one mans greed and thirst for power. He thought that if he did this then
he would be elevated to a top ruler in the world community, he was so determined that he would step
on anyone to get what he wanted for himself.

















The English language continues to grow since it birth around the year 400. Most words have more
than one meaning that either help or hurt the world. The word “desire” is a simple verb that helps
the world today. It is used today in various pieces of literature, novels, magazines and newspaper
articles. The word has come a long way and is still used frequently today, it has survived almost
2,000 years and its still going strong.

Three ordinary dictionary definitions of the word “desire” are from the American Heritage
Dictionary, Dictionary.com and Online Etymology Dictionary. The American Heritage Dictionary
defines the word as “The object of longing”. The Online Etymology defines “desire” as “wanting
something in your possession”. And Dictionary.com defines it as “to wish or long for”. These three
definitions clearly show that the word “desire” helps the world as we know it today.

The Oxford English Dictionary states that the first time the word “desire” was used in the English
language was in 1250. The word has its roots in French because around that time England was under
the control of Fence rulers.

Foreign language speakers have similar definitions for the word “desire”. Yung Jun Kim says that
it’s an easy word to understand and to learn and the first thing that comes to mind when he thinks
of it is a driving force behind him wanting something. When he used it in a sentence he said “I
desire that cookie you are eating”. Another foreign language speaker was Ryan Pai, he also said it
was easy for him to learn and understand and when he used it in the sentence he said “what I most
desire are girls at this school.

So the word “desire” has a positive meaning for the world and when people think of it they think of
it as a driving force and longer for something. This shows that this word doesn’t hurt the world
with a negative meaning but it’s a good word that has survived the test of time.