English 10: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  
  Dear Mr. Ferdinand Dennis,

My name is Matthew Ferrick and my 10th grade class at Catholic Memorial High School in West Roxbury of Boston, MA was supposed to pick a contemporary British author. My class was told that we would all have to write letters to our authors, which means we have to research on our authors by finding
some of their work and some things about their life. We were also told we have to ask our authors if
they can come to our school and perform or explain about their works of art.

Traveling around West Africa for your BBC Radio series “Journey Round My People” and teaching on the BA Creative and Media Writing and the MA Writing programs state that you believe in what you write and that your work is important to you. Since you are the author three acclaimed novels, published
two travel books and that you are the winner of the 1998 Martin Luther King Memorial Price shows
that you are an experienced author and that’s why I have chosen you as my author to write to.

Seeing that you travel a lot, it might not be so hard for you to come and visit our school and bless
it with your presence. Not putting you at a state of guilt or anything but our class would be
missing out on a great educational experience and we have been turned down may times before so its
alright if you cannot come, we understand.


Matthew Ferrick










Mary Shelly the great author/creator of Frankenstein portrays a side of horror and romance through
out her book. Though she portrays another side through her letters which she sends to various
numbers of people. The dates of the letters go from 1814’s to the 1817’s. The certain time period in
history strongly affects her grammar in her letters. A letter written by Mary Shelley to her husband
Percy on September 28 1817 reveals the side of romance in her life and not only in her book

The letters purpose is basically as a journal or personal diary for Mary where she sends it in a
letter to her husband about what she plans on doing with him. For example “I wish for you to be my
companion on future walks – to further which plan you will send down by Monday’s coach.” In that
quote it tells or shows how Mary tells her husband Percy Shelley that she wants him to go on walks
with her, and to do things for her.

Though this is only one of the many letters to her husband they all show the signs of romance as
read in Frankenstein. But what is really reveled about this author compared from her books is the
romance status of her and the monster, some how they make a connection.











In the streets of Milan there were serious acts of money-laundering and corruption going on, these
acts took place in the 1990s and in recent November. Two power hungry addicts were taking intakes on
a horrible drug called power. Mr. David Mills, a husband, culture secretary and a corporate lawyer
who had clients such as Berlusconi. Of course everyone knows “Mr. B”. On the streets he’s known as
Silvio Berlusconi, no one important just the prime minister of Italy. Well according to the
situation Mr. Mills is in he will find out that Power doesn’t pay.

Mr. Mills is involved in two trials in Milan. The first case is that Mr. Mills is accused of
helping Mr. Berlusconi set p offshore companies in order to event taxes on his media conglomerate ..
The second cause, he is charged with accepting a $600,000 kickback from Silvio Berlusconi after he
gave a “helpful” testimony about former Italian prime minister in two court cases in the 1990s.
According to a United Kingdom newspaper (Telegraph), Mr. Berlusconi says “I’ve never met this man
before.” Right now in the case its being postponed due to an argue that Mr. Berlusconi’s investment
conglomerate, and the finance ministry to appear in court.

Mr. Mills was motivated or under the influence of power by a simple equation money=power. He was
first introduced to this drug back in the 1990s, when “Mr. B” gave him a bit of power he was
immediately addicted like it was “crack” and simply like any other power head, he wanted more. Thus
from wherever Mr. Mills is going to end up proves that Power Doesn’t Pay






















What difference can words make; it’s not a physical object or thing. Words are used since the start
of man kind whether said, written, or shown as in sign language. Every thing in history was recorded
with words; not just a couple but billions. Billions of words that were formatted in certain ways to
make sentences, from sentences you get paragraphs, and evolves even more from that. Words are life,
each word out of the billions of them have their own specific meaning. Some words with there
meanings help the world and some do not. Though the word “Faith” is just one of the many words, out
of the lot that has helped the world.

“Faith” has a lot of definitions but mostly relating to the same thing. “Faith” given to us by the
American Psychological Association states that “faith” is confidence or trust in a person or thing.
And a second definition given to us by (APA) is belief that is not based on proof. Websters english
dictionary three defitions of faith are allegiance or duty to a person; Belief, trust and loyalty in
God; and something that is believed especially with strong conviction. (Merriam Websters online
dictionary) . The last defitnion given to us is by (Word Net Search) states that “faith” is
religion: a strong belief in a supernatural power or powers that control human destiny.

The oxford English dictionary says that the word “faith” is belief, trust, confidence. It states
that it’s the confidence, reliance, trust in ability, goodness of a person; the efficiency or worth
of a thing; or in truth of a statement or doctrine. Its second defining of “faith” is In theology in
various specific applications. Belief in the truths of religion; belief in the authenticity of
divine revelation (whether viewed as containing the Holy Scripture or in the teaching of the
Church), and acceptance of the revealed doctrines. (Oxford English Dictionary)

A broad definiton of “faith” given by a substitue teacher (Jim, 2007), syas that “faith is the
belief in something that you don’t have proof or reality in. When I asked random people to define
“faith” the most common defition of “faith” is that it is having trust or belief in God. I found it
would only be right to ask a theology teacher on his/her perspective of the word “faith”. Theology
teacher (Hahn, 2007) defines the word “faith is the drive to do action , the drive to care for
others”. When asked to put in a sentence he stated that “It is faith that pushes us to do more.”