English 10: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  
  Dear Janet Todd,

I am a student at Catholic Memorial and I wanted to write to you because I wanted to let you know
that in my tenth grade English class we are studying contemporary British authors and I wanted to
ask you if you could take time out of your busy life to talk to us about your work and let us know
more about you.

I did research on your work and read a little from your book Mary Maria Matilda. I did not get a
chance to read all of it but from the research I did on it I can see that it has something to do
with social justice and the rights of women. After researching a little from your book I wanted to
quote t because I see it is about social justice “Mary attacks the enslave started the labouring
majority and the evil which arise in society from depootism of riches”.

Knowing that you are a contemporary British authors I was wondering what it was like to be known as
one? I would like to know more about you from meeting you in person and wanted to know how your
everyday life is. Your book Mary Maria Matilda received four and one half stars so it must have been
good. Hopefully I will get a chance to read all of it.

After hearing all the things that I told you about I am hoping that would have the chance to make
it to Catholic Memorial. It is located in West Roxbury Massachusetts. I also wanted to let you know
that we are not going to have a chance to read any of your books during the school year so it would
be great if you could make it

Sincerely, Joseph Connolly







My letter was written by William Blake. In the letter he writes dear Sir and Blake expresses his
sorrow for someones loss. It was writen in May 6 1800. It was written because someone he cared about
has passed away. Blake expressed his deepest sympahy to thr people that cared about the decesed
person the most. Beyond what mos people know about William Blake his letters teach us that he is a
caring person and it shows in his letters.

This letters purpose of being rote is because William Blake wants to show sympathy for a
persons loss. Blake also asks for forgiveness in this letter. "Forgive me for expressing to you
my Enthusiasm which I wish all to partake of since it is me a source of immortal joy even in this
world by it I am the comparison of angles may you continue to be more and more and to be more and
more perswaded.

William Blke writes books but most people do not know that he also writes letters.
In this letter he reveals a deeper and different side of himself that we do not normally see. Most
people do not get a chance to see thi side of him. In this letter he is very caring and shows
emotion and not alot of people see that from him. It is always good to show alot of emotion in a
letter that he takes good pride in and that is what he does in this letter.

There are many differences in the writing style of William Blakes style of writing books and
writing letters. When he writes his books he is known as a different peson that is not known for
showing emotion and in his letters he shows sympathy and alot of emotion. In his letters he asks for
forgivness and most people would not see him doing that when they read one of his books and it just
seems like he is two different people in one person.









My article is about Lynn Turner. She killed her husband that was a police officer. Authorities say
that they died from ingesting a lethal dose of ethylene glycol, which is a main ingredient in
antifreeze. This event occured in 1995. She killed her husband to have power over him.
During the trial of Lynn Turner Turners mother assures the jury and the jude that Lynn Turner is
sorry for what she did and thats she regrets it and knows now that it was a big mistake. She is
hoping that the jury will not sentence her daughter to life in prision or to death. But the district
attorney Penny Penn described Turner as an "angel of death" and said Turner deserves the
ultimiate punnishment for her actions. He also said she should pay for taking someones life.
The is a way that this case could relate to literature. I think it relates to literature from
Macbeth. The reason why i think that this case could relate to Macbeth is because when Macbeth
killed the king for power. It is just like Lynn Turner killing her husband for power. Lady Macbeth
was like Lynn Turner's mother by trying to defend her just as Lady Macbeth would do.















The English language itself makes the orld a better place. The English language has been around 400
years. The word that I wanted to write about is "murder". I think that the word
"murder" is helpful to the world because it lets people know if a murder occured.
The definition of the word "murder" in the Oxford English Dictionary is "not a
survival of". In the Webster's Dictionary it means "the crime of unlawfully killing
someone. From these definitions of the word "murder" it is helpful to the world by
explaining the idea of murder.

I surveyed Tim Doyle and I asked him what was the first thing that came to his mind when he
heard the word "murder" and he said "bed room". I asked him to use it in a
sentence and he said "Nick Grossi murdered the joke". I asked Conor Jennings what was the
first thing that came to his mind when he heard the word "murder" and he said
"blood". I asked him to use it in a sentence and he said "I murdered the woman".
I also asked Nick Grossi what was the first thing that came to his mind when he heard the word
"murder" and he said "death". I aslo aked him to use it in a sentence and he
said "The person down the street murdered that guy". Even though the word
"murder" is helpful to the world as an idea, the way that these people used it makes it
seem as it is being hurtful to the world.

In the OED the definition that I found was "not a survival of". Another
definition that I found was "to kill wickedly". It was first used in 1963 "They kill
a man over and over as Hopkins and Stenhod murdered the psalms with another to the same". The
way that this usage in literature it is clear that the word "murder" is hurtful to the