English 10: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  
  Dear Lindsay MacRae,

In my recent study of contemporary authors my attention was pulled toward you. I wanted to learn
more about your lifeís work. My name is Garrett Byrne an I am a student at Catholic Memorial school
in West Roxbury ,Massachusetts. As I said we were studying about contemporary authors in my British
Literature class. My teacher gave us an assignment that we had to write to a letter to an author.
When I came across your name I thought that if I wrote to you I could learn something about becoming
a good writer.

In My research I read that you were born in Yorkshire and were raised by your Scottish parents.
Someday I would like to come to Yorkshire and I was hoping that you could tell me of some good
sights to go and see. Only when you were seven you began to write. Why did you feel that this is
what you wanted to do with your life. AS you became a good writer did it affect your life or others.
Did your writing skills affect your friendships or were you still active in a way were you could
write and still be able to have a social life and have friends. As you got older who was the main
reason for your success was it a friend, or family members such as parents, brothers ,sisters,
nephews, or nieces. You say that there is three things to your writing that made you the writer that
you are now why do you feel that if you keep writing as you got older how would this help someone or
keeping a diary everyday so you can be precise about everything you write and why do you feel you
have to read to become a better writer. Why do you feel this way? Is this the way that you became
writer and believes it worked for you it may work for others to. Why did you want to write stories?
What are some of your favorite memories about writing? Why is your favorite place to visit? What are
some of you hobbies besides writing novels?

Who was the one who inspired you to write childrenís books was it the children from the school that
you visited ? Was this because you as a child loved to read this wonderful tales about dogs or jokes
about your grandmother being pushed off a bus. Were you told by someone who wrote these books and
you became inspired to write to make children feel the way you felt when you were told the stories.
When you read stories to children do they feel as if the stories relate to them do they ever feel
like they are on of your characters. What is your story Dancing the Tightrope about? What inspired
you to write the book You Canny Shove Yer Granny Off a Bus?

I wish that if their was anyway that you could we would like for you to come and read and talk to
us about your books and becoming a writer. If you donít come I feel that many students will miss an
opportunity to meet with a real author and actually learn what it is like to talk with a
professional author. If you could come I feel that you could get through to someone and spark some
kind of story writer into them and you never know they may become world renown and they may thank
you for what you did when you came to the school and told them what they needed to do to become a
successful author.


Garrett Byrne

  British author Arthur Conan Doyleis a famous writer who has written both stories and letters. One of
his most famous bool's he wrote was the stories of Sherlock Holmes. He wrote a letter to a Mr.
Stead who lived at 12, Tennison road in South Norwood, England. Doyle was telling his friend that
him stopping his works to help him would spoil him. The year was 1890. Doyle told his friend Mr.
Stead to begin his story because a story with no storyline yet will take a long time to create. What
we didn't know about Arthur Conan Doyle was that he was willing to give up his story writting
time to help out a friend who is less fortunate.

Arthur Conan Doyle was born on May 22, 1859 in Edinburgh. His first literary experience came in
Cahmbers Edinburgh, Journalbefore he turned twenty. He was a Scottish author who became very well
known for his detective known as Sherlock Holmes who in turn solved mysteries in England to keep it
safe. Arthur Conan Doyle died July 7, 1930. Some of his Sherlock Holmes stories included The Hound
of The Baskerville's, The Valley of Fear, His Last Bow,and A Study in Scarlet.

The function of this letter was to let Doyle's friend Mr. Stead know that he was going to help
him write his story. "The effect has not on the whole been very striking either from a
socialogical or literary point of view. Doyle is saying the story line makes no sense. Doyle also
said" he explained the concept of art as tactin ones work,and knowledge of what is effectiveand
whats not in a story" and how to make it well written.

What we didn't know about Arthur Conan Doyle was that he was willing to stop writting his
novels that are selling well and to help his friend write his first book. He wanted to take a short
break from writing. He was not only stopping writting for himself but he was not allowing his fans
anything to read. All this was done to help a friend of his accomplish something special to them.
Doyle had different styles of writing between his lettters and stories of Sherlock Holmes, You have
seen his style of writing in this letter but in his stories he says this as a quote "If you
eliminate all other factors, and the one which remainsmust be the truth. In his letters and stories
he writes very sturnly but in his letters he is more sincere
















Racially profiled killings have been very common since the late 1990's. People have been killed
for their race, religion, or social acceptance. In Los Angeles a man brutally shot and murdered
Cheryl Green because of the color of her skin. The criminal is a middle age hispanic man whom is
still at large. THe main motive for this killing is that of racial profiling and the hate of a
certain race. The victim was shot at 3:10 pm as she stood on a corner with her friends. This
shooting was tragic because she was only one block away from her home. This crime is motivated by
power because the hispanic men came into the black community and theybegan shooting at teenagers as
they stood on a street corner.

Her Brothe David Cary told the Breeze "It makes no sense to me", "She had her whole
life ahead of her and she was brutally murdered for the color of her skin."As said by LAPD
Harbor Staion Detective said "It was another senseless act of violnce" as he sees this
" It is pretty disgusting."

After only a few days without a suspect police are happy to have caught two culprits.The two men
are Ernesto Alcarez, 20, was arrested on December 21. And Jonathan Fajardo,1 , was believed to be
the one who opened fire on the group of kids. The two men were part of the 204 th street gang. This
killng has to do with gang violence that has beenn going on for years between both hispanic
communities and the black communities. During this ruthless attack Cheryl Green was shoot and killed
instantly while two other girls and one boy were seriously injured.

The two men are both charged with murder. " This case is by no means closed" said
Detective Beck. " THe family will never recover, and the neighborhood has some serious wounds
because of this act." Beck said this Latino group is well known for " Racism."


















Language has been derived from many languages such as Anglo Saxon, Latin, Greek, and Native
American. Many of the words in the world languages have come from a common descent of Latin or
Greek. Some words that we have allowed into the language have made our language worse. Also we have
allowed our language to grow and flourish. One of the words that have helped our language is the
word "Design." This word allows us to create certain things.

People have looked at the word "Design" in many different perspectives and over the
years people have changed the definitions over the years that the dictionaries have been published.
In the american heritage dictionary it is defined as, "To formulate a plan for, devise. Also
the kernern english multilingual dictionary says to invent and prepare a plan for something before
it is built or made. The last dictionary I used was the Websters Dictionary and the definition is
to, "plan or fashion artistically or skillfully.

The dictionary that was the most important is the Oxford English Dictionary. The definition for
design in the OED is "A plan or scheme conceived in the ind and intended for subsequent
execution; the preliminary conceptions of an idea that is to be carried into effect by action. The
first time it wasused was 1593. Over time the language has grown and more and more people us the
word in different ways. The first time time that design was used was 1593 and it was used by
Hooker(Spencer ed. 1611 p.46). Hooker said, "What the lawe of God hath either for or against
our designes." In 1596 the word design was used by F.Q Spencer(v.viii 25) and it said, "By
Counterfeit disguise to these designe to make the easier way."

People all have different thoughts and how words are defined and I asked 10 people about the word
Design. One person that I asked was COnor Byrne. When I asked him to define the word design he
said," To create a plan for." Shortly thereafter i asked him touse it in a sentence and he
replied, "The design for our attack were very well though out." Also I asked my friend
Joanne Keegan to give me her definitions for design and she said, "The creation of art or
beauty." Her Sentence was," The design on that piece of art is very beautiful." The
last person who I asked was my friend Chris Simpson and when I asked for his definition he replied,
"A clever or skillful piece of art." When asked to use it in a sentence he replied,
"The design createdby the artist gave a very mysterious look." As I said people think of a
word and create a new definition everyday and words begin to have more meaning.

Our language has become very flourishing and has spread to many countries. When I asked people
from all ove the world, I asked three people of different backrounds and the people who had English
as a second language. My neighbor Martino Sanchez is Spanish when I asked if this word was hard to
learn he replied, "It was hard to learn at first but after I learned the language it become
easier." When I asked him to define it he said, " Artistically and skillful work of
art." I also asked Jun Kim and I asked him to define the word Define the word design he said,
" A way to draw a picture." I also asked him to use it in a sentence he replied, "
Garrett's design is awful." Our language is flourishing and expanding and more people are
learning the language.