English 10: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  
  Dear Patrick Neate,

My name is Chris Walton, I am a sophomore at Catholic Memorial High School in West Roxbury
Massachusetts. I am learning about British literature this year. We have to find a contemporary
British author. I came across you because of your various books, journals and playwrights
I choose you because I like how you write about what’s going on in the place where you are and how
you explain it through your own eyes. I have read that you are from South London, that your favorite
movie is “The Wind That Shakes The Barley”. I have a questions, I also read that your favorite age
is 35, why is this?

I have seen a lot of your work, I personally like your book City Of Tiny Lights. I like this book
because it kept me wanting to keep reading it because I did not know what was going to happen or
come up next. I like the quote “I have to find the culprit” because it meant to me that the
character was not going to give up. All of your work is good but I think that particular piece
because I like reading fictional mystery books.

I would like to invite you to come and speak at my school to share how you were inspired to write
all the pieces that you have wrote. My class would really like you to come in and share your stories
with them so they can find out more about you like I have done. If you do not come it would make me
and my class upset because we are looking to lean about many different authors and I think that you
are one of the best.

I am looking forward to hearing back from you
Chris Walton


There are many different types of crimes that can be committed any where in the world. They all
have different outcomes and different penalties. One crime that I read about was by a man names
James Elshafay. He was planning on blowing up four major bridges in August 2004. The bridges he was
going to blow up were Staten Island, Brooklyn, and New Jersey’s main bridges.

From what the police have said they caught a middle aged man by the name of James Elshafay on
August 27, 2004 in the Herald Sq. Subway station with crude diagrams of the major bridges that he
was planning a attack on. The police did not cath him with any sign of explosives on him. The did
not want to take the risk of letting him go because the diagrams that he had on him were very
suspicious. When they took him to the station he admitted to have been planning on a attack. After
looking at the diagrams they said he was “ a mastermind “ behind this plan

James was not said to be linked with any other of the terrorist attacks from the evidence they
have. After further investigation they have said “ James did not have any accomplices with his
planned attack”. Once police found this out they started to think of how he would blow up all the
bridges, because they are so far apart from each other. Because of what James was convicted of he
has life in jail because what he was planning on doing was a act against the whole country so it is
a federal offence.

When a reporter talked to James he said that he admitted to have been planning on this terrorist
attack because he wanted to get back on America for what they have done to him and his country. He
said he was planning on doing this attack for about 2 years to make sure that he would not mess up
in anyway. The reporter asked him if he was let out of jail would he still try to go through with
him plan and he replied “yes” he would because he wants to get revenge for all the people not in

Out of all the crimes that can happen in the world I think that terrorism is the worst one that you
could do because there is no point on trying to blow up a whole country or a part of it if you are
mad just go and try to reason it out with them, there is no need to get revenge on something that
should have never happened in the first place.



















Language allows humans to communicate with each other to solve problems, and allows our intelligence
to grow. English, is the most dominate and one of the most important languages in the world today.
Every day, millions of new people over the world are learning English. The English language has the
most abundant number of words, each and every one having its importance in human history. The word
there goes back to late 100's . This word does not have a specif meaning it is just used to
show where something is or to make sentences shorter.

In the American Heritage Dictionary, the word “there” refers to a certain spot. This also
represents a certain person or thing. In the Marriam-Websters dictionary, the word is defined as to
show a certain area or thing. Just like other definitions of this word, it does not have anything to
do with any other word in the English language . WordNet ® 2.0, © 2003 Princeton University
describes the word as to show a certain area or to show a certain person in a direction.

The OED describes “there” with many definitions. First and for most, it describes it as to show a
certain area . It also is the stem of many word such as there-for, there-of, there-as,. It is
described to show a certain person or to give in a direction. The word “there” represents the way or
ways that you will have yo go if you were giving directions or to show a specific way to someone or
to something.

Overall, today we usually use the word there to show a certain spot or a certain way.. Asking
around, I have surveyed that everyone that I have interviewed had the same definition. It was
meaning to give a direction to somewhere or to show a certain spot. Most of the descriptions of this
word is to just show where something is or to point in a certain direction. This word does not help
language or anything in this matter progress, it is just used to make sentences shorter so that
people don’t have to say a whole description out.

The English language is a very hard language to learn for foreign speakers. There is a great debate
about if the English language should become the official language of the U.S. This may cause a big
problem for schools with many different languages spoken, because there would be no bilingual
classes and all of the classes would have to be taught in English by the teachers. All of the
schools that have classes that are taught in a different languages would have to switch to English
and all of the students would have to learn English to communicate with people. This could be a
major problem for those schools if English does indeed become the official language of the United
States. But in almost every language almost everybody knows how to say the word “there because it is
such a simple word to use and it is used to frequently in everyday conversation.