English 10: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  
  Dear Monica Ali,

My name is Joshua Rosario. I am a student a catholic memorial high school in West Roxbury
Massachusetts. Catholic memorial is an all boy school. The reason I am writing to is because in my
English class we have been studying a lot of British authors and we had to choose an author that we
liked and write a letter to them and give a little back round about their life and telling them why
they should come and visit us.

When I was searching for your works and life story I came across a website called penguin.com. From
penguin I found more reliable sources about your life and works and
it read that you were born in Dhaka, Bangladesh o a Bangladeshi father and an English mother. I
noticed that at the age of three you moved to Bolton, England were you were raised and gone to
school and studied philosophy politics and economics at Wadham College, Oxford. During the first
quarter we studied a lot of authors that were from British colonies and then moved to England to
pursue their career or because their families had to escape poverty or wars.

Brick lane was said to be one of your most famous books. “Brick lane” the title of the book was
said to be named that because it was said to be a street in London’s Bangladeshi community followers
of the Nazneen life. Brick lane was a book about a Bangladeshi woman who moves to the tower hamlets
in London at the age of eighteen. With her English consisting of “sorry” and “thank you” she’d
married an older man who was twice her age and with a face like a frog.

When I looked you up further I notice that he book brick lane
Caused controversy in the Bangladeshi community because of what they saw as the negative portrayal
of people from the Sylhet region, saying “the novel made them appear uneducated and unsophisticated.
I thought maybe the community shouldn’t have gotten that mad because I don’t think that the book
was supposed to be disrespecting or harmful to anyone. I think that the community should have been
a little more appreciative because it was some one from their community and she was just telling her
life story but in a different perspective.

I believe that if you Monica Ali come and speak and read to our class about your life and works I
strongly believe that my class will be loosing on a lot because a woman of your work and inelegance
we will be loosing out on a great learning experience and important knowledge

Joshua Rosario









My author was William Blake and he was writing a letter to a friend named William Hurley. The
letter was written on May 6th, 1800. In the letter Blake is showing his companionship and his
kindness to his friend because of his lost in his family. In the letter Blake is trying to make his
friend feel better about loosing his brother and he consults with him and told his friend that he
too has lost a brother.

What most people didn’t know about William Blake was that he was a kind softhearted man who had
showed a lot of love towards his family and friends if they were ever in a bad mood or was having
trouble in life. The way he would try to comfort them is he would find a way to consult with there
on their problems. In the letter William speaks to his friend with so much love by explaining his
emotions in a way that a person can just read it and visualize the way he’s felling.
The main purpose of the letter was to make his friend feel better about his lost and to let him that
he has some one that knows what he’s going through and if he needed any thing that he was there for
him. Mr. Hurley’s brother’s death was bad for the family because every one enjoyed him and they all
miss him dearly.

William Blake writing styles from his letter styles doesn’t really change because he still shows his
love and companionship through out any thing he writes no matter what kind of style he is doing.


The queens Lancashire Regiment is an infantry is a regiment of the British army. There are seven men
who are known through out the world because of an ongoing trial that is still in effect. The men
were charged with abuse and ill-treatment of suspected Iraqi people who were arrested by the
Q.L.R... Two of the Queens Lancashire Regiment has been cleared of failing to ensure their men did
not abuse Iraqis in Basara. Major Michael Peeples 35 and Warran Officer Mark Davies 37 both of the
two men who were among the seven men who were on trial.

Some of the seven men were cleared of all charges against them. Last month four of the soldiers
standing in trial including Colone Jorge Medonca 43. The QLR former commander was cleared on the
judge’s order due to the lack of evidence to prove that they actually committed a crime.
The seven men faced charges related to, the alleged ill-treatment of suspected arrest during the
Q.L.R.’s four tours to the Iraqi country in 2003. A spokesman for the former QLR, now the Duke of
Lancaster's Regiment, said: "We are glad this trial is over: for the defendants and their
families. Major Peeples and Warrant Officer Davies were both charged with negligently performing the
duty of ensuring the Iraqi people were not mistreated under their command.

I think the seven men should be discharged of their duties or the army or even be put in jail
because it’s wrong for a person to be treat like a farm animal because of their race or duties.
People who abuse their power should be put in their place by other people.