English 10: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  
  Dear Robert Irwin,

My name is Mark Petrucci and I am a tenth grade student at Catholic Memorial High School in West
Roxbury, Massachusetts. For the next couple of weeks I will be studying an author that is involved
with British literature. From every author that I have reviewed; I haven chosen you to possibly come
to my school. I will be studying your life, and work that you have produced.

I have learned how you were born in 1946, and later in life you were recognized for being a popular
British historian, novelist, and writer of Arabic literature. I recognized how you taught modern
history at Oxford and taught medieval history at the University of St Andrews. I learned how you
gave up your academic life in 1977, to further pursue writing. I think it is also fascinating how
you are the director of a small publishing company, which will broaden your future in writing.

I have read some of your famous works including The Middle East in the Middle Ages, The Arabian
Nights: A Companion, and Islamic Art. I have also read some of your novels including Limits of
Vision and The Arabian Nightmare just to name a few. Your books have interested me because I have a
strong love for civilizations in Asia and the Middle East. I also love to analyze architecture from
civilizations and see how it traces back to the beliefs of that culture.

Reading one of your most famous pieces Islamic Art, I have seen how your background in the Islamic
culture has given you strengths to write this book. "Minarets may now be seen as entirely a
characteristic of Muslim religious architecture, but the very first mosques had none." I can
relate to this quote because I also have an interest in architecture. I also realize how many
cultures and civilizations receive their architecture from their own personal religious beliefs. I
have also realized how your background in Arabic culture has influenced you in many of your other
Middle Eastern books.

If you do come it will benefit us by give us an enormous chance to understand British literature
greater. It will give us a chance to see how a contemporary author reads his work and also writes
it. Next, we can learn how you became so successful in publishing and writing books. Also we can
realize how you are a director of a publishing company and how you publish yourself and others

Thank you for reading my letter and I hope you take this request seriously to visit and come speak
to my class.


Mark Petrucci









This letter was written from Philip Larkin to his friend Monica. We know that this letter explains
how a secret love can be so romantic but yet at the same time it is a mysterious relationship. It
is about the knowledge in the relationship that comes from wisdom and years sweep by like the wind.
Also it shows how through thick and thin the relationship shall always be a close and loving
relationship. This was written on Valentines Day on a verse during the year of 1959.

The time period of this letter that when it was written was on Valentines Day and the years that
television and many other technological resources were being discovered. In this letter is made
romantic for the fact that the time period of the date that it was written was called a romantic

This letters background provides us with a new perspective on Larkins friendship were many, and
this letter provides us with one insight into historical past. By trade friendships in the mid to
late twentieth century were significant by trade. Also one of the functions of this letter is to
explore the romantic side of friendship. Writing to Monica provided Larkin with a different
audiences than the poem was written to rather than his letters.

This letter purpose is to show the relationship between two people including Philip Larkin and
Monica. Next this letter shows how to achieve its purpose by stating the fact that it gets the
point across by using romantic examples to Philip to Monica by using romantic thoughts. Most don’t
think of Philip Larkin as a romantic person but as a person who is obscene and the total opposite of
who this letter states of how he is . Next it tells how he has a romantic side but then at the same
side he can have his serious side and be true to the female that he writes to.









Multi Million selling rapper Christopher Wallace aka Biggie Smalls was shot and killed in LA on
March 9, 1997. Biggie was gunned down while he and a crew of people were leaving a studded Vibe
Magazine party after the soul train music awards. When Biggies Smalls was stopped in his SUV a dark
Chevy impala pulled up along side. The man in the car a black male in a suit and a bow tie rolled
down his window and fired seven shots from a blue steel 9mm hand gun. The bullets hit the front
passenger’s door in the green SUV. Biggie, 24, was pronounced dead less than an hour later, shortly
after arriving at Cedar-Sinai Medical center.

Many People believe that the murder of Biggie Smalls on March 9 of 97 was a crime committed by
Rafael Perez. In early 2000 an allegation from former girlfriend of Rafael Perez and a fellow
officer David Mack kill two people in the mid- 1990’s when a cocaine deal went bad. Sonia Flores,
23 made the allegations in an interview with the Los Angeles and said “I think Rafael murdered
biggie Smalls”. In early 2000 she traveled to Mexico with an assistant U.S. attorney FBI agents to
show them bodies in Tijuana where Perez and a fellow officer had dumped previous murder victims.
This crime relates to power because the most powerful rapper was killed in order for other rappers
to compete.

With the Death of tupac Shakur six months pervious Biggie smalls and Bad Boy records had officially
claimed the role as the future of rap. The only way for Death Row records to reclaim a spot at the
top of rap then they would have to get rid of Biggie Smalls. Many people have suspicions that
Rafael Perez at the time of Biggie smalls death was working for Death Row Records. When authorities
asked questions to Perez he said “where’s my Lawyer. The death of Biggie Smalls is linked to
British Literature by the Poem by Dylan Thomas Deaths and Entrances.

A poem by Dylan Thomas “Deaths and Entrances” is related to the death of biggie smalls. Also this
death was an assassination like the poem when a famous person was killed for power. I can relate to
this poem because many times I have listened to biggie small’s songs and they are very powerful. I
know how good he was and why he was killed. It was simply because he was on top of the industry and
others did not like it. I have done things like this too my friends in order to be greater than
them but not to the extent of killing them.



















No matter what language you speak all languages relate to each other. The English language is known
as the hardest language in the world to learn. The English language in its short history has
achieved many great things. In the world today there are hundreds and thousands of languages. For
the world to survive there must be a language, language is the most important thing that any culture
or country can have. In English my word “Line” is a phrase that most common people use every day.
No matter what subject you are talking about the word “line” probably will come up during small
talk. In all languages people all have the same meaning for the word “line”. If your speaking
Korean, Spanish, or English people define the word line the same way. I believe the word line makes
the world a better place.

In every dictionary that you look in the word “line” will be in their written in small text. I have
viewed several common English dictionaries looking for the definition of “line”. In Webster’s
Merriam dictionary the word “line” can be seen as something that is a length or cord like material.
In the Newbury House dictionary “line” can be seen as a row of people or things. Also when I looked
in the American Heritage Dictionary is saw how the word “line” is seen as a furrow or mark on the
face. I believe the word line makes the world a better place.

In the Oxford English Dictionary there were eight different definitions for the word “line”. One
definition in the dictionary was to apply a second layer of material to the inner side of a garment.
Also it can be seen as to fill something that may be spoken as a lining. Next it can be seen as to
cover the outside of; to overly, drape, pad. Next the word “line” can serve or be used as a lining.
Also in the Oxford English Dictionary “line” is how you can mark with a line or lines; to impress
lines upon; to cover with lines. I believe the word line makes the world a better place.

“Line” is a common word of speech in today’s society. People of all languages include “line” in
their common speech. In Spanish people call the word “line” linea in Spanish. Dr. Frisardi who is
a teacher at CM speeks fluent Spanish and says the word “line” can be defined as two points. Ryan
Paie a student from South Korea says “line” is an easy word to learn an it can be defined as a
straight. Jongyoon Han is a sophmore from CM and he speeks fluent Korean. He says that the word
line can be learned easy and he two defines it as a straight. I believe the word line makes our
world a better place.

In the Oxford English Dictionary there are three very famous authors who use the word “Line”. In
1888 T. Roosevelt use the word by saying how “the Line riding is very cold work”. Also in the year
1897 the Daily News uses the word “line” by talking how “the screw line fishing boat was named
George Baird”. Next in the year 1643 W. Cartwright uses the word by saying that “your worship can
not make a line room”. All three of theses famous people in society use this word in there every
day common speech. Lastly all the Authors use the word “Line” in the same sense as the average
person. Also two famous authors of British literature including Robert Frost, and Thomas Hardy
include the word “line” in their famous works. I believe that the word makes the world a better

The official language of the word “Line” was English. It was created by a professor named Voylf
Stevenson in England during the time of a about a few hundred years before the printing press was
created. Next the language of the word was a modern English word but it can also be translated and
used as an old English word. The man who created the “Line” a professor was having an average day
and noticed that the lines on his wife’s face word noticeably deep. He began to think of a word for
it so he considered call them deep “lines”. I believe the word “line” truly makes the world a
better place.

In conclusion the English language is known as the hardest language to learn in the world today. No
matter what language you speak in the world all languages relate to each other. The word “line” is
used the same way in all languages. It is included in every single language. No matter if you
speak English, French, Korean, or Spanish all people define the word “line” the exact same. In every
day language the word “line” will always come up. I believe that the word “line” truly makes the
world a better place.