English 10: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  
  Dear, Eavan Boland

I have read many texts from many contemporary authors and one of those authors that really stood
out was you. Hi my name is Anthony Peguero and I am currently a student at Catholic Memorial high
school in Boston, Massachusetts. This year we are studying British Lirature and when browsing around
one of my textbooks I seen one of your many works which was Outside History. I read the poem and a
little section they had about your life and you seem like a very interesting person with a lot for
me to learn about. This is why it will be great if you can come down to our high school and talk to
us about yourself and works. If this is possible it will be great.

As a young girl you must have been a really strong person because to move from your native land of
Ireland to New York a totally new place were you had to make new friends must have been tuff. It
also must have been hard because you moved into an anti-Irish town when you moved to New York City.
I have also read that you are a feminist and all this sums up that you ma’am are a very strong

Out of all the pieces of writings you have written trough out your career one that I really enjoyed
was Outside History. The reason why I like this poem is because it the first piece of text that I
read of the ones you have written and the style you use which is using a lot of symbolism. My
favorite line of the poem or the one that really stood out is “a landscape in which you now you are
mortal.” The reason why I like this specific line is because it describes humans and the earth in a
very unique way using symbolism.

Thank you for hopefully taking the time in reading this. It will be great if you can come and speak
to us because it will be a great and memorable experience. That is why I hope this letter has
convinced you enough into coming.

Anthony Peguero











There have been many eminent letters written in the past. Some have
been discovered and published and some still remain clandestine. Fortunately, I have discovered one
of those many letters which has been written by a great British author, William Blake. This letter
was written to Mr. Cumberland during the 1976 Christmas season. In this letter we learn more about
the theme of friendship, a theme we have seen often this year. Something we learn from this letter
is how it feels to write back to a long lost friend you haven’t spoken to in years.

William Blake was not only a poet and writer but also a painter, and printmaker. William Blake
William Blake was born in 28a Broad Street, Golden Square, London on November 28, 1757 and died on
August 12, 1827. He was not recognized as a great artist during his life time but his works today
are considered magnificent in both poetry and visual arts. In 1782, Blake met John Flaxman, who was
to become his patron, and Catherine Boucher, who was to become his wife. Blake finally married
Catherine who was five years his junior on 18 August 1782 in St. Mary's Church, Battersea.
The main function of this letter is to show thanks to Mr. Cumberland one of the founders of the
National Gallery who became an admirer of Blake's work. Also the purpose of this letter was to
show even though Blake was sought out to be a little freaky here he showed in this letter heart to a
loyal friend and that Blake himself could love to. Even though Blake was known for his letters and
visual arts here he writes a great letter.

Something that we learn from the author that is new his that he can also write great and deep
letters with feeling. But that’s not all also that even though he was thought to be freaky during
life time he also had feelings and could write letters that showed love something he wasn’t use to

Blake as you can see was an overall artist. Someone who can both write and paint. But his writings
were a little different from his poems because all his poems were fictional and this letter he wrote
was really true. Also his paintings were different than his letters because they to were really
realistic paintings. In conclusion Mr. Blake was a great overall artist.





One of the cruelest crimes in history took place in Rwanda in the year of 1994. This was a civil
war/genocide between two Rwandan tribes the Hutus and Tutsis. In a period of 100 days 800,000
Rwandans were killed, most of the dead were Tutsis and most of those who perpetrated the violence
were Hutus. There still hasn’t been one true person that has been blamed for the crime but, there
have been rumors that current Rwandan President, Paul Kagame may be one the main people responsible.
You can truly say this was a crime that was motivated by power because there have always been
disagreements and conflicts between the Hutus and Tutsis. All this because the Tutsis are sed to be
smarter and more beautiful people than the majority which are Hutus.

It has been roughly about thirteen years after the genocide happened and still justice hasn’t really
been served. The find for justice has been a long and arduous one. About 500 people have been
sentenced to death, and another 100,000 are still in prison. No major ring leader has been blamed
for the crime other than Rwandan President, Paul Kagame. A recent French official blamed Mr. Kagame
but the Rwandan government quickly rejected the report saying it to be a “fantasy”.

There is nobody who really benefits or benefited from this crime other than Hutu tribe members. The
way they benefited from this is now they will be known as the most powerful and dangerous of the two
tribes. One that if you mess with them they will go out and kill you. As you see the Tutsis as an
example of that. Overall many of the main ring leaders as you might say have managed to evade
punishment by leaving the country or plainly hiding. Also many who lost their loved ones are still
waiting for justice.

There have actually been many books and poems and all sorts of other pieces of lirature written
about this horrible genocide. Some actually from British authors like for example Alison Liebhafsky
Des Forges. This British writer wrote a novel or book called Leave None to Tell the Story: Genocide
in Rwanda which talks about the stories of many people who lived in Rwanda at the time of the
genocide. Also she talks about the pain and suffering that took place in Rwanda. This is how the
Rwandan genocide is connected to British Lirature.

This was a crime that will go down in the history books as one of the cruelest crimes of all time.
Power is something that can make anybody do many crazy things as you can see here. The reason why it
makes them do crazy things is because from money you can get all kinds of things like money and
respect. As you can also see the wanting of power can result in thousands of people dead like here
in the Rwandan genocide. Personally who ever gets blamed for at lest being the one who sparked up
this crime should be tortured than killed.