English 10: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  
  Dear Allan Ahlberg,

Hi, my name is Israel Pabon and I am a sophomore in catholic memorial high school in west
Roxbury Massachusetts. I have contacted you because I want to invite you to my school to talk about
your works or any recent books. For my English class I had to choose any author from Britain. I
choose you because I have an older sister that is familiar with some of your short stories you have

My sister is a first grade teacher and owns two books you have written. These books are
Mrs Jollys joke shop and Mrs Plug the Plumber. She has told me that her student love the humor in
Mrs jolly joke shop, she tells me that you are a great author for young children. Her students also
enjoyed Mrs Plug the Plumber. When she used to teach fourth graders, she would read them The Boy,
the Wolf, the Sheep, and the Lettuce, Her student also liked this book.

You were born in Croydon in 1938, but you grew up in Oldbury. When you met your future wife
around the sixties while studying teacher training, you two had soon begun a career that would later
on lead to becoming one of Britain's best and most successful author/illustrator teams. You
were a great writer and your wife was a great illustrator. You two were a great pair before her
unfortunate death.

It would be an honor to me and the CM community if you came. I also understand if you could
not come because of travel but I am glad to have written this letter to a great author for

Yours truly,
Israel Pabon








Joseph Conrad is a famous author who wrote the novel heart of darkness and also wrote many
letters. One letter I choose is a letter to a man named dick. He wrote the letter in January 20th
1920. Much is revealed in this letter that isnít revealed in my British literature textbook. He
writes this letter in regard of a new book that has been released about some of his works. He also
wrote about his opinion on the release of the new book.

The letter to dick talks about his opinion about the book. He talks about his difference about
literary opinion and personal opinion. He also talks about his personal life and how his moral is
very low. With his opinions on the book he also talks about how the book could have been better and
some writing suggestions for when the author writes another novel or short story. He talks about how
the writing of the new upcoming book should have wrote a preface.

What this letter reveals to me is that he is very critical towards some books. In his letter he
talks about some books that he thought were ok. It also taught me about how his personal life is
going and his moral. He shows his love for writing because he is teaching this writer how to write
better and how to sell their works.