English 10: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  
  Dear Mr. Idle,

My name is Garrett Noonan and I am currently a tenth grade student at Catholic Memorial High School
in West Roxbury, Massachusetts. It is located just outside of Boston, Ma.
I enjoy many activities outside of school such as reading, hockey and lacrosse. The one sport that
I have always loved is soccer, even though I have never played it. It is fun for me to watch. This
summer I watched the World Cup played in Germany on television and truly enjoyed it. I have read
that you also like soccer but have never played.

I have read many of your skits and have loved them. My favorite book is “ A Pocketful of Python”. I
thought the book was comical! It was awesome. In doing some research I have come to the conclusion
you like to do work on your own. You unlike the other Pythons wrote alone. I also like to do things
on my own.

I also learned that you are not just known for your work with Monty Python but you have done some
work for the B.B.C. doing a couple of shows called “ Radio Five” and “ The Rutles” where you quoted
“ Monty Python was the best time of my life”. I think that this is a good quote because I think you
did your best work with Monty Python.I have also learned that you have done some work in America.
Being the voice of Dr. Vosknocker on “South Park” the TV show. You also made a few appearances on
the Simpson’s. Those two shows are some of Americas favorite Sitcoms.

So, you are probably wondering what’s this all leading to… Well, I was hoping that I could persuade
you to come to Catholic Memorial and perform a few skits and have a question and answer period for
my tenth grade British Literature class. If you are ever in the Boston area and this is something
that might interest you please let me know.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter and I hope you will consider my invitation. We
would love to have you. I will look forward to hearing from you. Feel free to email me with any

Thanks in advance,

Garrett Noonan






S.T Coleridge was a kind and polite Gentleman. He and his very good friend William
Wordsworth always wrote letters to each other regarding their family life and how their kids and
wives were doing. The letter that S. T Coleridge wrote to William Wordsworth was a very disturbing
letter to read. The letter does not have a date on it but was written in the year 1776. The letter
was about a man who had done something to Coleridge’s family. Coleridge’s stories and poems were
always read. Coleridge is so mad at the man that he wants to kill him it says. Coleridge who at one
point had to take a very addictive medication and at times made him very uncontrollable.

The purpose of this letter is to make sure that this man will never do something to Coleridge’s
family again. When first reading about Coleridge I thought that he was a different man since they
said that he was so polite. In his letter he clearly states more than once that he wants the person
who did this to be killed. At the time this letter was written it was in a bad time in the English
time period. They were at a time of war fighting in the Revolutionary war. The letter could have
been about that. Coleridge who was raised to a proper English family in the 18th century was always
considered to be a gentleman. He was considered to be one of the best English writers of the
romantic error in English history

When people read this letter there whole persona of Coleridge might go down. I don’t think this
letter was supposed to get out to the public and I am sure that Coleridge would be very mad. The
poem is very gory at times Coleridge is writing what he would do to the man if he ever sees him.
This letter is not related to how he wrote his letters or poems in the 18th century it is the exact

















Over many years the English language has gained and lost many words. Many words that have been lost
have just died when new cultures came in just like humans die. Well a word that the English language
gained in 1386 by William Chaucer was the word “Never”. This word was first used by Chaucer and the
word has never lost it and now is one of the most used words ever. This word I think is great for
the English language because it is a word that millions of people use every day and without it how
would people say No, not happening or not in the least bit.

As said in the last paragraph the word roots came from William Chaucer in 1386 in a sentence that
read, I love him never a del. Many dictionaries have different definitions but they all have the
same central meaning. Here are a few other dictionary definitions. The American Heritage dictionary
had it defined as, Not ever, At no occasion, At no time. The random house dictionary defined never
as Not ever, At no time. The WorldNet Dictionary defined it as, Not ever at no time in the past or
in the future.

There are many dictionaries in the world but the one dictionary that you could say is above the
rest is The Oxford English Dictionary (OED). The OED had a similar definition to the ones above.
They had it as, NO, Not a bit, Not in the least. The first sentence that it was ever used in was by
William Chaucer that read. I loved hem never a Del. This word did not have a cross next to the word
so obviously it is still in effect and definitely helping the world. The OED also had many words
with never in such as never so, Never-dying, Never-ending, Never-fading and Never-failing.
Never has many usages in speech people use never all the time going along with other words. People
use it in phrases such as never the less. Millions of people use this word ever single day and they
use it in all sorts of sentences. People use it saying never ending. Never comes before a lot of
words and George Bush was quoted in the Boston Herald on September 13th 2001 saying that “he will
never allow another attack on this country when he is president”. Many other famous people use the
word. The famous rapper 50 cent was quoted on VH1 saying “he never thought that he would be shot 9
times but it happened”. Joe Noonan a 50 year old man said never was “Not ever going to happen”
With all of the new students that are foreign at CM I asked a few of them some questions regarding
the word. Jun Kim a Korean born and bread said the word never was easy to learn and it meant never.
Youngj Chung said that never meant “not going to happen” he said it was tough to learn but easy to
memorize. I then asked a man in my town Tito Ortega who was born in El Salvador he said “I never had
any problems with the word and it was rather easy to learn”. All of the people said it wasn’t a hard
word to memorize. This is another reason why this word is great for the American Culture and other

For the millions of you people who are reading this you probably thought this was never going to
end. Well it is almost over. After telling you everything I know about the word I will now tell you
why this word is good. It is good because it is an easy way to say not happening. Also it is an easy
learner for many people to learn form foreign countries and very helpful to them. So there are the
reasons that this word is very good to the language.