English 10: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  
  .Dear Mr. Darren Matthews,
I am Sean Naughton, I have been a big fan of yours, as Sir William Regal ever since my brothers got
me into watching wrestling (I can't wait for you to win the World Heavyweight Championship.)
But this letter isn't on your wrestling, it's about your book Walking a Golden Mile. I go
to Catholic Memorial High School in Boston, Massachusetts and as an assignment for my British
Literature class me and my classmates were asked to write a letter to a British author and ask that
you come in and speak to the class.

Now, before I continue I wanted to say how much I enjoyed your book. I got it for Christmas last
year and didn't have time to be able to sit and read it until that spring and summer. I loved
your book, i thought it was filled to the brim of what every book needed, humor, action (in terms of
wrestling, not like car chases or something of that nature), twists, drama, and danger, and the fact
that those things can be usually referenced to fiction it was made it even better that your book was
an autobiography.

I not only enjoyed the book but it also opened my eyes a bit in the process. I knew the average
drugs are bad, they'll ruin your life lines but had never really knew to the extent how bad
they were myself, and you explaining about it affecting your wrestling, marriage, and family life
really showed me how dangerous they can be to a person. I also learned that addictions can go far,
far beyond drugs and alcohol like the man in rehab with you who was addicted to crack and black
hookers. Looking for reviews of the book I found sites that people could post their thoughts on it,
most were people just giving summaries of the book, a few did feel to me as something touching. One
example is of a young man who said “This book really spoke to me as I am a recovering drug addict
and have long hoped to become a professional wrestler.” This quote showed me how close to home a
story like yours can be. Some parts i even compared to what I do like you saying after you were
picked up by WCW “I was lucky I got my chance to come to America at the right time. I came to
America in 1993 and by '95 or '96 work had withered away, If I'd stayed I would have
had to get a regular job- a horrendous prospect.” I thought this was funny because it's around
my age kids want to get jobs to get some money and you hated the thought of it, (although I'm
sure you wanted some cash.)

So again I ask, if possible, that you come to my school. I realize that you and the WWE have tight
schedules and that on top of that I've read on WWE.com that you do book signings. I don't
know how often or how many signings you do but in-between shows next time Smackdown! Comes to the
New England area that you come in and speak on your writing in both terms as a wrestler and what it
is like to be an author.

Thanks a lot,
Sean Naughton








Robert Burns was a famous author who wrote many poems. Unfortunately we don't learn much about
him from the biography in the British Literature book. Luckily, we have other things to go to and
learn about the author. One source is letters. Letters can tell us many things about the authors
that we wouldn't learn from there works. In letters we can learn the personality of a person,
like whether they were kind, depressed, or even just a jerk. This letter was written by Robert
Burns. He wrote it on the morning of January 29th, 1788. We learn from this letter that Robert Burns
was not only a kind person but also had the type of personality that he became very upset at the
thought of hurting someone he cared about.

The letter appears to be written to Agnus McLehose the morning after an argument. He says things
like “Could you think I intended to hurt you for any reason!” probably meaning he never intended to
get into the argument or he was sorry for starting the fight or keeping it going. The letter was
written as an apology to Agnus McLehose about the argument. In the letter he describes how upset he
was and he even says he lost sleep over the whole thing. “You have murdered sleep to me, last night-
I went to bed, impressed with an idea that you where unhappy; and every time I closed my eyes busy
Fancy painted you in such scenes of romantic misery that I would almost be persuaded you are not
well this morning.” He even puts in a poem to show how upset he is.

“If I unweeting have offended,
Imput it not”
“But while we live,
But one short hour perhaps, between us two,
“Let there be peace.”

What this letter told was about Burns that the literature book does not is that Robert Burns
appears to get extremely upset with the thought of hurting someone, so much so he can't wait to
see the person he quickly writes the letter.

Robert Burns' wrote this letter similar to the way he writes his poems. He wrote it using
similes and metaphors. Also talking very deeply and romantically as he does in his poems. Not only
talking like one of his poems he includes one in his letter. This letter taught us Robert Burns was
a kind person who, even at what seems to be a small argument, became very upset.








The Jemaah Islamiyah, an Arabic phrase meaning “Islamic Group” or “Islamic Community,” is a
Southeast Asian militant group. They are a group dedicated to the establishment of an Islamic State
incorporating Indonesia, Malaysia, the southern Philippines, Singapore, and Brunei. The group is
best known for the 2002 Bali bombings in the tourist district of Kuta, Indonesia targeting two
popular nightclubs and a US consular office, which was the deadliest attack in the country’s history
killing 202 people. 164 of those killed were foreign nationalists and 38 Indonesian citizens. In
2003 authorities charged Abu Bakar Bashir with the attacks. The attack was motivated by the group’s
apparent hatred of the United States.

With the large numbers of victims there were many people infected. The bartender of Pub Bagus, one
of the night clubs bombed, said when the first bomb went off, people thought it was fireworks and
started cheering. When the Sari Club bomb went off everything went dark and people started running.
Realizing he had to close the bar, he went about his business, but kicked something with his foot.
It was a head. In an interview, the alleged terrorist leader Abu Bakar Bashir provides his
justification for the attacks. He also explains the calculus of suicide bombers and discusses his
interpretation of Islam concerning war and infidels. He also admitted that he helped plan the most
lethal terrorist attacks in Southeast Asia. As said has been convicted on conspiracy charges in the
2002 attack on a Bali nightclub that killed 202 people. His 30-month sentence for his role in that
bombing, which included huge numbers of Australian tourists among the casualties, was reduced by
four months and 15 days in 2005.

Although there is no one else suspected, or confessing to the bombings there are many groups who
would have or have committed similar acts. Many terrorist groups announce hatred toward the United
States. A number of groups commit attacks in public places such as night clubs and malls making any
group possible suspects for these types of attacks.

“They read good books, and quote, but never learn a language other than the scream of rocket-burn.
Our straighter talk is drowned but ironclad: elections, money, empire, oil and Dad.” This poem,
entitled True Poem about Islamic Terrorists by Kenneth Summers, states points that
many people think of when talking about terrorist groups. That when they receive, read, or hear
information, they can twist it to seem as if it gives a reason to act on their attacks.

Terrorist groups have caused destruction all over the world. Every attack they carry out thrives on
hate and the lust for power. They, in no question, are a huge impact on world events through out
history. Poems such as True Poem of Islamic Terrorists, which focuses mainly on the irony of
terrorist groups, focus on attacks such as this one there are dramas, comedies, and many other
stories in literature about terrorism and this will continue for a long time.














Language is different all around the world. In every country people speak a different language or
their own variation of a language. In almost every language you can find words that have obvious
connections to other languages and this is true throughout history, as different peoples entered
different parts of the world they brought along with them references to their cultures and
languages. At anytime, evolving language can be changed by anyone at anytime and new words and
phrases are introduced constantly.

English, more then any other language has changed the world. It is the universal language that no
matter where in the world you go you will find people, areas, stores, signs, and more that speaks
and read English. An example of this is the word “speed.” This word is used on signs all over the
world on highways and roads. This isn’t the only way it’s used though, as it is used to describe
cars, drugs, and superheroes. Random House dictionary uses it in all these terms; we’ll, except the
superhero but it defines it as “full, maximum, or optimum rate of motion” and “A stimulant drug,
especially amphetamine or methamphetamine,” showing the diversity of the word.

The Oxford English Dictionary says that “speed” is believed to be first used on an unconfirmed date
around the year 900 in the line “spede good luck, prosperity, rapidity.” Showing that “speed’s” main
definition as been used from the beginning. It also says its other of its definitions such as the
drug was first used around the 1960’s. There weren’t many definitions in the Oxford English
dictionary making it seem “speed” has kept up with its main definitions over the many years.

Speed is used in all types of literature, from the already mentioned comic book superheroes, to
science and math papers, to poems. It is used in many aspects in a poem Speed by Anjela Duval it
isn’t used for cars or lightning but describe her experience be taken along with a group of people
and being rushed through everything. In comic books, characters such as The Flash or Quicksilver use
speed as there personal weapon. Stories use speed to describe intense moments or to give people the
feeling of the characters in a car, train, or plane. In science or math “speed” is often broken into
units like meters per seconds or the speed of light. Judging on cretin works “speed” is used in
light terms not having negative meanings, but works from writers such as Anjela Duval the word has
been used depressingly or in a sad event.

People I spoke to who grew up speaking a language other then English for the most part said they
don’t remember when they learned the word exactly. Only Grace White was an exception learning
English after moving to the United States from Germany learning the word from, where else, comic
books. She says “My cousin, who I lived with, loved comics and he got me into them. The Flash was my
favorite and I assume that’s where I would have first seen the word “speed.” Other then Grace,
Spanish speaking Janill Martinez and Italian speaking Carlo MacDonald, as said, said they couldn’t
remember when or how they learned the word so for this reason they can’t expect the world was that
hard to learn or else they’d remember it.

Speed, in my opinion, has helped the word, although many times the definitions of the it’s while
driving it has a number of different ways of use only making it easier to learn.