English 10: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  
  Dear Mr. Cairns,
Hello, my name is Michel Flemming. I am a sophomore at Catholic Memorial High School in Boston, MA.

In my English class we are currently studying British Literature. In the class we have been focusing
on contemporary authors. I am writing to ask if you would be interested in coming to Catholic
Memorial and talking about your work.

I have recently read some of your book, Belioz. If you come and speak to our class I hope you will
talk about Belioz. The book really interested me. While reading, I came across a particular sentence
that confused me, “Equally it sets us only as far as it we interpret his advent in quasibiological
terms as the culmination of several vigorous and prolific generations.” I was seriously confused by
this sentence.

I have also done some research and learned that you worked for the London Branch of Phonogram. I am
a huge fan of music as well. I can only imagine how exciting it was to be present during recordings
of Mozart and Tippett. While researching I also discovered that you were the chief music critic for
the Sunday times. I also have interest in the newspaper. I plan on writing for The Knight Insight,
the school’s newspaper.

I was reading on the internet about you and found out that you are a “Distinguished Visiting
Professor at UCLA” I have always loved, UCLA, when I was younger I had dreamed about attending UCLA.

I also see that you have received the Yorkshire post “Book of the Year Award”. This is truly a
magnificent accomplishment.

I am aware that you must be very busy with your work. But we really could use some insight. As
students we have tremendous respect for authors like you. At CM we share a sense of belonging and
comfort, I hope that by taking up my offer you will be part of it.

You’re Fan,
Michael Flemming









The famous English author Graham Greene was a famous and very successful. Greene dazzled us with
works of art such as “The Man Within” and “Stamboul Train”. We even had a chance to study Greene’s
work in school. One thing that most people don’t know about Greene is that was also a “Man of
Letters”. I was recently researching Graham and stumbled upon a letter. The letter is from Graham
Greene to “Mrs.Sparks”, a friend of Greene’s. The letter is sent in regards to Sparks regarding her
current health and who she should choose as a publishing company.

This letter as you already know was written by Graham Greene. Greene is an incredibly successful
author, known mostly for novels and short stories. Greene has inspired many generations to get
involved into the world of literature. Greene was also a critic, who influenced many people in the
world of moral and politics.

This letter was written during December of the year 1955. During this time Britain was under
incredible temperatures. More than seventy roads were closed throughout Britain and temperatures
reached to as low as fifteen degrees below zero. Besides the weather there was a horrific train
crash that took six lives and put Britain into a state of mourning. In the letter Graham Greene says
that he will speak to anybody he can to get his friend (Mrs.Sparks) a part-time job. This shows us a
different more sympathetic side of Graham Greene, not shown in the Literature book.
Graham Green is mostly known for his success in the world of literature, but what most people don’t
know is that he was also a social dynamo. Graham says in his letter to Mrs. Sparks “You should come
to England and have a drink with me.” This could mean that Graham was both a gentlemen and a
businessman at the same time. Throughout the letter it is shown that Greene has a care for those
less talented than him “I will certainly speak to anybody I can about the possibilities of a part
time job.” The way Greene is writing is much like any other person would write to his friend, it
does not seem to me that Greene is a successful author (through his letters).

In this letter the writing style of Graham Greene is incomparable. In his Novels and works, Greene
is very smart and imaginative, but in his letters it is unseen. In this letter, Greene talks just as
a regular person would. It astonishes me how authors write letters just like any other person, but
in their books their vocabulary is expressed much more.









A recent story has been taking the news by storm. A large court trial going throughout courtrooms
is the Namibia Treason trial. There is a group of men (119) of them to be exact; who are all being
put on trial for treason. The trial is taking place in Namibia, Africa right now. All though there
is no sufficient evidence against the 119 accused males, the trial is constantly bending against
them. It seems like the Namibian government is just trying to make these men an example of their
government. One could say the accused are not trying to show they have power at all, but rather
their government is trying to make it known that nobody is above the law.

One of the accused Namibians is “Makendano”, while speaking on his behalf Judge Hoof says “He is
afraid to do so, and that is why he hasn’t done it yet.” This statement was pertaining to the plea
of the accused party. All of the men being accused in this fiasco are afraid of the consequences if
the were to lash out against their country. There are no other participants in this investigation,
which have been made known to the public, as of now.

One could say that there is a connection between this trial and that of the Declaration of
Indepence. Before you are quick to judge, and throw this topic out the window, ponder this. Mostly
everyone whom signed the Declaration was British, or from a dominantly European background. Picture
this, all 119 men are being tried for treason, if they were caught all men signing the Declaration
of Independence would have been tried for treason. so if you were to be a literalist then there is a
HUGE connection between the Namibian Treason Trial and The US Constitution.

The trial going throughout Namibia is a large mistake. Most people could easily say that the
government is simply trying to prove that they have greater power over their citizens, a ability
that almost all governments should obtain.