English 10: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  
  Dear Mr. Jake Arnott,

Hi my name is Kyle Faria I am a sophomore at CM, in West Roxbury Massachusetts. I am 16 years old
and I live in Stoughton Massachusetts. We have been studying a lot of contemporary writers in my
British literature class, and I have come upon you. I am writing to you to see if you would like to
come to our school to talk about your writing and things that might of happened in your life.

I have read a little bit about you, I have found out that you were born in 1960 and that you have
dropped out of school at age 16. I admire that you dropped out and ended up where you have, it shows
that you are a hard work. You were able to get things done with out going to tons of years of school
that you just did what had to be done, and things worked out good for you.

Also with your hard work you have been able to write 4 novels and been able to get
them published forever one to read. You have The Long Firm (1999), He Kills Coppers (2001), truecime
(2003), and your latest one Johnny Come Home (2006). A line that I like is “You know the song, don’t
you? There’s no business like show business” at the beginning of the book The Long Firm. It is a
line that really like because they guy is a gangster not one that we know of like an old school
gangster, it just sounds like a line that one of them would really say.

If you could come to visit my school and talk to my classmates and me we would really appreciate to
have you do that. We would to be honored to here from a great contemporary writer as you. If you are
interested at coming please feel free to write back or email me at ktg1990@comcast.net.

Kyle Faria

  Dylan Thomas is a very famous Welsh writer, he wrote many things such as poems, short stories and
this case letters. Dylan Thomas wrote a letter to his wife Cat on March sixteenth nineteen-fifty,
saying how much he had missed her. He was away from her and wanted to show her that he still did
think and care about her very much and he didn’t like being away from her at all.

Thomas was away in the United States while his wife was back at home in the UK. He was on the road
visiting all different places; in this letter he is near Chicago, talking about his writings and
such at schools in the area. Thomas does not like this at all, driving all around this place when he
really does not want to be there. Then he writes to Cat telling her that he really loves her and
that he would rather be home with her. All he can talk about is how much he really does love and
misses her. Thomas just continues to stay on this point of how much he misses her. He then asked his
wife Cat and asked if she has forgotten about me and then he says I am the man you used to say you
loved. I used to sleep in your arms - do you remember? But you never write. You are perhaps
mindless of me. I am not of you. I love you. To try and stay to her that just cause I am not there
that does not mean not think about me

Thomas cares so deeply about his wife that he just keeps saying that he loves her. That is the
whole point of this letter is to show that he loves her. Cause he can not see her he tries to make
it clear that our here he is still thinking about her and that he has not move on. That she is
always on his mind no matter what. He just wants go back home so that he can really see her.
So with this letter we are able to find out that it is hard for Dylan Thomas to be on the road
during this time because he misses his wife so bad. All he can do is think about her and will do
anything if he could just come back and see her. So he writes her this letter to try and ensure that
she is still on his mind even though she is not there and he is the only one he wants.








On May 9, 2006 twenty-four year old Staff Sergeant Ray Girouard was convicted on three counts of
negligent homicide for the deaths of three Iraqi detainees. Girouard was accused of telling his
soldiers to release the detainees after they had been captured during a raid of a terrorist training
camp, and then shoot them as they fled. Girouard is the last and most senior soldier from the 101st
Airborne Division to face trial in the killings. The case was one of several in which US troops are
thought to have abused Iraqis. Incidents such as Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandal and murder of an
Iraqi girl and her family has brought up more anti-Iraq war sentiment in Muslim world and else

What Girouard is said to have done was to have covered up the deaths. He is said to have fake an
attack on him and his men, by cutting one of them named Hunsaker and punching the other, Clagett, in
the face. He also lied to the superiors by saying that his soldiers shot the detainees in
self-defense. What they are saying might have cause this was the communication and training given to
Girouard and his men by the commanding officer Col. Michael Steele, as they got ready from the hash
times of the war in Iraq.

How this is a fight for power is because he wanted to show the detainees who is the boss. Girouard
wanted to show them that they are nothing close to him and that he is one with all the power. This
relates back Macbeth for a few reasons; some one has pushed the other person to kill another, like
Lady Macbeth did to Macbeth, commanding officer Col. Michael Steele does to Girouard. Col Michael
Steele says “Don't let them live to fight another day. They’re going to breed, multiply . .
.,’You'll be eaten unless you act like the dominant one on the food chain...rely on your
training to do what's right, do not hesitate...you’re the hunted … don't bring any of them
back.” Steele says this on a film, you can see how this might have had a part in why Girouard did
this. Another things is that after a murder the murderer tries to cover it up, as Lady Macbeth does
this by smearing the blood Girouard does this by cutting one of his men and punching the other. So
there are a few ties back to Macbeth.

So with the information that they were given they were able to make decision on what should happen
to him. With this crime that he could serve up to life for, was given 10 years and the possibility
of parole in three to four years. Which is very good for what happened and what he could be serving.