English 10: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  
  Dear, Andrew Crumey

Hello my name is Mike and I go to Catholic Memorial in West Roxbury. We have been reading Modern
Authors. I picked you because I didn’t know much about you. I heard about you because of all the
awards you have won and I said why not find about him.

The most resent thing that you won is why I actually started to read about you. I haven’t
read a good book in a long time. I like your kind of writing is because some of the things you write
are very funny. Those are the only kinds of books I like. Those are the things that inspired me to
read your book called Mr.Mee .

I loved the book it was very comical. It was one of the best books I have ever read. There
are books that I have read but will never really fully understand or remember but I will always
think back to this book for inspiration to read. Maybe the book I'm reading will become as
comical and impacting like yours did.

It would be a great opportunity if you could come to my school and speak with the students.
Try to get them interested in reading your books and also tell them your story on how you because a
great writer and also how they could get there someday in the future. It would be a great experience
to hear you speak but I will understand if you don’t come because you must be very busy in your
writing and other things.

Sincerely , Your Friend







Ted Huges is known for his great writing. But in his writing he never showed his feelings in his
letters he does. The letter isn’t addressed to anybody but it shows Ted Huges anger. In this letter
is shows his anger for his wife. That he doesn’t want to be with her and that he was very abusive.
This was not shown in his writings that were in the text book.

The letter doesn’t show anything but Huges anger for his wife. Also it was very small
letter or a part of a letter. The way he wrote the letter it shows that he was writing to a friend
or someone close to him because he shares very inner feelings. The way he talkes about his wife I
don’t know why he married her. He also says that he is very abusive and he sometimes can’t controle

In his letter he talks to someone close about his feelings. These are feelings that he
needed to talk to someone about or address because it looked like he was close to killing her. The
letter says that he was hiding his feelings and it was bilding up in him and he was ready to
explode. He was scared of what was going to happen to him so he needed to talk to someone. In the
text book it shows no angry feelings in any of his writings. It was a very different kind of Ted
Huges in his letters.

Ted Huges has a very different kind of writing stiyles in his letters because they are very
personal and you could see his anger through the letter he had written. It wasn’t like his kind of
writing you would see in a text book it was an all new Ted Huges that you had never seen before.
That was the only kind of writing that showed his true inner feelings and they where cold and dark.

In the letter that I wrote there was many difference that showed his feelings and writings
that he would try to publish. It was very different and the things he talked about in his letter you
would never see in his actual writings. Most of all there where signs of him having problems with
his marriage and in his life but in his writings he published you would think his life was great.
















English is spreading like a wild fire. Also the word “flattery” has been used to describe a way of
talking or acting toward another person. If the word changed it would affect the world in the way
people interact with each other. There would be less relationships and opportunities for many
people. If the word did in fact change the world as we know it would not be the same.
In dictionary.com based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary it states that “flattery” means
the action or practice of flattering; false or in sincere praise; adulation. Also, The American
Heritage Dictionary of the English Language Fourth Edition says that “flattery” means excessive;
ingratiating praise. The definition in WorldNet 3.0 says that “flattery” means a flattering
compliment or speech; excessive, insincere praise.

The OED definition of “flattery” is the action or practice of flattering; false or insincere praise;
adulation; cajolery; blandishment.

It was first used in the year of 1320 by Seuyn Sag. The first sentence it was used in was, “For thou
leuest wel flatterie.” Was also used in 1484 by Caxtion,“Ofte the good men lese theyr goodes by the
decepcion in flaterye of the peruers and evylle folke.” In 1593 Shaks Rich said “He does me double
wrong that wounds me with the flatteries of his tongue.” The origin is 1275-1325.

Artie Depinho is Portuguese descent and is fluent in that language. He said “flattery” means to
flirt or impress someone with false information. Nadia Siconolfi speaks fluent Italian as her first
language. Her definition of “flattery” is a way that someone tries to impress or show affection to
someone whom they are interested in.

The article on “Dating” written by Caitlyn Randell the way she uses the word “flattery” is as
subject. It replaces the word speed dating that you only have a certain amount of time to make the
other person like you or want to go on another date with you. This new definition does not change
the way people use the word.

If the word “flattery” changed it would change the world because it would change the way people
interact with each other to form relationships. Every definition here states that it has something
to do with talking, acting toward a person, or praising another. It would change the way people
already interacting with each other and would start anger between people and would never be

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