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Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  
  Dear Shoshanna Zuboff,

In my tenth grade English class at Catholic Memorial High School in Boston Massachusetts we are
reading works by British author. I personally chose you to write an invitational letter to come and
speak to my class. I chose you because I like the work that you put into your books and I also am a
hard worker.

On your website dor.hbs.edu I found out that you where a professor of business administration at
Harvard University. I also saw that you travel a lot. I found these to be very exciting that you
could have accomplished these things.

While I was looking at some of your work I found out that you travel to the places you write about.
One of which is the Venezuelan Telephone Company that you wrote about in your book In the Age of the
Smart Machine: the future of work and power. I found a quote that I really like it is “In fifteen
years there will be nothing for the workers to do. The technology will be so good it will operate
itself. You will just sit there behind a desk running two or three areas of the mill yourself and
get bored” I think that it shows that you got to know how it works in that environment and was able
to write about it.

I just want to say that it is alright if you do not come and that I would understand because you
are a busy person. Thanks again for reading my letter.


Nicholson Durand









Yeats is widely known for his poems but what most might not know is he is a man of letters. In the
early 90’s Yeats wrote a letter to Mr.Cunninghame Graham a theatre manager; Yeats reveals to us his
wise ness and intelligence as he shows how he thinks about the people and what they will like. He
talks about how the audience will respond to the play Graham is putting on. This shows us how Yeats
worked to get the people on his side by knowing how the different religions will act once they have
seen this play.

During the time that Yeats wrote this letter to Mr. Graham there were a lot of people who where
following traditions and morals in their religious backgrounds. This made it difficult to put plays
on that where on people religions. To do this it toke a lot of work and understanding your audience
to know what they will like and what they will not.

This letter is about Graham looking for advice about how he should put on a play about religion.
Yeats tell Graham that he should not but on the play because it would not be liked by the Catholics
that where most of his audience and the protestants that where much of his work force. Yeats also
talks about the problems with in the script for example. “The arrangement of the play is admirable
but you may find it difficult to get in played as there is no one dominating part.”

In this letter Yeats tells Mr. Graham that he does not have a good play and that it will cause
trouble with the people and Yeats lets Graham know this in a nice and friendly way. In this letter
Yeats also shows the funny side of him when he wrote. “Art only begins after all when something has
finally gone down the rat hole.” This shows humor in which we might not have seen in his many poems.

In many of Yeats poems he writes in a form that does not talk ill of another group of people and in
so he gets the people on his side. In this letter he shows how he does it by thinking about the
audience and the people putting on the play. What most people don’t see about Yeats is that he
thinks about what the people will like and what they will not.









In the extremely dangerous Gaza stripe many injuries and deaths have occurred. The two groups are
the Hamas and the Fatah who are fighting to stop the joining of the two groups in government. On
February 27 2007 the death of the Hamas gunman Mohammad al-Kafarna has been blamed on both sides.
The Hamas say that the Fatah shot him but Fatah says that the Hamas gunman fired first. The way it
was motivated by power is that both groups wanted a bigger role in the government.

The Hamas prime minister said “that the alliance of the two groups would be decided in a couple of
days”. But while those days are coming deaths and gun battles have been happening a lot in the Gaza
stripe. He said “differences over who holds the powerful post of interior minister with control over
security forces were close to being resolved” it is all in a matter of time before the valance will
come to an end.

The other possible culprits that are benefiting from the death of the Hamas man are the Fatah. The
Fatah are another government group that is trying to gain power in this new government. They are
accusing the death as a symbol that this new government will not work. They are also responsible for
shooting at a car how was carrying a Hamas cabinet member. They are trying to kill the leaders so
they can take the power for them selves say the Hamas prime minister.

In George Orwell’s Animal Farm I can see a resembles of the Hamas and Fatah fighting for power. The
animals versus the humans are similar to the article. “With one accord, thought nothing of the kind
had been planned beforehand, they flung themselves upon their tormentors. Jones and his men suddenly
found themselves being butted and kicked from all sides. The situation was quite out of their
control. After only a moment or two they gave up and on there heals ran for the gate.

At the end of the story Animal Farm both the pigs and humans came together but there is still
violence and hardship. I picture that the Hamas and Fatah will come together put there will still be
violence and more people will die trying to gain power.

























In order for people to speak they must be able to communicate. In order for them to communicate
they must know a language. There are hundreds of languages on Earth and may be beyond. Maybe people
have thought of having one language worldwide. While choosing a language one of the top picks would
be English. The reason that English would be a top pick is that words in the English language are
strait to the point. Take for example the word “sarcastic” the reason that it helps the world is
because it is a word that almost all English speakers know and it is spelled the same way it

“Sarcastic” is a straight to the point word. Looking up the word “sarcastic” in dictionaries you
would probably find a definition you understand. In the Merriam-Webster dictionary the definition of
sarcastic is “implies an intentional infliction of pain by deriding taunting or ridiculing. Similar
in the Webster’s New World Dictionary the definition of sarcastic is “having the nature of, or
characterization by sarcasm.” Also in a third dictionary The Urban Dictionary sarcastic is defined
by “marked by or given to using irony in order to mock or convey contempt. The definitions are
helpful because they are similar to what you already know about the word “sarcastic”.

One of the best dictionaries in the world the Oxford English Dictionary gives you a lot of great
information about any word that you are looking for. In the OED the information that I found about
the word “sarcastic” is that there is one definition which is “characterized by or involving
sarcasm; given to the use of sarcasm; bitterly cutting or caustic.” The good thing about there being
on definition is you cannot misinterpret the word. Other fact about the word “sarcastic” is that it
is Greek and is 312 years old. The first time that the word “sarcastic was ever used in the English
language was in 1695 by J. Edward Author III in his book L.L. sarcasms he wrote “I think Missisuery
lever with the most killing sarcastic air.

The usage of speech that the word sarcastic is a verb. It helps a word be more understood. It helps
express action a condition or a fact that something exist. The way that the word sarcastic is used
today is “saying one thing when you mean another” this definition was given by a sophomore at
Catholic Memorial High School named Sean Naughton. Another person’s definition is “replying in a
rhetorical way” this response was given by Alexandra Belcher a junior at Harvard University. Three
out of the ten peopled surveyed said that the word sarcastic is good while the other seven said it
was not. The three that said it was good said it is a word that means joking.

Over time there have been a lot of writers that have used the word sarcastic in there works. One
author over all the rest used it more. This author is William Wordsworth. He used the word sarcastic
in his stories like The Excursion-the solitary and the prelude, Bock Fourth Summer Vacation. In 1888
he used the word sarcastic in this sentence” That poor man taken hence today replied the solitary,
with a faint sarcastic smile which did not please me.” Other Authors that have used the word
sarcastic is the famous Charlotte Bronte. In 1846 she used it like this “He was proud, sarcastic,
harsh to inferiority of every description. As you can see authors use the word as a good way do
describe on of there characters actions.

Today many people use the word from the most common day person to the stars of Hollywood. In
People’s Magazine an article writer said that Brittany Spears was speaking to the reporters in a
sarcastic way. Also in USA Today while Leonard Baucom was writing a review on the show scrubs he
said this “The writers don’t need to be snaky or sarcastic, but are comfortable using the on tactic
most shows are scared of going near: complete and utter silliness.” You can say that people today
use the word sarcastic as another for of comedy which gives the word new meaning and life.
There are thousands of people each year that are learning the English language. I asked three
people that had to learn the English language what they thought the word “sarcastic” means. First
was Bernadette Belcher who said it means saying one thing when you mean another. The Second person I
asked was Agnes Sanon who said it means speaking in a way that you don’t mean what you actually
said. The third Marie Belcher said it means saying on thing when you mean another. They all said
that an other expression that the associate with the word is bad or joking. When asked was it hard
learning the English language they said yes.

As you can see the word sarcastic is a everyday word that many people know. So if English became a
universal language it would be a word one would know. The word is straight to the point and is
spelled the way it sounds what could be easier? Clearly the word is helping shape the world.

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