English 10: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  
  Dear Mr. Crace,

I am an interested student from the United States. My name is Timothy Doyle, I am a tenth grade
here at Catholic Memorial High School, in West Roxbury, Massachusetts. I would like to invite you to
come into our class and read a(n) excerpt or piece of you’re work. Unfortunately we will not be
studying, going over, or reading any of you’re work, this year in our English 10 British Literature
class. Unlike many other schools we are starting with some of the newest classics and reading our
way backwards to the story of Beowulf.

I see that you have worked for the B.B.C. for a while. I watch Animal Planet and Whose Line Is It
Any Way? which are supported by B.B.C. and B.B.C. America.

I was interested in you’re work when I read that write very descriptively, and dream up imaginary
worlds and landscapes. I recently read an excerpt from you’re novel Quarantine. After reading the
excerpt “...a large goatskin, for water, a rush bed mat, a cloak, a walking staff made of ram curls
halfway along it’s length...” (Pg. 18 ch.5) , these words painted a picture in my mind. And gave me
a sense of felling that I was actually there.

Since we won’t be able to cover any of you’re material please take if in to consideration to stop
by when you are passing through or staying in Boson. We would learn so much, and appreciate it, if
you would please step by and read to us. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you for
you’re time.

An Inspired Reader,
Timothy Doyle








During his career James Joyce has written many letters. He wrote to his family and some critics.
Many other writers write to wives, husbands, parents, children, friends, and critics. When they
write letters they reveal most of their deepest secrets, not knowing that they will be read by
millions. Through this letter he has written to his wife we learn that he cannot stand to be alone.
This is in the letter to his wife.

Joyce was born on February second, 1882, and died on January thirteenth 1941. Joyce is well known
for his novel Ulysses. He met Nora Barnacle in 1904. Their love grew from their first date
which was June 16th 1904.

James Joyce wrote this letter to his wife Nora. He wrote this letter to her while she was in
Ireland, and he was out of the country. He wrote this letter on December 16th, 1909. James wrote
this letter to his wife Nora to let her know that he absolutely and truly loved her. Also to show
that he could not go a day without her.

This letter shows us that he cannot stand to be alone in a relationship or live by himself. Also he
shows us with this letter that he was quite a romancist. He was a man filled with passion towards
his wife Nora.















The English language is as Mr. Finnamore says “HHuuggee!” Most people do not even know every word of
the language because it is constantly changing and being modified. The English language was first
written down by a Monk who decided to write down the story of Beowulf. The word “peace” has been
around for most of the English language. The word “peace” helps the English language because it does
not have a lot of definitions, it can be translated into many other languages, and because it’s easy
to pronounce.

“Peace” helps the English language because it does not have a lot of definitions. In the Oxford
English Dictionary (the next greatest book next to the bible), defines it as “to make peace”. The
Webster’s Pocket Edition Dictionary defines it as “a state of tranquility”. These definitions
generally have the same definition so it’s easy to learn the background of the word.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines the word “peace” as it first appeared in text as “To make
Peace” this definition was used in 1154. Another definition was “To make one’s or a person’s peace”
this definition was used in 1315.

A twelve year old Sacred Heart student Francis Masa used the word peace as a noun in his sentence he
said “There should be peace in the world.” also used it as a noun. My grandmother Mary Welby also
used peace as a noun. She said “Peace is a wonderful thing.”

Jongyoon Hahn and Anthony Peguero both agreed that the word “peace” was easy to learn. Also they
both used “world” and “in” in their sentences.

These are all of the reasons why I believe that Peace should stay as it is and not change because it
is easy to remember, learn, and pronounce. I think that “peace” should be the only word for “peace”
through out the world.