English 10: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  
  Dear Andrew Lloyd Webber,

This is an honor to be writing a letter to a famous writer and director. I am
Conary Ryan and I am currently attending Catholic Memorial High School as a sophomore in West
Roxbury, Massachusetts. For my tenth grade English class I was given by my teacher to look up
information and to write a brief letter for you to come say a few words for my class. I did not know
much about you, but I came across some interesting facts about you career as a writer.

While I was looking you up on the Internet I cam across that you had wrote Jesus
Christ Superstar. In eighth grade we had had watched that movie and I found it quite an amazing
piece of work. My music teacher made us take notes to know all about this film and we ended up
having a test on the movie and you. I also saw that you wrote Phantom of the Opera, which is one of
the greatest Musical Theatre movies that anyone has ever seen. I also came across that you had been
rewarded with seven Tonys, three Grammys including Best Contemporary Classical Composition for
Requiem, six Oliviers, a Golden Globe, an Oscar, an International Emmy, the Praemium Imperiale and
the Richard Rodgers award for Excellence in Musical Theatre. In all your pieces of work you are
known as one of the most famous musical writer and director in Musical Theatre history. As you
studied at Magdalen College, Oxford, I believe you did a little acting but most of all you were
known to be a writer for a Broadway Musical.

One of my favorite lines in a your work is I really like the “love” scripts like
in the Phantom of the Opera where the character said, “Say you'll share with me one love, one
lifetime. Lead me, save me from my solitude. Say you'll want me with you here beside you.
Anywhere you go, let me go too”. I like that part because the phantom expresses the truth and that
ties into people’s love life and letting out the truth. I am a big fan of love movies and comedy.

In today’s life, are you still writing and directing Musical Theatre? I saw that
you had some tough times with the ladies and relationship so it seems like we have something in
common but you’re a better writer then me. So as a new friend Mr. Andrew Lloyd Webber, I am asking
you too please come visit my school in West Roxbury, MA, to come say a few words on two thirty- five
Baker Street, room twenty three for my Period B class. It would mean a lot and be a huge experience
to actually meet you in person. Thank you.

A New Fan,
Conary E. Ryan









Percy Shelley had written a letter to his friend Peacock in the year July 22, 1816
about his trip from Geneva to Chamonix with his wife Mary. In this letter Percy Shelley had
described the unique scenes of the mountains, glaciers, valley’s and the surface of the lakes to
give Peacock a better understanding on what they saw or did on there trip. The letter that he had
written had helped Mary find some scenes to her novel Frankenstein.

Percy Bysshe Shelley was born on August 4, 1792 in Horsham, Sussex, England. In 1814
Shelley fell in love and eloped with Mary, the sixteen-year-old daughter of William Godwin and Mary
Wollstonecraft. They had later gotten married. Mary Shelley was a writer for books and her most
famous novel that she had written at nineteen years old was Frankenstein. Percy was more of a writer
for letters and had achieved well in his life in writing. In this letter, Peacock is one of Percy’s
closest friends.

This letters main function is to describe a trip Shelley had taken in Switzerland
with his wife (Mary). Many of the scenes he explained gave Mary ideas for Frankenstein. He writes “
they were no more then mountain rivulets, but the height from which they fell, at least of twelve
hundred feet, made them assume a character inconsistent with the smallness of their stream” and here
we find out that the Shelley’s were good mountain climbers. Later he writes, the snowy pyramids,
which were intolerably bright, part of the chain connected with Mont Blanc, shone through the clouds
at intervals on high. Clearly he found inspired by nature.

Something most don’t know that’s revealed in this letter is that Shelley was important
to his wife in taking her to these places that would inspire her writing. This was one of the most
revealing lines in the letter: “Mont Blanc was before us, but it was covered with cloud; its base,
furrowed with dreadful gaps, was seen above”. The way Percy describes it actually makes me think
that we were seeing the same thing.

One by Percy Shelley had would like to share a quote from one of them. “I sift the
snow on the mountains below, and their great pines groan aghast; and all the night 'tis my
pillow white, While I sleep in the arms of the blast”. Comparing this line of the poem to the quote
in paragraph three which is, “The snowy pyramids which were intolerably bright, part of the chain
connected with Mont Blanc, shone through the clouds at intervals on high”, provides us with insight
that they are describing the same scene and the way Percy describes it makes me like these two
scenes the most effective.

  On October 1, 2006 eighteen people in an illegal scheme smuggled grenade launchers, shoulder- fired
missles and other Russian military weapons into the United States. The main criminal is Artur
Solomonyan, an American citizen living New York and Los Angeles. His second hand man is Christiaan
Dewet Spies, who is a South African citizen living in New York. The two were caught during their
last meeting in Manhattan to finalize their smuggling attack in Russia. The remaining sixteen are
being held in custody for further information, and were arrested in New York, Los Angeles, and
Florida. Solomonyan and Spies could be sentenced for life in prison. Clearly, these crimes were
crimes of power because they were going to gain control of nuclear power weapons used for a
terrorist attack on America.

When Solomonyan was caught, FBI agent Bill Heron said "we are not only aware that they
want to come across the ocean to attack us but they may be physically here developing in our
homeland". Also, we know they were trying to acquire the weapons prior to 9/11, as bin Laden
said "it's making us think were still trying to do the same thing". We have to take
our chances and lock these people up for what they could have done to our country.
If the eighteen criminals had gotten away with smuggling their Russian weapons they could
have done some serious damage. Pat D'Amor a retired FBI agent said during the press
conference,"if the mob has explosives and a terrorist wants them and they have the money could
make them become allies". Attacking not only our country but the other million countries in the
world too. This is putting billions of people on the line for another terrorist attack. They should
all be sentenced to life.

In Ian Fleming's recent novel we see a connection to smuggling crimes. Fleming
portray's international criminal smuggling arms into Korea. The movie "Die Another
Day" is about North Korea who is smuggling nuclear weapons with the Japanese. In the action
film, Bond must try and stop the Korean's from destroying the world with the weapons they
smuggled. Colonel Moon saids" my hovercraft's with nuclear weapons will ride over
everything and destroy anything in sight". Bond replies" naturally there will be other
types of ways that we can damage your weapons". This is kind of like Solomonyan because there
working with a different country and are planning a terrorist attack but get caught by a secret
agent or the FBI that will stop it.

When I think of a terrorist attack my mind goes right to September 11th. I was in the fifth
grade when the accident had occured and I was taking an English test when I heard the news over the
loudspeaker. I would not like to live in the moment of that horrific event ever again in my life.
It's very much like Solomonyan's case but he was planning on just getting the weapons and
we'll never know what he would have done with them. So, I believe that Artur Solomonyan and
Christiaan Dewet Spies should be faced with life in prison. I also think that the remaining sixteen
people should be sentenced for atleast twenty years and we should make the right move to keep our
country strong and safe.




















In places like West Roxbury, MA, people speak all different types of languages like Chinese, Greek,
Korean, Spanish, and Gaelic. Even when people speak English, they do not all sound a like. And even
a common English word like “health”, many people’s definitions and usages of it are different. This
word was first used in 1555 but has gone through a lot of changes in the last 400 years. I think
“health”, as an English word, is not helping make the world a more connected place.

The word “health” has some different and some similar definitions in different dictionaries.
“Health”, which means, “ a general condition of the body or mind with reference to soundness and
vigor; soundness of body or mind; freedom with ailment”. This definition of the word “health” is
from a website that is helpful for all 800,000 words. In the American Heritage Dictionary the word
is described as, “a condition of optimal well-being; overall sound condition of an organism at a
given time”. Websters Dictionary uses it as, “overall sound condition or function of a living
organism at a particular time”. When you look at these definitions, you can tell that “health” as an
English word is not making the world a better place because the usage of the word is always used

All Hail the Oxford English Dictionary. When I looked up the word “health” there was a list of
definitions for that word. The first one I came across was, ‘soundness of body; that condition in
which its functions are daly and efficiently discharged. The second was, “by extension, condition of
well-being; salvation”. The third is, “spiritual, moral, or mental soundness as well-being”. The
first sentence ever used with “health” in it was, “When health and wealth is highest”, and that was
in 1559 by Maggie Salisbury. The Oxford English Dictionary was the most helpful to understand the

I had the time to ask a couple of people I know who told me what the word “health” means to them in
one word and in a sentence. I also had the privilege of asking people from foreign countries. The
three I have chosen are: Jason Deveraux, from Ireland, Joan Walkins who is also from Ireland, and
Kealan Ryan from the USA. When I first interviewed Jay the first word that came to his head was
“exercise”. In his sentence he said, “Exercising to keep your body in shape”. Then I asked Joan and
she said “weight”. She also replied as, “the fact of being to skinny or too heavy”. I asked Kealan
who said, “Diseases”. The sentence that popped up in his head was, “someone who has cancer or
autism”. After getting these responses from these people it seems that the word “health” is not good
in today’s world. The usage of the word is always negative, after hearing it from these people.

I then looked in literature to see how other writers use the word “health” in a negative way. I read
over several different “health” articles to see how people are using it in their writing. I read an
article on Medication errors common in U.S. kids with cancer by Julie Steenhuysen. The quote I had
chosen from her article was, “ the health of children in Chicago or in the world because children
with cancer often get the wrong dose of chemotherapy or are given the drug at the wrong time, and
many require treatment because of the errors”. After reading over her article I came across that not
only her article about the word “health” is not helping make the world a more connected place
because her and millions of other articles about “health” are always negative.

How hard was this word to learn? How do you define it? Use it in a sentence? What are other
expressions, you associate with this word? These are four questions on a Foreign Usage Survey that I
had to ask three people on what they think about the word “health”. Some of the three people I
interviewed were Jen Paz, Colin Flaherty, and Marta Frisardi. When I asked the four questions too
Jen, she said, “ I learned Spanish then English, it was pretty easy since I learned two languages,
defining it as general well-being, using it in a sentence as one has to take care of ones health,
and associating it with physical and emotional. I then interviewed Colin who answered all four
questions saying, “not hard at all, I mean in Ireland back in the day you had either good health or
bad health, so it was easy to get and idea about the word, defining as soundness of body or mind, in
a sentence as my health has been good in the last forty years, and associates it with running,
exerting and eating healthy foods. Marta said, “I do not recall it being hard, it is a funny word in
Spanish, a state of well-being, people who care about their weight, and drink and eat healthy. After
meeting with these three I got the idea that it was not hard to them to learn but they use the word
“health” in a poor way, and give English a bad reputation in the world.

The word “health” used by new writers in these days I have chosen the movie The Green Mile that was
written by Steve King. In this flick he writes about Warden Hal Moore’s wife who has a severe
disease that no one can cure. When you see and hear in the movie that everything that the Warden
explains about his wife are all used in a bad way. In the movie there are several other health
problems with other actors and it shows that all their health is always bad. It seems as if everyone
writer in this day that write about or say the word “health” is always used in a poor way, there is
no positive way of using the word “health”.

As I come to a conclusion I had to interview several people who are also from foreign countries, and
have read about how other writers use the word “health”. I argued on how the way people use the word
“health” is not helping the usage and not making the world more connected. In all the researching I
have done I think that this word is not good for the English language. All of the responses from the
people are that “health” is always used in a negative way.