English 10: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  
  Dear Robin Halstead,

I have been studying British Lituture’s contemporary authors. I happened to come across your name
and noticed that I have read Bollocks To Alton Towers. My name is Jeff Clifford and I attend
Catholic Memorial High School in West Roxbury Massachusetts. It would be an honor if you were to
come and speak about your work at my school.

In my research I noticed you were born in Yorkshire, and grew up there. I read that you began to
write at a young age. Why were your parents clever taking you and your brother to the Black gang
chine on the last day of the holiday in 1979? Do you know if your writing affected people you
knew/know? Who or what was your inspiration for your writing?

In the book Bollocks To Alton Towers I found lots of interesting things such as the way you made me
feel when I read the book. It reminded me of all the tourist attractions and beaches I have ever
gone to in my life time. When you said in the book, all the places you liked the best, and where you
have traveled. I could see those places like it was rite in front of me, because the way you used so
many add verbs for them. It would really inspire me though if you were to come and speak about your

Jeff Clifford





George Orwell was a famous author who wrote the book Animal Farm, but he also wrote letters.
George wrote a letter on March 19,1944 to Victor Gollancz. This letter was regarding the book Animal
Farm being published. Orwell was willing to leave the publisher and go to another if he had to.

This letters background provides us with a new perspective on George Orwell. It shows how much
George was modest and was not sure his book was going to sell or even get published. Because George
did not publish till he was thirty-one, he was a humble guy.

The main function of Orwell’s letter was to explore his more shy personality and how much
confidence he had with his book Animal Farm. “I think-completely unacceptable politically from your
point of view.” He knew his book Animal Farm was “ not being politically o.k.” He even said this
himself. “I am not anxious naturally, for the MS to be hanging about too long.” Orwell wanted to get
the book published as soon as possible.

George Orwell’s book animal farm reveals a deeply personal side to him. If you look at this
letter, you will see a strict meter and deeply personal connection George had to political views and
how far he thought his book Animal Farm would go.

Orwell’s last line in his letter is “Could you let me know that you don’t want to see it, so that
I can take it else where without wasting time?” This reminds me of a line in the book Animal Farm
which is “Napoleon announced that he had decided upon a new policy. From now onwards Animal Farm
would engage in trade with neighboring farms.” Orwell used his own personality for parts of his

  Silyo Berlusconi is back on trial in another high profile corruption case. The current case
against Berlusconi states that he ordered a payment of at least $600,000 to his co-defendant, David
Mills, in exchange for the British lawyer’s false testimony in two previous trials against him.
Berlusconi’s crime was motivated by power because he wanted to keep his position of Prime Minister.

In his defense Berlusconi’s lawyer calls the case a “Waste of time.” His lawyer also said, “I
am confident the trials will end with an acquittal.” I think Berlusconi’s lawyer is very over
confident to the trials, and that Berlusconi is going to be innocent.

Who else could have benefited from his crime? One suspect could be David Mills. His motive
towards power was going to be $600,000 paid by Berlusconi himself. Also Manrico Colazza, his defense
attorney. He could have got bribed with money in the scandal also.

This case has the same plot as the movie Goodfellas. Henry Hill is like Berlusconi, he pays off
the police for cases and gets away with it because of corruption and others willpower to have
money. In the movie Henry Hill says “ Here take this, these are enough to bribe any pig a way out of
the clink.” This relates to what Berlusconi did by paying money to someone to false testify.

This type of crime is still going on to day. A personal experience I have with this situation is
that kids in school tried to bribe me to lie to other kids about a situation but I didn’t break
into the bribe. Berlusconi’s case is still being stretched out and could end in February of 2007.
“If you cant do the time don’t do the crime.”